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A growing number of employers are incorporating Social Security Number background checks into their pre-employment screening processes. The SSN background check has value for numerous reasons, though those reasons are not necessarily what most people think. In most cases, criminal records are not linked to SSNs, which means that an SSN background check does not actually pull up

does mexican border check for warrants

When travelling, considering your criminal record is not usually on your pre-departure checklist. However, if you are crossing the border out of or back into the United States, Border Patrol and immigration agents have an interest in ensuring more than that you adequately completed your customs declarations. Are these agents looking into your criminal background

background check for contractors

Contractor Background Check  According to a Gallup study from 2020, 44 million Americans—28.2 percent of workers—were self-employed for at least part of 2019. Fourteen percent of the American workforce were working full-time as independent contractors. As the gig economy grows, more jobs are shifting from part-time and full-time employment arrangements to contracting roles—and more workers

fingerprinting for employment

Lawmakers often cite fingerprint background checks as the gold standard of criminal background screenings. We have seen this trend lately in the form of campaigns to pass legislation requiring fingerprint background checks for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. However, there is some misunderstanding and miscommunication about what shows up on a fingerprint background check.

passing background check

Many businesses, on their job postings or employment listings, will say: “Candidates will be required to pass background checks before they can be hired.” This statement is mostly meant to let prospective job applicants know that the company runs background checks on all finalists. However, one word in that sentence can be confusing: “pass.” What

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