4 Best Dry Cleaners POS Systems | Reviewing Top Software

4 Best Dry Cleaners POS Systems

Implementing the best dry cleaners point of sale system (POS) will help you manage the business more effectively.

For instance, the system will automate time cards, employee, payroll and customer relations management. It will also optimize routes as well as keep track of deliveries and pickups.

For the best results, it is advisable for you to get an industry-specific POS solution that addresses common dry-cleaning challenges.

When shopping for the best-suited system, you need to consider such aspects as garment tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), call center management for pickups and deliveries, as well as reporting and analytics.

Reviewed below are the top four dry cleaners POS systems you should consider.

Comparing the Best Dry Cleaners POS Systems

1. Best Dry Cleaners POS System Overall: DCCS

Manage employee performance, time cards, payroll and even customer relations in your business with the DCCS POS system. This provider has been offering POS solutions for dry cleaners for decades now.

Over the years, the provider has developed some of the best POS systems for different players in the industry. To begin with, the dry cleaners POS system offered by this provider is PCI-compliant.

Additionally, it features an integrated system for optimizing pickup and delivery roots. In addition to these, there are several other things dry cleaners love about DCCS:

Cash Control

The DCCS POS system is equipped with an array of tools and capabilities for tracking and managing all forms of payment. With this system in your business, you will gain enhanced control over a credit card, and cash payments. You may use this system to sort credit card, charge, check and cash transactions.

In this regard, you may sort such information by transaction time, type, invoice, customer, date, employee or drawer. For enhanced control over payments and transactions, this system features a paid-out reasons list. Additionally, it has built-in Accounts Receivable capabilities for house charges.

You will also like the level of control and security for payments and drawers. For instance, it offers cash codes for the employees for enhanced accountability.

Automated Sorting

Sorting and tracking garments is one of the challenges dry cleaners have to deal with every single day. To make this easier and more efficient, the DCCS system offers automated sorting and assembly. The automated sorting solution by this provider has been proven to be fast, accurate and highly efficient at sorting orders.

For the purpose of identification, the system supports radio frequency identification RFID as well as heat seals. Alternatively, you may also use bar-coded paper tags to identify garments with this system. As per the speed, the system is capable of handling at least 100 orders in an hour.

DCCS POS System Downsides

The system only has a limited number of POS capabilities for dry cleaners. Again, it does not support customer accounts.

2. The Best Platform Agnostic Dry Cleaners POS System: CleanCloud

If you are looking for a laundromat POS or dry cleaners POS solution that runs on almost any hardware, you should consider getting CleanCloud. In this regard, you may use this system on almost any iPad, computer and Smartphone. Additionally, you will find it relatively easy to use, fast and highly productive.

Ranging from multi-store management and route planning to notifications, this solution has the industry-specific features you need. Some of the capabilities that make CleanCloud one of the best dry cleaners POS system include:

Garment Tracking

Having been designed for dry cleaners and laundry services, the CleanCloud solution makes it easy to track garments. This capability essentially keeps track of each and every garment as it moves through the workflow. When integrated with the right hardware, the system may be used to print and monitor heat seal barcode labels.

The system supports almost all third-party barcode scanner hardware components. This allows you to invest you can afford for the purpose of scanning orders/garments. You will also like the fact that the solution supports assisted as well as auto assembly.

Dry Cleaners Register Tools

In addition to Swift and accurate transaction processing, the register on this system is loaded with an array of laundry service tools. For instance, the system is capable of up charging and supports item notes. As such, it allows you to add up charges, garment color, stain, damage and other relevant details to each order. The system will also allow you to set multiple tax rates.

Again, it makes it easy for you to apply each of the present tax rates selectively as you ring up each transaction. You will also love the fact that the system is capable of processing batch orders, paymentsand invoices. This feature has been proven to save dry cleaners a considerable amount of time in the past.

