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OVVI POS Reviews

This Ovvi POS review is a study of this payment processor, and point of sale system (2) (3), partially purchased by Boom (1), that tailors to the business requirements in the hospitality and retail sectors.

Ovvi POS reviews define a score of 4.3 / 5 points where reviewers declare important two factors: the integration architecture with delivery applications and the design of a floorplan to handle restaurants, food trucks, and internal kitchen management.

The Ovvi POS review determined that this point of sales system is the preferred solution for restaurants and bars as it handles split check functionalities and enables the design of a floorplan layout. Furthermore, the hardware is robust and small to adapt to the business requirements of mobile food trucks.

For food trucks, Ovvi POS is ideal since the hardware is extremely small, handy, and robust enough to endure the severe conditions seen in a food truck setting.

In comparison to a computer monitor screen, the iPad’s technology is significantly different and slightly less user-friendly, yet the touch-integrated display is pleasant and smooth to use in my opinion

There are many important features, functionality, and advantages to the Ovvi POS system that are discussed in this short study.

OVVI POS Features

I have divided the OVVI POS review in two categories that have to be studied separately, as follows:

OVVI POS for restaurants and on the other hand, OVVI POS for retailers.

POS Features For Restaurants

Simple Ordering Process & Inventory Management

Ovvi POS features a menu design that makes ordering easier, checkouts faster, and multiple split check capabilities. Manage tickets and routes, order histories, refunds, and returns. 

Customize your menu with modifiers, choice items, combo meals, recipe management, ingredient tracking, tax options, and more. Track all of your ingredients to ensure your kitchen is always stocked. Easily reorder items from multiple vendors through Ovvi’s one-touch purchase order solutions. 

Ordering Process and Inventory Management

Ovvi POS has a menu design that makes ordering simpler, checkouts quicker, and the ability to do numerous split checks. Manage your tickets and routes, as well as purchase histories, refunds, and returns in one place.

Modifiers, choice items, combination meals, recipe management, ingredient monitoring, tax choices, and other features allow you to personalize your menu.

To ensure that your kitchen is constantly stocked, you can keep track of all of the ingredients as part of their inventory management module.

Ovvi’s one-touch buy order solutions make it possible to repurchase goods from many suppliers at the same time.

Layout a Floorplan in Minutes

The table layout page in Ovvi POS allows you to design floor layouts with numerous sections, see open and seated tables, open orders, and assign waiters to individual tables. Tables, chairs, booths, walls, toilets, and even pool tables and bowling lanes may be included in a floor design for a restaurant.

For each table, you can click over it to see the allocated server, the length of time it has been open, and the total number of tickets purchased.

Pizza Module To Create and Customize Pizzas

Pizza Maker is a software program that allows you to create pizzas.

Order options (delivery, carryout, or dine-in) may be selected from a single layout, and the Ovvi POS pizza module allows you to customize the pizza by choosing from different sizes, crusts, sauces, and toppings.

Ordering And Making Payments At The Table

Using tableside mobile tablets to take orders may help to expedite the process. As orders reach the kitchen in real time, turn times are reduced, and worker productivity is increased, as well.

Solution for Kitchen Management

Customers’ names and order destinations are displayed on Ovvi’s kitchen display automation.

You can also ensure guest safety by accommodating dietary restrictions and modifications, filter orders by station function, display order arrival time, monitor prep time, bump, select, and recall orders, and perform a variety of other tasks.

Payments made with EMV technology

Ovvi POS enables business owners to take all payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, whether you are in-store, online, or on your mobile device. First Data, TSYS, Global Payments, Worldpay, and a number of other payment processors are all compatible with the POS system, as is Worldpay.

Capabilities for operating several stores

Ovvi POS is a semi-cloud-based system that integrates with a partner network, allowing you to manage, develop, and expand your company from a single platform and this reminds me to Fattmerchant POS, that handled very well also a partner network.

Features such as inventory management, food cost analysis, forecasting, and more were incorporated in this package.

Kiosk for Self-Ordering

Offering next-generation kiosk design, a projected capacitive touch screen in portrait mode, and an integrated design with a built-in Epson printer, the Ovvi is available in 21.5-inch floor stands and table or wall mounts, among other configurations.

