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NCR Counterpoint Reviews

NCR Counterpoint Reviews in Wholesale, 3PL, and Distribution

This is an NCR Counterpoint review as a point of sale (2) and specialty business management system (3) specialized in retail and wholesale from NCR (1). I analyze how it addresses current challenges in the wholesale industry (4) (5). Retailers and many manufacturers are establishing central purchasing offices (6), warehouses, and platforms that effectively exclude wholesalers (7) while including logistics service providers (LSPs) (9) and 3PLs (10) which have a few differences from the LSPs (8).

NCR Counterpoint reviews determine that it is the best POS system for the wholesale industry as it enables wholesalers to attend to challenges like an expanding D2C business strategy, disintermediation, providing VAS, and the challenge of dropshippers able to operate with minimal overheads in dynamic situations are among the difficulties to be addressed.

NCR Counterpoint reviews place this POS system as good as Lightspeed POS. Nevertheless, NCR Counterpoint is able to handle better batch management, which is a mandatory requirement for chemical and pharmaceutical wholesalers, synchronizing the manufacturer´s batch number with the NCR Counterpoint system.

Warehouse management can be performed at bin level in NCR Counterpoint what is a great advantage in the wholesale industry because wholesalers normally handle warehouse space in their business.

However, some wholesalers can find it easier, in some compliance scenarios for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, to validate SAP EWM that has more integrations with LIMS systems of the manufacturer.

Furthermore, there is a challenge that this NCR Counterpoint review has to analyze which is the increasing trend of the D2C model. Direct-to-consumer (DTC or D2C) refers to selling products directly to customers, bypassing any third-party retailers, wholesalers, or any other middlemen.

A typical business case that I have faced working with these systems is when there is a batch recall issued by the manufacturer. There is a business requirement there to be able to segregate quickly the batches that are subject to recall.

Wholesalers’ economic dynamism and their ability to provide technologically innovative solutions, on the other hand, have remained static; the deployment of pooled systems that are especially effective in terms of transportation, storage, and delivery routes, for example, has been recognized by a number of industry observers.

Wholesale businesses can operate as a distributor, wholesaler, and retailer -separately or simultaneously; therefore it is important the software be versatile and customizable.

Inventory Tracking System

We have to note on this NCR Counterpoint review that with this POS and business management system, you can review, track, and input detailed product information in real-time.

Obtain comprehensive records of each item of goods, including when it was acquired, at what cost, which consumer ultimately purchased it, when and at what price, as well as product warranty information.

Real-time inventory data examines the amounts of inventory on hand, the anticipated expenses, and the overall retail value for every product, and indeed the percentages of these figures in relation to the entire inventories.

Purchase Order Automation

It is possible to automate your procurement via the NCR Counterpoint system as well.

Purchase orders may be sent directly to suppliers from inside the platform.

Using stock level, commitments, back-orders, in-transit goods, open PO’s, planned inventory levels, vendor multiples, or indeed minimum order requirements from suppliers, calculate the amounts to reorder.

Return to Vendors records the return of defective or improperly delivered goods to a vendor and allows for the entry, inspection, and posting of such records. The use of RTVs helps to decrease the amount of inventory on hand, and they might even be credited into Accounts Payable to record the accounting credit with vendors.

Pricing Strategy Management

Another useful feature of the system to be noted in this NCR Counterpoint review is the ability to manage price rules and volumes of your goods by a number of different dimensions and characteristics.

You have complete control over how your items are priced, whether it is by margin, location, or item variety.

Handheld Mobile Technology

Distribute portable mobile devices to your sales representatives and delivery personnel, allowing them to see in-stock inventory, generate orders, and collect client information and payments for fulfillment services. Data from NCR Counterpoint can be available to your workforces on the go with online access.

ncr counterpoint review

Furthermore, the warehouse employee can have the handheld device in the floor when performing picking to identify the item to be picked from the bin.

Integration Architecture In NCR Counterpoint

Mobile Picking

2B-Picking works with order management in NCR Counterpoint to automate the process of picking verification.

The app includes built-in intelligence to perform the picking process and reduce errors. 2B-Picking is completely wireless.

Integrated eCommerce and Accounting

It is able to easily process online orders via NCR Counterpoint’s integrated eCommerce functionality.

They offer a variety of eCommerce systems that allow you to connect customer, order, payment, and inventory information bidirectionally to your Counterpoint system, saving you the time and effort of having to manage them individually.

In a similar vein, they can combine NCR Counterpoint with a variety of other accounting systems. Make a mapping between your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger accounts to make data entry easier and to reduce the need to input information twice.

NCR Counterpoint List Of Features

  • Fast touchscreen point of sale
  • Robust order entry, 100% configurable
  • Advanced pricing and margin controls
  • Inventory management and automation
  • Gift cards and customer loyalty programs
  • Purchase orders and vendor management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Product variants, kits, and alternate units
  • Replenishment and transfers to all locations
  • Track receivable, email invoices, statements
  • Serialized inventory tracking
  • Merchandise analysis
  • Sales analysis by any dimension
  • Barcode and product label creation
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Discounts and coupons management
  • Card identification services (CVV2/CVC2/CID)
  • Driver’s license scan for age verification
  • Signature capture
  • Wholesale, group, and user-specific pricing
  • Finance charges, misc. charges, and credit limits
  • Primary vendor and unlimited alternate vendors
  • Average-cost valuation method
  • Forecast-driven replenishment
  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Sell by eaches, boxes, cases, or pallets
  • Offline order/ticket entry
  • Commission reports
  • Employee time-cards and labor tracking
  • Robust sales reports and merchandise analysis
  • System security controls and user permissions
  • Real-time SMS alerts and store notifications
  • BOGO, 2FER, bundling, and kits
  • Mobile POS and inventory scanning hardware
  • QuickBooks, Sage, or other ERP Integrations
  • Custom price rules, promo prices, contract prices
  • Validated returns and layaways
  • Automated credit card settlements
  • Runs on cloud or on-premise, with MS SQL

Conclusions For NCR Counterpoint Review

NCR Counterpoint has all the ingredients wholesalers and distributors need to track their inventory, manage their vendors, and even sell their goods online. The system is able to manage your logistics chain between multiple warehouses, store locations, and channels.

Also, as I have explained above, it can handle more complex requirements for the pharaceutical and chemical industry.

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