CleanCloud POS System Downsides

The system has somewhat difficult-to-learn inventory management capabilities. The provider does not offer discounts for agents billing. Additionally, you may find the text credits by the provider comparatively expensive.

3. Best iPad-Based Dry Cleaners POS System: Enlite POS

Here is another solution that has been specifically designed to manage laundry services and streamline dry cleaning operations. One of the things you will come to like about this system is it’s an intuitive interface, making it easy for you to take clients from drop-off to billing.

The system will also optimize all aspects of your business, ensuring that they run at the peaks of their efficiency. The LARA racking solution by this provider, for instance, makes it easy for you to scan racks or tickets in your business.

Otherwise, capabilities that make the Enlite POS system stand out from the rest to include:

Routing and Delivery

To begin with, this feature allows for faster routing and delivery. With this feature, you will find the management if pickups, routes, and deliveries are rather seamless. For enhanced convenience, this system makes it possible for you to add new and existing customers to routes from different screens. For instance, you may set as many routes as you would like from the routine screen and then add the customers along each route.

You can also include the route stop number for each customer as well as the number if invoices ready to be delivered to each of them. For each customer you add, the system allows you to capture such details as lockbox codes, and delivery preferences. In addition. To these, this solution will also document results for each of the delivery and pickup you make.

Dry Cleaner Billing

Just as is the case with other service-based businesses, billing is an important part of your business. Enlite POS offers you powerful billing management tools that is Swift and relatively easy to use. The system helps you get an overview of your pending and current balances. The intuitive screen makes it easy for you to bill customers for laundry services and then print their statements or email them.

With this solution, you will find it relatively easy to search for your customers by billing cycle, name or payment terms. The dynamic search took also allow you to search for customers based on whether they are route or charge customers. Dry cleaners already using this system love the level of customization offered by Enlite POS.

In this regard, it allows you to customize your billing statements to display only the information you desire. Even so, it will itemize each invoice as well as its line items. This allows for transparency between your customers and the business. The system also allows

Enlite POS System Downsides

Making edits and changes to this system is not as easy as it should be. However, this is because the system has over 250 configurations. This is actually a strategic choice by the provider. They also help cleaners with the setup process, helping them configure the system the way they need it. With the system processing as much as 1,000 orders per day, you can trust this POS system to maintain 99.9% uptime.

4. Dry Cleaner Software for Business Management: Spot POS

In addition to a comprehensive laundry service management suite, Spot POS is specifically meant to address common dry-cleaning challenges.

As you will come to learn, this system is ideal for businesses of different sizes, ranging from single users to enterprise dry cleaners. Regardless of the size of your business, Spot will ensure that you always have the latest advanced features and capabilities.

Here some of the capabilities Spot POS has to offer your dry cleaning business:

Automated Marketing

For your business to grow, you will need to attract new customers and retain the current ones. Since you are too busy to follow-up with your marketing efforts, you should consider automating the process. This is ideally what Spot POS offers dry cleaners with its BeCreative 360 feature.

In order to offer full-featured and consistent marketing, the system takes advantage of your current branding. With time, it will offer your business comprehensive contact marketing that targets your current and potential clients. The system mainly communicates with your customers via email. However, you still have the option of integrating SMS into your POS communication offering.

Other marketing tools that make this solution so successful include coupons, promotions, discountsand several other customer rewards. Additionally, the system will also exploit retention marketing, Frequent Flier and referral sources to boost marketing success.

Customer Relations Manager (CRM)

This feature essentially collects the information you need to understand the needs of each of your customers. This will, in turn, make it possible for you to offer tailor-made services for each of them. Spot POS gives each of your customers a CRM tab. Provided you have the right POS security clearance; you may use these tabs to track and print an array of customer details.

For instance, it allows you to track and print customer follow-ups, phone conversations, customer contacts and conversation notes with your customers. With this system, you will also be able to search a specific conversation or the entire conversation history with a customer.