Analysis and Reporting (also known as Reporting and Insights)

Ovvi POS provides a variety of statistics and dashboards, including key performance indicators (KPIs), sales summaries, top-selling products, and more, to help you monitor sales and understand what is driving your company.

These reports are completely customizable and may be sent to you through email on a daily basis.

ovvi pos review

Support for Multiple Languages

Ovvi’s Restaurant Management Software is accessible in nine different languages. English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, French, and Hindi are among the languages supported.

I have not tested any of these language versions, just English.

Retail OVVI POS Features

In this OVVI POS review, I have to mention that OVVI POS does not lead the payment processing industry in the retail vertical as it does in the hospitality industry.

However, you will see that OVVI POS is a very competitive option for this area right now.

Simple Order & Checkout Process

Scanning of barcodes was done in seconds, as the system reacted well, something not always tested in an OVVI POS review but I feel it is important.

You can modify items on the menu to make them more accessible, search for products, choose from a variety of package sizes, and much more.

It is possible to build your own gift certificate or rewards program with Ovvi POS, and it supports all forms of payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT).

Returning an Item

With a simple barcode scan, process itemized exchanges and returns in an one transaction. Maintain detailed records of all returned goods and automatically refill inventories.

Additionally, Ovvi enables you to print a unique barcode for shop credits, ensuring that you are constantly re-engaging consumers.

Inventory Control

Organize and manage inventory goods with various SKUs, bar codes, and price – all in one location. Inventory is updated immediately when you make a purchase, ensuring that you always have an up-to-date view of what is in store.

Add an infinite number of products, numerous barcodes for a single item, tax categories for particular items, and mix-and-match pricing for various items, among other features.

Scale Scanners and Scale Integrations for Meat And Fruit Retailers

Ovvi can scan numerous items and weigh fruit and meat in a single layout, as well as read embedded barcodes with pricing or weight information in UPC, EAN-A, and EAN-B formats.

Fashion and Shoe Stores Style Matrix

Ovvi’s one-of-a-kind style matrix may assist you in optimizing consumer selections by allowing you to create various combinations of product characteristics with distinct pricing.

Analytics & Reporting

With Ovvi POS, you may access a variety of reports – KPIs, sales summaries, and top sellers — to get the most actionable insights into your business.

OVVI POS General Features

We have studied above the features for the hospitality and restaurant vertical and also for retail businesses.

Now I will analyze in this OVVI POS review the features that can apply to any vertical you have: from an Italian style pizzeria, to a fresh meat retailer.

Ovvi provides two distinct solutions for restaurants and retail, each containing tailored features and functionality. These include a pizza-building module for restaurants vs. a style matrix for clothing retail. However, the overall benefits are the same across both solutions.  

Efficient Order-Taking

First, Ovvi POS speeds up the checkout process through an order entry system. Quickly scan products, customize orders, and apply both standard and custom discounts. Ovvi POS also allows you to set up online orders, gift, and loyalty card programs, and accept EBT payments. 

Integrated Inventory Management

Additionally, Ovvi POS provides integrated inventory management, updating your inventory in real-time as a purchase is made, but other POS systems also perform this inventory update in the same way.

Manage and maintain items with multiple SKUs, barcodes, and pricing options.

You can also integrate with DigitalPour (inventory management for the beverage industry) to track real-time data for liquor, kegs, or beer tap systems. 

Easy-to-Use Employee Management

Manage employees with Ovvi POS by tracking hours worked, wages, and set permissions and tip features among your team. This Ovvi POS review does not test this functionality.

Software Integration Architecture

We discuss below in this Ovvi POS review the integration architecture in a separate paragraph.

Reporting And Analytics

As you evaluate and analyze your sales, Ovvi POS offers reporting features that you can review from anywhere through the cloud connection.

ovvi pos review

Summary of OVVI POS Features Common For All Verticals

Features below correspond to both restaurant and retail solutions, and they are displayed in alphabetical order.

  • Barcode / Ticket Scanning
  • Cash Management
  • Customer Accounts
  • Delivery Management
  • Discount Management
  • Commerce Management
  • Electronic Signature
  • Employee Management
  • Gift Card Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • Mobile Access
  • Online Ordering
  • Pricing Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Touch Screen

Ovvi POS Pricing

Ovvi’s pricing breaks down into four categories: software, hardware, installation, and credit card processing.

