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When it comes to hot tubs, Jacuzzi is probably the most well-known brand in the United States. Just as people use the brand Kleenex to refer to tissues, they say “Jacuzzi” when referring to hot tubs. Founded in 1915, the company originally built airplane propellers for the military before moving into household plumbing products. Although hot tubs have been in use since ancient times, Jacuzzi is credited with designing the first modern era whirlpool in the 1950s. Today, you find Jacuzzi tubs with an enormous variety of features, including advanced filtration systems, multi-tier seating, LED lights, and pillow headrests. Jacuzzi tubs are a perennial favorite thanks to excellent design, high quality, and exemplary customer service.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Models

Although Jacuzzi designs a variety of hot tub models, they have five basic product lines.

The J-200 series is Jacuzzi’s most economical offering. Tubs in this series feature standard jets with ergonomic placement and a two-stage water treatment system. Extra features include cup holders and multi-colored lighting. With no electrical hardwiring, setup requires only a 120V outlet.

The J-300 series makes maximum comfort the focus, with PowerPro Jets, ergonomic seating design, and repositionable headrests. The advanced control panel makes operation a breeze.

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The J-400 series takes comfort to the next level with hydromassage, more rotational PowerPro Jets, adjustable headrests, and a high-back design. It also offers stunning design options with premium lighting and a backlit waterfall.

The luxury level models in the J-500 series feature a stunning curved design and gorgeous architectural lighting. In addition to its luxurious design, comfort items include all of the features in the J-400 series.

The J-LX collection exceeds all energy efficiency standards without reducing jet power. Lounge seating provides room for up to six adults and both models include all premium level features.

How Much Does a Jacuzzi Hot Tub Cost?

Pricing varies based on tub design and features, with larger tubs and those with extra features costing more.

  • Entry level models in the J-200 series start at around $4,000, with financing available from around $50 per month. These models include 3-person seating and 19 jets. Design variations and features take prices up to $8,000.
  • Mid level models in the J-300 series start at around $8,000, with financing available from around $100 per month. These tubs seat between four and five adults and include the Premium PowerPro Jets. Pricing maxes out just under $12,000.
  • The premium models in the J-400 series range between $12,000 and $15,000, with financing available from around $150 per month. These models seat four to five adults.
  • Pricing for Jacuzzi’s luxury models starts at around $16,000, with financing available starting at around $200 per month. These are the models with the most innovative designs and greatest seating capacity – up to seven adults.

One feature that separates Jacuzzi from the competition is the independent heater, which allows the hot tub to maintain water temperature “independent” of the home’s main heating mechanism. Before installation, you must ensure proper electrical support for the Jacuzzi heater. Another feature that is standard in the luxury models but an add-on otherwise is the self-cleaning mechanism. This helps keep your Jacuzzi tub clean and bacteria free so that it’s always ready to enjoy.

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