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Wholesale is a large business with large demands. Managing accounting, warehouse inventory, and customer relations is tedious work. With a POS system designed for the wholesale business, all those operations are streamlined.

Wholesale software will improve distributor relations as well. All invoices for each of your suppliers is tracked, automated, and easily supervised. Everything you need to manage your business is accessible from anywhere in the store.

The best whole POS systems will track all inventory in the warehouse, and by category. The software should produce reports for accounting, collected customer data, and profit versus expenses in each sales department.

Typical Business Requirements

  • Payment Options

To begin with, the solution you choose should be capable of accepting multiple payment options. In addition to the traditional methods like credit cards and cash, the system should also support additional payment options, such as mobile payments.

Additionally, your preferred system should offer the business an array of payment processing tools and capabilities. For instance, it should be capable of splitting payments, allowing the customers to spread their payments across multiple payment options.

  • Easy Product Lookup

The register in your wholesale POS system should also make it easy for the staff to lookup for products whenever they are ringing up sales. In this regard, you need to look for such features as Quick Key shortcuts. This feature allows you to present specific keys as shortcuts for the commonly sold items in your business.

This way, your staff only needs to hit the button associated with the products they want to include. Again, a system that features search capabilities on the sell screen will come in handy.

  • Refunds and Returns

Did you know that the policies you have in your wholesale store can affect its success? Basically, a considerable number of shoppers are known to prefer stores that have shopper-friendly policies in place.

This being the case, the POS system you opt for should allow you to create a favorable return policy. For instance, it should offer the customers flexible options for returning items to the store. The customer may return items for either store credit or refund.

  • Product Variants and Composites

A considerable number of products you offer in your store has several variants. The system you prefer should be capable of handling such an inventory. For instance, it should allow you to create six different color variants for the same shirt.

Similarly, the system should allow you to create composite products—products that are made of pre-existing products in the store.

  • Auto-filled Orders and Stock

In addition to letting you know when stock levels are running low, the right wholesale POS system should make it more convenient for you to order new stock. To begin with, it should leg you create stock orders within the POS system either remotely or on-site.

For enhanced convenience and accuracy, you should choose a solution that generates orders automatically. The system should also allow you to send orders to different suppliers right from the POS system. An auto-filling order generation feature will be particularly essential for businesses that deal in perennial items.

Comparing the Top Wholesale POS Systems

Starts from $99/month to $289/monthfrom $99/monthVaries from one gateway to
Available 24/7
Quote-basedQuote-basedQuote-basedAvailable 24/7
Will depend on the hardware
components your store needs.
from $69 a month2.75% for invoice and swiped transactions 3.5% +$0.15 for Keyed-in transactionsAvailable 24/7
$200 start-up fee for the payment gateway or $20-60/ month recurring paymentfrom $200/month per locationContact the provider for a rateAvailable 24/7
from $799 for the software suite and about $2,000 for the complete software and terminal solution.from $29/monthQuote-basedAvailable 24/7
Quote-basedQuote-basedQuote-basedAvailable 24/7
Quote-basedQuote-basedQuote-basedAvailable 24/7

Best POS for Wholesale Business: CIZARO

Are you just a wholesaler, distributor or combine the two businesses into one? Either way, the Cizaro POS system will streamline business management, marketing as well as other operations within the business.

CIZARO enterprise POS system is cutting-edge software that offers an all-in-one POS solution to adjust to your business needs. They have personally tailored POS software that will increase profits and stimulate the expansion of your business by giving you full control. Whether you are locally based on international, Cizaro has you covered. Their POS system is powerful, robust, and is integrated, yet, is easy to use and intuitive.

Dynamic Sales

As you will come to learn, this point of sale solution is essentially designed to make your wholesale store more attractive as well as boost revenue. In order to make this achievable, the system makes it possible for wholesalers to create custom prices for some of the items in stock. Again, the system makes it possible for you to specify the clients who will receive the special price offers.

Organized Inventory Management

In order to ensure that your Warehouse remains organized at all times, Cizaro features an intelligent catalog. Additionally, the system is fitted with effective communication tools for wholesalers and distributors. Some of the inventory management tools you will find beneficial in this case include a warehouse management system, Receiving Good Voucher, Intelligent Serial Number and a range of measurement units.

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Top Features from CIZARO

CIZARO POS system gives you the independence of using your software with or without any Internet connectivity. You can access your files both online or offline, so you can easily secure continuous service and develop good relations with your customers.

