federal background checks for employment

Every person hired for a job with the federal government must submit to a federal employment background check. What that background check includes depends on the specific job, particularly the level of access it involves to sensitive or confidential information. All federal employment background checks are designed to make sure each person hired to a

extensive background check

Most employers do not provide details about what their employee background checks entail. Trying to find this information on employer websites, job postings, or employment applications is often an exercise in futility. Rather than providing specifics, most employers will say, “We require every new hire to pass an extensive background check.” This type of vague statement begs

sharing background check results with hiring manager

In most cases, an employer has no reason to share or disclose the results of employee background checks. However, there are situations in which an employee is working with, for, or on the premises owned by a customer or client. Staffing agencies, for instance, send their employees to work for outside organizations. Building companies hire sub-contractors

background check social security number

Social security background checks, or SSN checks, are reporting products that require candidates to provide their Social Security numbers for an additional layer of identity verification. A related service, called an SSN trace, verifies the validity of a Social Security Number and provides a list of results for addresses, names, and the birthday associated with

bank background check

Banks and financial institutions owe it to their customers, members, stockholders, and insurers to vet their employees thoroughly. Most bank jobs involve access to both money and sensitive personal information. These factors make working at a bank attractive for someone who might be looking to steal money, commit identity theft, or both. Because of these

does a background check include a credit check

The heart of most pre-employment background check processes is the criminal history check. However, job seekers and employers alike are unclear about precisely which information will be included in the criminal background check. Does a criminal history check include credit history? Or are credit history background checks a separate tool? There is a simple answer to

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