does eviction show up on background check

Applying to become a rental property tenant may feel like putting your entire life on display. Landlords often require extensive information from applicants, but the process does have a purpose: property owners want to both protect their investment and their communities. That’s the reason why criminal background checks are typically a part of the process. 

Why Martin Winterkorn Stepped Down As Porsche CEO?

Volkswagen AG’s (ADR) (OTCKMKTS:VLKAY) Ex CEO, Martin Winterkorn has now given up his position as CEO of Volkswagen’s luxury brand: PORSCHE AUTO ADR (OTCMKTS:POAHY), which has a major stake in the German automaker. Earlier on, Mr. Winterkorn gave up his position as CEO of Volkswagen, as a result of increasing pressures from management on account … Read more

DARPA´s Next Generation Of Super Zombie Soldiers

DARPA, an agency under the US department of defense, has started a heavily funded project that aims to enhance human ability in war zones, by altering the genetic code (recipe) of their soldiers. They hope to achieve supremacy by making soldiers that are stronger, smarter, more focused and lack empathy. The credit goes to a … Read more

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