Organized Inventory

The key elements of success in wholesale business depend on how well you organize your warehouse and manage your suppliers. This organized inventory feature lets you systemize your warehouse. A built-in intelligent catalog provides rich communication tools that help you decide on the best fit for your specific business and how to contact them.

This feature lets you classify products according to your preference and lets you save the characteristics that your business requires. Each item can easily be localized, and you can locate who it’s sold to and through the distribution channel used.

It also includes a warehouse management system, free range of measurement units, intelligent serial number and receiving a good voucher.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are always happy customers. CIZARO’s POS software will make sure that all processes and all customer issues and complaints are resolved smoothly. Taking care of repairs, other additional services all will be taken care of through the system. Credits given to customers or obligations payable to suppliers will all be monitored.

Gain through the opportunity to send messages and invoices to your distributors in the way that fits you the best. The feature also includes warranty points, detailed customer information, WhatsApp, email, SMS and gift cards.

Dynamic Sales

Make your business more attractive and increase profit margins with CIZARO’s POS system. Special prices can be made for selected goods. A client list can be made that should receive those special price offers. The functional guide can be used to customize offers. Special instructions are provided that guide you on how to combine different items to create new products.

It also includes a production wizard and different discount offers.

Easy Supervision

CIZARO POS system is suitable for one or more than one location. The system provides automatic real-time sync between all locations and departments. You can easily view, modify data of items, employees, any branch or even the entire company and be in full charge.

Check Data Anytime, Anywhere

You can easily keep an eye on all your business activity with the live viewing panel. Whether you’re working from home or somewhere far away from home, you can view all your data on any device to see sales and other activities and where they take place and by whom.

Lightspeed POS: Best Cloud-Based POS System

For wholesalers that need something other than checkout capacities from their Internet business and POS systems, Lightspeed POS brings a cloud-based POS as a Service with world-class business administration devices that assist entrepreneurs in investing less energy agonizing over small details and focus on more important issues, such as maintaining the business.

The system centralizes purchasing, allowing you to order your stock from integrated catalogs. Additionally, the system makes it possible for you to sell centralized, bundled or unique items in the business.

With this solution in your business, you will also be able to track unit costs, get low-stock alerts, and optimize stock. Lightspeed also supports multiple variations and furnishes you with the right business data to help you grow.

Lightspeed’s approach to deal with business administration and POS systems gives you unparalleled access to and control of your stock, worker administration, and analytical tools for knowledge into what is working better for you.

Some of the features that Lightspeed offers are as below:

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Lightspeed POS System Features:

Inventory Management

Stock creation and control are the main highlights of Lightspeed POS; retailers can set up every item characteristic with three varieties, making a network of stock with all the conceivable item varieties, prepared for utilization given the retailer’s predefinitions.Moreover, scanning for items is simple with the retailer’s customizable item depictions.

To put reorders, retailers will discover the buy order– creation process basic and clear in light of the predefined reorder information and stock levels wanted. This basic procedure additionally prompts better fact-based buying choices based concerning stock request history and levels.

Business Management

By taking advantage of the Business management tool, wholesalers can make store-specific brands. Those that need an additional touch of customization can include logos, limited time offers, or personalized messages along with clients receipts, generating higher revenue and long-lasting customer relationships.

The Lightspeed wholesale POS System is designed to manage your employees, inventory, sales, and customers from a single platform. To begin with, the system offers an array of dependable features for efficient inventory management. Such tools make it possible for you to organize the inventory items into specific categories.

This, in turn, makes it easy and more convenient for your employees to pull up items on the register while ringing up sales. With lightspeed in your store, managing your customers and stock will be relatively easy. To begin with, the system allows you to create and manage customer profiles and categorize them accordingly.

As far as the inventory is concerned, this system supports special orders and offers some of the best work order management tools. Lightspeed also features preloaded vendor catalogs and purchase order capabilities.

Wholesalers can also manage and maintain employee records and data. Each employees schedules, transactions, and activity can be monitored.


Lightspeed offers present-day checkout facilities. Payments can be made through Apple Pay and Android Pay, which will give customers an easy check-out facility.

Lightspeed POS offers wholesalers an assortment of hardware and embellishments, like cash drawers and barcode scanners that influence the client checkout process to be as consistent and simple to navigate as possible.

