FHA EAD Submission Portal

FHA EAD Submission Portal Access

The FHA EAD submission portal is the application for the electronic delivery of appraisals performed through an established set of guidelines (Source). It can be accessed immediately through the link below the page (Source). Submit your appraisals related to FHA mortgage loans, as other submission portals belong to other topics (Source). This step is completed well before the FHA loan requirements are analyzed and before the loan limits for that year are even discussed, because the appraisal is a different step (Source).

When the appraisal is submitted through the aforementioned portal, there is still no FHA loan completed. 

It is an exclusively transactional portal for the delivery and access to appraisals submitted for FHA mortgage loans, and not for other loans (Source). This means that in the case of new originations, the EAD users, third-party service providers, appraisers, in general, all authorized users have to submit these appraisals to the FHA only through this portal. This portal, as I indicated, can be accessed directly with the link below.

FHA EAD submission portal

It is hosted by Veros Real Estate Solutions and it works as a portal for FHA lenders, service providers, and their business partners to submit online their appraisals related to prospective FHA mortgage loans. The FHA EAD has an interface that runs in the background with the FHA insurance systems that are inbound and outbound transmitting information.

All the appraisals, scoring, and other information therein submitted by the aforementioned parties is accessed and retrieved by HUD as required.

How To Access And Login To EAD Portal?

The mortgagees have three methods to access the FHA EAD portal and submit therein the result of the appraise.

  • They can access easily through the portal, whose direct link is here below. Once they access they can submit up to ten appraisals at a time. However, the most common practice here of the users is to submit them one by one.
  • Users can access through an interface where they can submit hundreds of appraisals at the same time. They can build their own interface following a technical integration guide provided by the FHA.
  • The third method is to utilize a service provider who already has an interface released and utilize their interface to access the EAD portal remotely and submit these appraisals. The most known company is probably is Mercury VMP, who owns an appraisal vendor management software and has an interface with the EAD portal.

SAP had also the plan to develop a standard interface from their SAP Real Estate industry solution. However, since 2020 roadmap, this solution was not included.

Access to the portal directly with this link.

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