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So, you’re looking to buy a new hot tub, huh?

By now, you’ve probably realized that there are hundreds of brands to choose from and thousands of hot tubs among them. You might need a good jet massage just from trying to fathom how many hot tub models are out there.

Luckily, we’ve done the research to make your life easier. If you’ve been looking for the best hot tub for your needs, we’ve got you covered with a few reviews of some of the best brands and models in the industry today. Let’s dive in and find the perfect spa for your needs, shall we?

Best Hot Tub Brands

Sundance Spas

Those looking for the best features should highly consider Sundance Spas.

This brand is known for crafting premium hot tub products with tons of incredible models to choose from.

Sundance Spas come with adjustable Fluidix Jets and built-in smart capabilities.

The majority of Sundance hot tub models are in the low to mid price range, though it depends on the size of the hot tub.

Even the low-end hot tubs in the Sundance lineup feature some of the brand’s top features, including built-in waterfalls, UV-C sanitation, and more.

Every Sundance spa model comes complete with the SmartTub mobile app, which allows users to control the temperature, jets, and lighting from their smart devices.

One of the best models in the Sundance lineup by far is the Claremont 980 Series. This hot tub boasts room for up to six adults and is loaded with high-quality, modern details.

Master Spas

Those looking for a more budget-friendly hot tub might want to look into Master Spas.

This hot tub brand offers top-of-the-line hot tubs built in the United States. With a mixture of cool hot tub features and loads of desirable upgrades, there are plenty of things to love about this high-end hot tub company.

The company carries 21 hot tub models in its lineup, including 13 of which fall into the low-end price range.

Some of the unique features found on these hot tubs include the bio-magnetic therapy system and gorgeous waterfalls.

Compared to other hot tub brands, Master Spas has some of the best options for upgrades, including a Wi-Fi module, UC-V or ozone sanitation, and Bluetooth audio.

The best hot tub in the Master Spas lineup is the LSX 900, which is part of the Michael Phelps Legend Series. There are plenty of great color options to choose from and incredibly energy-efficient features to boast about.

From EcoPur water filtration to Master Blaster Foot Massage Therapy, it is a luxury at a low cost.


Those seeking out true luxury might be best off going with what is arguably the most widely-known hot tub brand on the market today.

That brand is Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi has a wide range of 26 hot tubs to pick from. 

Though the company retains a pretty transparent pricing model that attracts budgeting customers, most of the company’s models are quite expensive.

However, from comfortable two-person hot tubs in the budget range to feature-laden five-person tubs in the high-end range, Jacuzzi has something for everyone.

The Jacuzzi brand centers around the idea of hydrotherapy, which is why the company created a unique system of hydrotherapy jets that mix water and air to deliver high-pressure massage. Jacuzzi is very careful when placing jets on their hot tubs to target necessary muscles from the feet to the head.

While the customization options with Jacuzzi are fairly limited, the brand is quite iconic and has one of the best reputations in the industry of hot tub manufacturers.

One of the top Jacuzzi tubs in the lineup is the J-495. this spacious hot tub is power-packed with some of the best premium features the brand offers. From the Color touchscreen control panel to the PowerPro Jet combinations, this particular nine-person hot tub model has just about everything a high-end hot tub lover could want.

Bullfrog Spas stands out from many other hot tub manufacturers on this list thanks to its unique JetPak Therapy System, which allows users to customize their massage experience using 18 different jet combination options.

Bullfrog allows customers to pick what types of jets they want to use in each of the seats in the tub, a kind of customization that goes far beyond the color options that other companies allow people to pick from.

One of the great things about this unique JetPak system is that it requires far less tubing than a standard hot tub, meaning it is far more energy-efficient compared to most.

It is worth noting that Bullfrog does sell hot tubs without the JetPak Hydrotherapy system for those who are on a budget, though it is one of the major selling points that the company has to offer.

Those looking for the top hot tub in the Bullfrog lineup should direct their attention to the M9. This incredible hot tub fits up to 10 adults at once and has plenty of different seating options, water care options, and lighting options to pick from. It may actually be the best hot tub on the market right now.

Cal Spas

Cal Spas is the king of the hot tub industry with more than 51 models and multiple shell colors to choose from.

With a price range that moves from budget-friendly to luxury and tons of energy-efficient spa models, this company is a great choice for those who aren’t looking for something specific.

