unofficial copy of your driving record

You can’t know the answer to any of these questions without getting a copy of your driver record. Even if you have a good memory and can easily recall the what, when, and where of the times you were pulled over and cited for speeding or other violations, it can be hard to know for sure how long those 

 stay on your record. Checking your record periodically is the best way to stay aware of things like point totals, classification status, expiration date, fines, and other relevant information.

First, know you can check your driving record at any time. Motor Vehicle Reports (or MVRs) 

 a part of the public record. The fact that these records are public doesn’t necessarily mean anyone can check your driving history at any time: most states require the driver to give consent before these records can be released. However, since the record pertains to you, and since consent is implicit when you are requesting a copy of your own MVR, you should be able to check this information on demand.

There are several strategies you can use to check your driver record. The first option is to go through the DMV. Going through the DMV, you can get an unofficial copy of your record instantly online. However, if you need an official copy for any reason, you will have to go through a more formal request process, either in person or online. Expect to pay about $10 to access your records. Also, plan ahead, because as is customary with the DMV, things don’t move quickly when you request an official copy of your record.

The second option is to go through your insurance agent. If your insurance company is pulling your record anyway, you can sometimes ask them to give you a free copy of your official driving record. Not all agencies will oblige, but some will. The drawback here is if you want to check your record for inaccuracies before someone at the insurance company sees it, getting the record from the insurance company is obviously not ideal.

The third option is to go through a third-party background check company. At Blinkx, we offer a convenient self-check service for pulling your MVR. This service, available in most states, delivers an instant copy of your driving record. You can use this check to see how many points are on your driver’s license, what your driving status is, and what infractions are still on your record. Whether you are checking for inaccuracies or simply reminding yourself what your MVR looks like—and what employers or insurance companies will see when they request it—a Blinkx self-check will give you the information you need.

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