Alexandria POS Maid Review

Alexandria POS Maid Review

Alexandria POS Maid is a product bundle that includes the software, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, and a kitchen printer.

POS Maid is a software platform published by Alexandria Point of Sale. Alexandria actually publishes several POS platforms under the “Maid” naming, including Restaurant Maid, Salon Maid, and POS Maid.

The last of these systems focus on the point of sale needs of retailers. Those systems are marketed as clothing store POS, Grocery POS, and electronics store POS.

This retail-specific development is great for business owners in most retail industries. With the POS Maid line of products, you don’t have to worry about a lot of overlap or wasted features because this product specifically targets the needs of retail businesses.

Whether you’re running a grocery store, a bakery, a clothing store, a vape shop, or even a gift shop, POS Maid is a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable solution. Easily customize the software to the needs of your retail business.

With POS Maid, you’ll be able to get an overview of your total sales and orders. Sort your sales by product or service, customer, or department. Need to see how much a specific employee is selling? This is possible within the software, as well as pulling daily, monthly, and annual reports.

After a thorough review of POS Maid, we found that the user interface is outdated in comparison to other retail POS systems. However, you can still take control of your inventory and use a number of management features. Our favorite features include the ability to set low stock alerts and track inventory in multiple warehouses or locations.

Other features include employee management, customer management, and simple accounting features (managing bank transfers and adding customer accounts). POS Maid supports certain POS hardware components like tablets but is usually deployed on a desktop PC.

If you’re looking for a ridiculously affordable solution you can install on your local machine, POS Maid by Alexandria Point of Sale is priced at just $59 as a one-time fee. If you’re running a small store that doesn’t need advanced features and integrations, this may be a good option for you.

Let’s take a look at the features offered by POS Maid and find out if it’s ideal for your business.

POS Maid Hardware Requirements

Hardware requirements for Maid POS are relatively forgiving. The software is built to run on Windows PC devices and requires at least Windows XP Service Pack 2 (but runs on computers up to Windows 10).

Hardware requirements are light as well:

Processor Speed400 MHz1GHz
RAM96 MB256 MB
Hard Disk Space280 MB850 MB

Alexandria Computers doesn’t sell their own POS equipment, nor do they serve as a reseller for compatible equipment. They do, however, offer several trusted vendors of POS terminals, scanners, and other equipment that can work with their software. Just remember that this is Windows Only, so no Macs or iPads.

POS Maid Pricing

Pricing is one of the major selling points for POS Maid. The software package only costs $59 for a direct download, and $64 to have a USB drive containing the installation media shipped to your location. You’re reading that right–it’s just $59 per terminal. Not monthly–just a one-time purchase that includes a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Alexandria POS Maid Review: Product Bundle

The Alexandria POS Maid is a product bundle that includes:

  • Software.
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt Printer
  • Kitchen Printer

POS Maid Features

POS Maid advertises several features tailored for retailers. These include the core functions that most retailers look for: reporting, inventory, and staff and customer management. These tools are great for almost any retailer, from full-time stores with brick-and-mortar locations to temporary produce or fireworks stands.


POS Maid includes several reporting options. Get financial reports on a per-register basis, reconcile your cash drawer, and follow up on sales on a product-by-product basis. You can also track sales and performance over days, weeks, or months, and export your records to Excel spreadsheets.

This reporting is customizable as well. Set up your reporting based on product, service, customer or customer type, or any other relevant criteria.

Reporting also makes it easy to link relevant documentation to your records. For example, compile reports on employee earnings and bonuses and connect their digital pay stubs to the report for easy reference.

Inventory Management

The key to any successful retail operation is inventory management. With POS Maid, you can track inventory on items based on the type of item and any number of customizable features (color, size, etc.). This POS will help you track inventory in real-time, get alerts on low inventory, and more. This platform also allows you to import and export inventory lists through Excel to make tracking easier.

Employee and Customer Management

This point of sale system provides your go-to functions for employee and customer management. On the employee side, you’ve got the tools for commission reporting, managing pay, providing access to pay stubs, and more.

Staff can also spend their time tracking their sales against sales goals set by management. All this is on top of key functions like at-the-station time clocks.

On the customer side, POS Maid gives you customer profiles and a customer database to track preferences and shopping habits. It also provides appointment-based interaction for specific services.

Customer Relationship Management

POS Maid is pretty by-the-book when it comes to functions, so it is a pleasant surprise to report on its CRM features. Core CRM functionality includes a customer database with custom fields to track behaviors and sales figures.

However, POS Maid also allows you to create and manage email lists based on criteria such as shopping behavior, seasonal sales, and more. You can extend this functionality to traditional snail mail and phone contact lists as well to maximize sales.


With POS Maid, you get all your bank accounts organized through a simple interface. Manage multiple business bank accounts tied to your company’s operations. Make deposits and facilitate transfers in the same place you reconcile your cash drawer.

Take that kind of accounting to your customer engagement as well. Manage customer tabs and accounts for things like credit and debit payments for things like consignment.

POS Maid Drawbacks

POS Maid is for retailers, and it does just that–retail POS service. There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles in this software package, which might turn off some users. That’s OK: each business has its own needs and its own wants when it comes to a POS.

If you want a POS package that handles the core functions of a POS system in the retail space, the POS Maid is a great package. Reporting is easy, management is simple, and the interface is customizable, but not so much to be overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alexandria POS?

Alexandria POS is a point-of-sale software solution with features such as easy to use interface and programming services.

What are Alexandria POS’s top competitors?

AMS Point of Sale, Lightspeed Retail POS, and Revel Systems are common alternatives for Alexandria POS.

Who uses Alexandria POS?

The most common users of Alexandria POS are Mid-size Companies from the Education Management industry.

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POS Maid has a few great things going for it. First, it is purpose-built for retailers. The functions you get in this software package are going to fit your retail business in some fashion.

Second, it offers some basic customization so that you can adapt it to your operation. Customization is great, and this level of customization doesn’t force you to learn an entire manual of tools and menus.

Third, and perhaps the best, is that the price point is fantastic. At only $59 per terminal plus hardware, you have software that doesn’t place a huge, monthly financial burden on your company.

You also get plenty of wiggle room to pick the hardware you want, so long as it falls within the requirements laid out by Alexandria Computers.

If you are in the market for a retail POS that gets the job done, stays out of your way, and doesn’t take a huge chunk out of your budget, then consider POS Maid.

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