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About us:

Our Mission Statement

Business Finance News is a brand directly oriented to business owners dedicated to analyze and compare the cost and the conditions of B2B procurement of goods and services through quotes delivered by business partners.

Furthermore, and encompassing the real lifecycle of business owners, we compare and study different relevant financial instruments available for them, along with the underwriting requirements thereof.

We also analyze the incorporation of businesses as legal persons and their operations in different industry verticals.

We are Business Finance News. The concept of a society where everyone is confidently able to make financial choices transcends individuals and permeates the organization’s core principles.

We are supported by readers, advertisers, and affiliate deals. We have strict editorial guidelines that include privacy for readers with sitemap transparency, honest marketing practices, responsible lending, our no-gift policy, and clear information for our prospective investors and users.

We produce our own reviews, and we also gather votes and comments from our readers.

We update our information frequently. You can contact us, receive support, and meet our team.

We give back to the community through our career planning, our diversity policy and against modern slavery.

Address, Support, And Customer Service

We would love to hear your feedback about Business Finance. If you have any suggestions for improvements, corrections, or other comments, you are welcome to get in touch. For general inquiries, you can email, post, phone, or use our contact form.


Email support@businessfinancenews.com

5050 Quorum Drive, Suite 221
Dallas, TX 75254

We are available for your questions or any kind of feedback at info@businessfinancenews.com.

For Prospective Investors And Readers

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History Of Our Business

We found out that if a person required a financial product or service, like a mortgage, insurance, a secured credit card, etc, he went to his bank and requested this product. The bank only has its own secured credit card, one or two mortgage products, or just one or two insurance offers for each type.

So you have to go to each institution to see what they have. Take notes and compare them

But there are many products out there, and you do not know which is the best for you unless you can know their features and compare them accordingly.

Here is where we appear.

We have partnerships with some of these institutions and retrieve information about their prices and service delivery terms.

Therefore, we can provide a curated list of, for example, the 15 best credit cards for frequent travelers, the 10 best personal loan lenders, the best POS terminals for a restaurant, and the five best pet insurances, to put typical examples.

In other cases, we use the trading systems and perform operations with them. Then we prepare a review. We do this with trading brokers. For example, we operate with EToro, Robinhood, or Tastyworks for a month and then we review them in order to inform you which is the best brokerage service for you according to your business and investment requirements.

All this, in Business Finance News, which we believe is the best friend of business owners.

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Meet Our Team

d. laidler

D. Laidler

Conventional Mortgages, Investments, Personal Loans, Credit, and Debt Consolidation.

I will start a blog about Fishing 🙂 I will have more fun than writing for Business Finance LOL.

david laidler

I write about investments and financial instruments except for FHA loans here in Business Finance News.

I register in the brokerage platforms and operate as a normal user testing different KPIs, such as registration, deposits and withdrawals, portfolio availability, order management, web, mobile and desktop environment.

I also test the customer service. I always use the same testing criteria so the results are homogeneous and can be compared among all brokerage services.

With these results, I write those articles and provide my personal opinion as well.

gregory clark

G. Clark

FHA loans and Real Estate

This is a nice opportunity to introduce myself.

I have about twenty years of experience in the HUD market, FHA loans, and conventional mortgages.

gregory clark

My favorite articles are those where I analyze several lenders. I call these companies and ask them to provide me with all the details as if I were a prospective customer.

Then, I compare these conventional lenders or FHA lenders and recommend how to proceed from my point of view.

As Business Finance News has a policy of updating the articles frequently, I call these companies and update the article when necessary.

J. Konrath

POS systems and payment terminals

Sales strategist, consumer advocate, and payments specialist. She writes here about POS systems and terminals.

The idea to transmit is that each merchant should choose the POS that is most suitable for the size and type of business.

Instead of picking the best POS system, we have to pick the best for a small restaurant, or the best for a small retail store. We need a more granular analysis.

So we have to study them by business vertical and not by brand.

This is what we want to bring to Business Finance. She also writes in other blogs about sales strategies.

S. Krone

Legal analysis of mortgage policies, personal injury claims, small business incorporation and settlements.

I am a retired lawyer and fisherman. So here we are, two authors fishing!

For Business Finance News I write about business incorporation.

I also started to write about walk-in tubs as I have one at home for me.

I started to play in online casinos too as a hobby, but they do not allow me to write about that here 🙂

J. Lipsky

Home Improvement topics and Small Business

I write about business incorporation and about some topics related to home improvement.

I have a small business for pest control and home remodeling so I talk about my own experience.

I am also a reader of Business Finance because I was searching for business loans and was struggling…..

A. Foxx

Recreational vehicles.

I am an Airstream fan. Most of my articles refer to that brand.

I am part of the terrific “weight police” in RV forums 🙂

“So, you want to tow that fifth-wheel with that XYZ?”

“You don´t seem to know what GVWR is”.

Well, here in Business Finance, they told me to be nicer.

We will have fun together. Join us!

Meet the people that make Business Finance News something GREAT