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We love spa accessories. It’s even better when having spa accessories enhances your spa experience.

Whether you’re trying to impress your family and friends with fancy spa gadgets, or improve the quality of your hot tub, you’ll need to find a reputable spa dealer.

The Spa Depot is the place to go for all of your hot tub parts and spa products.

Today we want to take you a bit deeper and explore the ins and out of this top-notch spa company.

The Spa Depot was founded back in ’97. Since then, it has made its way to the top of the American hot tub supply chain. The company arguably has the widest selection of hot tub supplies, parts, and accessories.

They have an easy-to-navigate website, impeccable customer reviews, nationally-recognized customer service, and same-day-shipping.

Spa Depot Products


The Spa Depot provides customers with hundreds of unique accessories to choose from, including floating blankets, steps, pillows, cover lifters, and more.

Hot Tubs

Spa Depot does have a selection of hot tubs, to get quotes from several of the top brands click the link below: 

To keep your spa clean, you’re going to need the right water treatment chemicals. The Spa Depot has a wide range of high-quality spa water treatments, clairifiers, enhancers, and more.

The great thing about Spa Depo is that they curate hot tub supply kits so that you can purchase everything you need in a single bundle, saving you the time and money that you would otherwise waste looking for everything individually.


While there are plenty of spa cover manufacturers on the market today, Spa Depot happens to make some of the highest-quality spa covers on the market.

They utilize multi-layer construction to retain durability and heat, even after many years of use. Their spa cover models use Weathershield Outdoor Fabric and Marine Vinyl Jack materials for the outside, as well as a 6-mil ZeroTex Vapor Barrier that seals out unwanted moisture.

For those that live in extreme climates that see a lot of rain, sleet, and snow throughout the year can benefit from this type of construction.


There isn’t a hot tub accessory that is quite as important as the filter. The filter is the heart of your hot tub’s filtration system. Without trapping your tub from harmful contaminants, your pumps and other equipment could become clogged.

The Spa Depot has plenty of replacement spa filters to choose from, though their most popular are the blue anti-microbial Clarathon filters. They use special technology to inhibit bacteria growth.

Water Seat

One of the more unique things in the lineup is the Belize Water Seat, which they promote pretty heavily on their website. This one-of-a-kind cushion is perfect for those who feel uncomfortable sitting on their tub’s standard bucket seats.

The Belize Water Seat acts as a wonderful booster seat for children who want to join in on the fun, though also works great for shorter adults. Many older tub models are made with wood or floor seating, which are where this seat truly excels.

It utilizes a soft and comfortable core, which makes it great for aquatic exercise. you can unzip it and drain it with ease to wash when the time comes as well.

Cover Lifters

Lifting spa covers can be a huge pain, especially if you are older or have physical limitations. This is where buying lifters can come in handy. Spa Depot has plenty of high-quality lifters to choose from, including side-mounted lifters, rollers, and more.

Control Systems

Thier lineup features a wide variety of high-quality replacement parts for just about any hot tub. Those looking to add an extra element of excitement to their hot tub might consider adding an audio system. People who want better control over their old tubs might want to rig a new digital control system or keypad.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to digital parts.


Similar to elixirs, aromatherapy salts are made to dissolve in hot water, circulating throughout the interior space of a tub and releasing pleasant scents. This online store has a wide selection of high-quality crystals for just about any aromatherapy experience you could want.

Replacement Spa Parts

Finding the right parts for your hot tub can seem like a huge hassle, especially if you’ve had a hot tub for many years and you’ve lost your manual or can’t seem to get the correct parts from your delear.

Because Spa Depot operates out of a massive warehouse with thousands of items on hand, they also happens to have one of the largest inventories of replacement hot tub parts on the market.

Their long list of parts includes plumbing, filters, skimmers, heaterrs, jet inserts

Bulk Discounts

Spa Depot is a great place for those who enjoy buying in bulk. Plus, the business offers major discounts to bulk buyers, perfect for regular consumers who have readily available storage.

Of course, this is great for commercial buyersr as well. Buyers who have multiple hot tubs under their belt in an apartment building, community center, or hotel might want to consider buying in bulk to save on long-term expenses.


One of the great things about Spa Depot is that the business is constantly putting out new sales. With such a large warehouse, they have plenty of items that they need to get rid of, especially when seasonal sales slow down.

Customers who like to look for deals will enjoy looking through the sale section of their website. You can find just about all of the goods we discussed above on the sale section of their website too.

If you are someone who often buys accessories or parts for your hot tub, then you might to keep an eye on the sale section to see what you come across.

Need a Hot Tub?

Spa Depot Reviews

According to the Better Business Bureau, Spa Depot has been an accredited business since 1999. They currently have an A+ business rating and very few negative customer reviews.

Free Shipping Program

One of the wonderful things about this business is that they offer customers a Free Shipping Program, which greatly lowers costs. As of now, they offer free shipping to the 48 states. They also offer discounted flat-rate shipping to Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska.

Top-Of-The-Line Customer Service

When working with a big business, it can be quite difficult to procure excellent customer service.

When the customer base is huge and there are many working components, the amount of individual attention a business can give a consumer becomes spread thin.

Luckily, Spa Depot keeps up with its customers. The business was even awarded the Bizrate Circle of Excellence Platinum Award.

They even have A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau. With a large Customer Care team onboard to assist customers with any problems that may arise, it’s clear that they are a prime business to purchase from.

How-To Guides

Beyond manufacturing and distributing parts and accessories for tubs, Spa Depot acts as an information desk for hot tub owners. They have plenty of helpful How-To Guides on their website, which go over just about every aspect of ownership, including installation, sanitization, maintenance, repairs, wiring, and much, much more.

Bottom Line – Why Buy From Spa Depot?

While there are plenty of businesses out there that do the same thing as the Spa Depot company, none of them do it quite as well. Even the ratings and customer reviews of the Spa Depot alone prove that it is one of the best suppliers out there.

Beyond that, they have incredible customer service, which can be difficult to find in any business of this size. For all of your hot tub needs, we couldn’t recommend any business quite like Spa Depot. 

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