Analytics And Reporting

This feature is designed to offer you detailed insight into your wholesale business. For instance, the solution will help you figure out whether you have the right inventory, know when stocks items run out and how often customers buy from your store.

You will also love the fact that the system allows for integration with third-party accounting services. In this regard, your accounting data will be recorded automatically. Again, Lightspeed POS Reporting and Analytics features allow you to export reports in either PDF or Excel formats.

Most businesses demand exact and clear business insights to improve, make more educated choices, and Lightspeed’s reporting and analytical tools enable them to do that. With more than 40 sorts of reports available, you will have a reasonable photo of what’s new with the business and can penetrate down to pick up understanding into particular business operations.


All POS systems include unlimited products like advanced inventory features, sales, multi-store management, software upgrades, premium support and much more. The plan levels and costs are summarized in the table below.

Plan TypeNo. of Registers

Lightspeed Cons

The fact that the software subscriptions are charged annually means that you will have to sign a year-long contract with the provider.


If you happen to run a wholesale-retail business combo, you will need a POS solution that is specifically designed for this type of business.

In such a case, the AccuPOS system will come in handy.  Not only does this cutting-edge technology make selling easier, but also offers your customers superior customer service.

Right from the one-offs to the regular bulk-buying customers, this solution makes it more convenient for you to manage sales. Again, it makes it easier for wholesalers to manage their staff and storerooms.

Other capabilities that make AccuPOS one of the best wholesale POS systems include:

Automated Accounting

Based on statistical findings, an average wholesaled spends about an hour every day on accounting. The AccuPOS solution will ensure that this is not the case with your business. In addition to supporting third-party accounting service integration, it makes it easier for you to monitor your retail as well as wholesale inventory.

The system also allows the staff in the business to clock in and out with ease from the sales screen of the POS. Again, the system is capable of exporting data to the integrated accounting software in your business.

Mobile Wholesale Management

Just as is the case with the best cloud-based wholesale POS systems, AccuPOS allows you to manage all aspects of your wholesale store remotely. For instance, it allows you to crunch the numbers, schedule your staff and deliver superior customer service for your customers.

The system allows you to accomplish such management tasks from virtually anywhere on the planet. For enhanced security, the system requires a login and password to grant you access to the online management platform.

AccuPOS System Downsides

The system does not have sophisticated features for large wholesalers who have large transaction volumes.


As far as business growth is concerned, Erply is one of the leading points of sale systems for B2B retail and wholesale businesses.

In most cases, wholesalers find themselves in a challenging middle position. This is mainly because your customers may decide to buy directly from the manufacturers. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to offer them extra value for their money.

To help you achieve this, the Erply POS system offers your business unique capabilities like built-in CRM, accurate cost control, and seamless workflows.

Other Erply capabilities that will help your business stand out from the rest include:

Inventory Costs and Price Lists

Pricing is one of the things you need to be very careful with, if you are to succeed and thrive in the wholesale business. In this regard, the Erply POS system is equipped with all the price list and inventory costing features you need. To begin with, the solution has been proven to follow FIFO principals.

As such, it allows your business to ascertain the cost of goods accurately as well as measure profits more effectively. The system is also known to offer enhanced flexibility as fast as the wholesale price list is concerned. For instance, you will be able to offer special pricing for your contractor customers. This will keep your bulk buyers coming back.

Flexible Quotes to Shipping

The Erply wholesale POS system features a remarkable sales workflow capability. With this built-in capability, you will be able to create custom quotes. In this regard, you may change the quotes to invoices, orders or even packing slips with a simple click.

Erply POS System Downsides

As you will come to learn, this POS solution is relatively costlier than similar solutions in the industry. Again, it features a relatively higher learning curve.

NCR Counterpoint: Most Detailed Reporting 

NCR counterpoint is an all-in-one wholesale POS software solution that provides POS checkout, inventory management, reporting and analytics and allows you to add features that you may need without having to go through third-party applications. It is a special framework that brings both front and back office into harmony, empowering you to develop into your best form.

The NCR Counterpoint POS system offers a full set of highlights including emails marketing, e-commerce options, built-in gift cards, customer loyalty programs and hardware made specifically for the wholesale industry. This omnichannel software allows flexibility and integration. As a POS provider, this system is powerful and its inventory system can handle up to 100 stores.