Cal Spas is the only company on this list that provides consumers with the option for saltwater sanitation, though they also have UV-C and ozone systems as well.

One of the neat things about Cal Spas hot tubs is that they are manufactured in unique shapes, including triangle and oval.

These spas are great for those who have less real estate to give up for a hot tub.

All of the models in the company’s lineup are manufactured in the United States, making it fairly convenient to get any necessary repairs when the time comes.

Because there are so many spas to choose from in the brand’s lineup, putting one above the rest can be difficult. However, the Huntington PL-772L Six-Person Hot Tub is one of the most popular. This seven-foot spa can fit up to six people comfortably. It comes with two captain seats, one full-size lounger, and three versatile seats.

What To Consider When Looking For a New Hot Tub


When purchasing a hot tub, the first thing people often need to consider is the size. How many people will the hot tub hold? Larger hot tubs can easily fit 8-9 people while smaller hot tubs can usually only hold 2-3 people.

It is also important to look at the dimensions of the hot tub to make sure that it can fit in a particular space.

Beyond the size and volume, there are also different hot tub shapes to consider. A round two-person hot tub might not fit in the particular space while a corner-style four-person hot tub does the trick. Consider the various shapes and try to imagine them in the space where they will sit.

A smaller hot tub will also be easy to install compared to a larger one, especially if the hot tub is inflatable.

See our small hot tubs and large hot tubs pages for more in-depth information. 

Build Quality

It is crucial to look at the materials used in a hot tub’s construction prior to buying. While most hot tubs use some form of an acrylic or polyethylene shell, there are plenty of inflatable hot tub models out there as well. People typically refer to inflatable spas as plug and play spas. Plug and play spas are simply those that make use of 110v power instead of traditional 220v power, ridding the need for special wiring.

There are plenty of reasons one might want to go with an inflatable hot tub vs a traditional hot tub, including price, portability, and ease of transport. Of course, buyers won’t find the same kinds of features that they would expect to find on a traditional spa, including LED lighting water features.

What is most important when it comes to build quality, however, is insulation. The type of insulation found in a hot tub can directly affect the operational costs. A hot tub with quality foam insulation will help reduce energy bills over time and keep the water warmer for longer.


Where you plan to place your hot tub should be determined before buying. There are indoor hot tubs for enclosed areas that you should consider if it won’t be outside. 


There are several types, see our types of hot tubs page. 

Features Found in the Best Hot Tubs

One of the first things people look at when it comes to spa features are the jets. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the number of jets that matters, but the quality of those jets.

The way hydrotherapy jets work varies greatly. Some manufacturers use high-pressure water jets, some use high-flow stainless steel jets, and some uses jets that work with a combination of water and air.

Those looking to indulge in a full-body massage might want to consider looking for a spa with lounge seating. There are also plenty of spas that have jets around the feet and legs as well.

Jets can do wonders for sore muscles, though finding the system means comparing various hot tubs.

Beyond jets, people often look at extras and upgrades that manufacturers offer. Some of the best hot tubs on the market have features like LED lights, digital control panel modules, or unique filtration systems, such as a UV-C filtration system. Some consumers just want to look for something as simple as cup holders, which can be found on certain hot tubs and not others.

Many newer hot tubs come with unique Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules, which allow users to control various parameters without ever having to exit the spa. These systems can cost a lot more, though can be extremely convenient for smart home aficionados.

It is important to see what kinds of upgrades or additional options a manufacturer offers to get the most out of a particular hot tub model.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

The cost of a hot tub can vary greatly.

Budget hot tubs typically run around $3,000 at the least while high-end hot tubs can easily run well over $16,000.

Inflatable hot tubs are by far the cheapest while in-ground hot tubs are the most expensive.

It is important to have a budget in mind when looking at hot tub prices and to research how much a particular hot tub would be to run and maintain over time.

It is pretty rare that a hot tub manufacturer will list its spa prices online, as there are plenty of variables that can greatly affect the overall price, including geography, features, time of year, and dealer promotions.

The best way to find out the cost of a hot tub is to get in touch with a local dealer and see what their inventory looks like.

If you are looking for cheap hot tubs then portable hot tubs are a good option. 

Bottom Line – Searching for the Best Hot Tubs

Searching for the best hot tubs may seem overwhelming, though, with a little help from this guide, the search does not have to be difficult.

The above hot tub brands are some of the best on the market, as they offer unique models and features that are difficult to find anywhere else.

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