Spot POS System Downsides

Spot POS was acquired by a payment processing company, and so this system only offers one payment option. With no proprietary iPad app, this provider uses a third-party app, Citrix.  Additionally, BeCreative 360 is not a proprietary solution and is a separate company that integrates with Enlite and other competitors.

Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Dry Cleaners POS System

People seeking dry cleaning services do not have the time to do their laundry and are often after convenience and speedy services.

As such, they cannot afford to wait in long lines in your store. With the best dry cleaners POS system in your business, you will be able to speed up operations, cut unnecessary costs and boost profits.

Provided that you have chosen the right solution for your dry-cleaning business, you will be able to minimize wastage and enhance efficiency. However, you have to choose a solution that is best suited for this type of business.

In this regard, here are some of the things you need to consider while shopping for the best system.

Garment Tracking

As the business grows, you will be required to work on an increased number of assorted garments by different customers. It can be very frustrating when you cannot locate a garment and the owner has come to collect it.  To avoid such inconveniences, you should get a POS system that allows you to track the various garments more efficiently.

A feature like heat seal labeling on a dry cleaners POS solution will come in handy for your business. Heat seal labels are labels that feature barcode. You may buy these pre-printed or get a POS system that is capable of printing them on-site. The latter requires you to invest in the right hardware components, such as a label printer.

With such a capability, you will be able to speed up ticket writing. All you need to do is scan the barcode and the respective customer will be brought up. This will also enter garment information into the POS automatically. This being the case, you will be able to speed up checkouts in your business.

Customer Notifications

A solution that features automatic notifications will keep your clients informed on the status of their orders and deliveries. Most of your clients are too busy to keep coming back over and over again to check whether their garments are ready.

For enhanced convenience, the system will automatically prompt the customers to collect their garments as soon as you are done working on them. This POS feature has been proven to boot customer satisfaction in dry-cleaning businesses.

Secure and Versatile Credit Card Processing

The POS system you choose for the business should allow you to accept multiple payment tenders, including credit and debit cards. In this case, the solution you settle for should be PCI-compliant. Additionally, the system should be capable of processing all transactions in a safe and secure manner.

For enhanced versatility, the system you choose should be EMV chip-capable and able to process such payment options as NFWC payments like Apple Pay.

Delivery, Pickup and Route Planning

As the business grows, you will find it relatively challenging to plan for pickups and deliveries for the various packages. This is particularly the case for businesses that do not have the best dry cleaners POS system in place.

To make this easier and more efficient, it is advisable for you to get a system that allows you to save and even manage routes from the POS terminals.

A system that allows you to plan for and manage pickups and deliveries remotely over the cloud is even better. If you offer delivery services for your customers, your preferred system should have the right tools for optimizing routes. Again, the system should feature intuitive navigation capabilities for the drivers.

You should also ensure that the solution you choose keeps you in touch with the delivery driver and customers, regarding the delivery. It should also allow you to keep track of the various deliveries in the business.

Reporting and Analytics

Just as is the case with other types of businesses, you need to know how your dry-cleaning business is faring at any given time. As such, the system you choose should keep you informed on how the various aspects of the business are faring, including staff, salesand inventory.

The system you choose for your business should be able to produce accurate in-depth reports on the business in real-time. Again, it should feature powerful analytic tools to help you digest these reports into meaningful data.

For instance, the system should allow you to monitor performance, staff timeclocks, expenses, income as well as the overall productivity. It should as well allow you to generate KPIs and custom reports that give you a deeper insight into the business. Such capabilities will come in handy whenever you are making important business decisions.

Our Final Verdict

Laundry service automation software needs to offer more capabilities than just front counter and credit card processing. The system you choose should make management, garment tracking, delivery, pickup and routing easier.

As you may have realized, only an industry-specific solution will offer you such capabilities. The four systems reviewed above will help you manage your dry cleaners’ business much more smoothly and allow you to focus on the operations side. Some users asked if Lightspeed POS can be used, we found that the software needs too much customization work to be worthwhile for dry cleaners.

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