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Top Features from NCR Counterpoint POS

Main Software Features

CounterPoint is information-driven software that stores and tracks the majority of data to your business. Take advantage of the SQL to make queries, channels, and triggers that let you search and update records within seconds. CounterPoint is compatible with a variety of well-known third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel which enable you to export and view your data any way you need.

Take your Business to the Next Level

CounterPoint gives you the instruments to work your business quicker and all the more proficiently, with exceptionally quick execution and innumerable timesaving highlights. Streamlined POS means speedier ticket passage with fewer mistakes.

On-the-fly information entry permits you to include items, clients, or merchant records from anyplace in the framework, and information-driven queries, channels, and inquiries enable you to discover those records in a blaze.

Quick Receiving’s and Quick Transfers let you immediately get stock or redistribute it to another area. Intelligent automation features help quicken repetitive tasks and procedures. All of which makes CounterPoint the best in speed and convenience.

This POS System Grows With You

CounterPoint grows along with you as your business grows to cater to your needs with additional features that you may require. Features like Advanced pricing capabilities, account receivables, serial numbers tracking, etc. are made easy with the Advanced Retail POS system.

Counterpoint Online gives incorporated e-commerce, enabling you to grow to the Web and coordinate your online deals with your CounterPoint database. Multi-Site enables you to work various stores and oversee data at all locations, providing consistent performance throughout your organization.

Automated Purchasing

Computerized Purchasing gives you the necessary instruments to control each part of purchasing and receiving. New buy demands are entered with framework doled out or client entered PO numbers. On the other hand, you can utilize Add Items to simplify the process of entering buy purchase requests by enabling you to rapidly add things to a purchase request at the same time, without expecting you to make each line separately.

Inventory Management

CounterPoints backbone is its inventory management system. It is the methods by which all things are recognized, valued, and tracked. Inventory management is intended to enable you to keep up ideal stock levels, control stock expenses, and track stock development. It provides tools necessary to adjust inventory levels and increase profit margins.

Inventory items can be set up quickly and easily. Inventory item numbers and barcodes may be physically entered, examined or imported in, or it can be done automatically. Each inventory item can be set up and identified with a unique item that may be associated with the price level, descriptions, different attributes, etc. They can also represent different sizes, style, color combinations.

CounterPoint supports both normal inventory and serialized inventory items.

Email Marketing

The integrated email marketing tool connects you with your clients for long lasting relationships after the show which allures them to come back for more.


No price schedule is mentioned on their website. However, you can get a free price quote by contacting them.


Vend happens to be one of the popular Merchant POS systems among retailers and wholesalers alike. In addition to a feature-rich POS system, this system features a diverse inventory manager and effective customer loyalty programs.

Enhanced Customer Service

Basically, an increased number of return customers in your business will help boost profitability. This is why you need to invest in a system that makes your customers want to buy from your shop again. Vend will make it easier for you to establish lasting relationships with your customers and offer personalized services.

The system is essentially designed to capture and store such customer information as preferences and past purchases. With such details, you will be able to customize your offering to meet customer requirements. Again, the system features integrated loyalty programs.

When used properly, the loyalty programs can serve as an incentive for your customers to buy from your store over and over again.

Retail Payments

The provider offers an integrated payments solution for streamlined sales in your business. The system allows you to accept almost any mode of payment your customers wish to use. In this regard, Vend POS system accepts all the major credit cards, including American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards.

In addition to chip, swipe, and tap card payments, it supports contactless payment technologies as well. Some of the contactless payment options you can accept through the Vend wholesale POS software include Apple Pay and NFC.

Such capabilities make it easier for you to accept payments. Again, such a system will eliminate errors and double handling in your store. Syncing a card reader to your POS system will also help mitigate human error, double entries and the need for manual end-of-day reconciliation.

Vend POS System Downsides

With this POS solution, you will be required to incur additional costs to get priority customer support.  Although the provider offers an e-commerce platform as part of the POS package, you may find the platform to be somewhat plain.


There are a variety of different point-of-sale systems available for wholesale businesses. Investigating every one of the alternatives you have for a POS system can turn out to be incredibly overwhelming.

Fortunately, for you, we have reviewed three capable point-of-sale systems that can help you manage your wholesale business efficiently. Our top pick, CIZARO, can provide the type of inventory management and POS hardware that the other systems don’t quite offer.

Lightspeed POS is also a decent option, given that it can be customized to your business.  As a cloud-based POS system, you can rest assured your data is backed up and your day-to-day activities as a wholesaler will become easier.

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