someone ran a background check on you

Was a Background Check Run on you? How can you know whether someone has run a background check on you ? In this post, we will examine background screenings, the scenarios in which someone may use them, laws and regulations around background screening disclosures, and more. Introduction Is someone digging around in your past? Background checks are

civil court history

Most pre-employment background checks focus on criminal history. In the course of conducting these checks, the employer—or, more accurately, the background check provider running the check for the employer—will often reach out to county, state, or federal courts. These court communications are a means of obtaining criminal records that pertain to the candidate. However, there is

third party background check

Within employee background checks, “third-party background check” refers to an employer hiring an outside company to perform a background check on a candidate. Most employee background checks are third-party background checks because most employers do not have the resources, time, or know-how to perform these background checks themselves.  Many background checks include information that is

background check schools

All employers have a responsibility to ensure the safest work environment possible for their employees. Schools and school districts have the added obligation of providing a secure, nurturing learning environment for their students. Teacher background checks are a core piece of this equation and a crucial step that schools take to ensure that they are

north carolina background check laws

One of the most challenging facets to understand about background checks is how their regulatory limitations differ dramatically from state to state. For example, some states allow employers to consider arrest records as part of their employment decision-making process while others bar the use of arrest records entirely. Another major point of variation is in how

tennessee background check laws

With background checks, every state has slightly different reporting requirements and regulations that employers and other entities must follow. In some states, for instance, criminal background checks can only show convictions from the past seven years. In this post, we will explore Tennessee background check laws to see which limitations employers must follow when vetting

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