Software$69/month (when billed annually)Includes the full restaurant and retail software with complete features and functionality.
HardwareQuote-basedIncludes the all-in-one POS solution
with a J1900 Quad Core Celeron Processor,
4 GB RAM, 128SSD HDD, a 15.6” Touchscreen monitor,
a 3” thermal receipt printer, cash drawer, and is available in both
white and black.
Installation$75/month per station (one-time fee)Includes easy remote installation, comprehensive training,
EMV terminal setup, GoLive support, and 24/7 tech support.
CC Processing$0.05/transactionIncludes pass-through interchange,
EMV/Chip Card PIN pads, and next-day funding.

Ovvi POS Hardware & Software Requirements

ovvi pos review

All Ovvi POS platforms operate on devices that run Windows 7 or higher, have a dual-core processor and a minimum of 4GB of RAM. Unfortunately, Ovvi POS does not support Mac or iOS devices.

This OVVI POS review was done in a Windows 10 environment.

Users have the option of purchasing touch screens, thermal receipt printers, and customer displays what is useful if you have a supermarket that sells other products in an area that is converted into a new point of sales.

Ovvi POS review regarded the standard PAX S300 pin pads with ethernet connection, PAX D220 pin pads for wireless connection, and Verifone VX 805 pin pads with a USB connection. The USB option requires a DataCap payment gateway connection. 

OVVI POS Technical Integrations

Accounting And Payroll

Regard accounting and payroll data. There is direct integration with Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, ADP, and other platforms. It is possible to automate EOD reconciliation reports. 

Mobile Order And Delivery Applications

Ovvi integrates with online delivery apps, including UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub, and more. Orders are accepted and sent directly to the POS. From the OVVI POS, they are forwarded to the kitchen printer. 

Customer Support

Ovvi POS includes a support package encompassing comprehensive training, GoLive support, and 24/7 tech support. 

Support is delivered through e-mail, help desk, a subdomain with frequently asked questions and a knowledge base, a forum, phone support, and a live representative.

Alternatives to OVVI POS

Alternatives in this OVVI POS review described below are only the ones that can compete with this POS. I consider that Lightspeed is the most serious alternative to this POS system, and I suggest you read also our Lightspeed review.

Lightspeed Retail

This cloud-based EPOS centralizes inventory management, employee management, sales reporting, and accounting across locations and channels.

Lightspeed EPOS has features like contactless payment, omnichannel loyalty, and an eCommerce solution.

Manage your inventory, customers, employees, and sales from your laptop, iPad, or mobile phone.

You can accept all payment methods and cut down your check-out time in-store and online. Save time by using integrated purchasing catalogs.

Make data-driven decisions to grow your business by tracking costs, old inventory and automating low stock alerts.

Shopify POS

A relatively new player in the POS market, Shopify POS has the essential features you can expect from a traditional POS.

You can run your online and retail stores from one app, so you do not need to keep track of multiple inventories, catalogs, and payment systems. Customers and orders are synced across online and in-store, so offering local pickup, processing returns/exchanges, and selling gift cards anywhere is simple.

CAP Retail by POS Nation

They offer a complete point of sale solution to streamline a small or medium-sized retail business. They support retailers with a turnkey solution so business owners can have the hardware, software, and payment processing needed to improve checkout.

POS Nation has a dedicated customer service team, including 24/7 US-based support. This last feature was not tested by me thoroughly because I have just tested their customer support service with two calls.


For this OVVI POS review, we have established that while it is not the best POS system in the market, it is the POS I recommend for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

If you’re looking to improve efficiency and increase sales, Ovvi provides a compelling solution. Whether you own a restaurant or retail operation, their POS system can meet your needs with specific, powerful features. 

With over 11 years experience serving hundreds of concepts, Ovvi provides a comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) solution for both restaurants and retailers.

Ovvi helps business owners gain relevant insights to make effective bottom-line decisions. Their software helps to provide operational efficiencies, customer-loyalty programs, flexible business reporting, and more.

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