2 bedroom 5th wheel floor plans

Fifth Wheels are awesome and have so much room. We have some favorite styles and floor plans that accommodate two bedrooms and are awesome. I love looking at new campers and RV’s so I loved researching about Fifth Wheels. 

So, what are our favorite Fifth Wheel floor plans with two bedrooms? There are so many awesome Fifth Wheels out there but we made a list of our favorite and here are the top five. 

  • 2019 Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 356QB
  • 2019 Forest River Arctic Wolf 265DBH8.32172
  • 2019 Forest River Arctic Wolf 315TBH8.35070
  • 2019 Coachmen Chaparral Lite 29BH.29231

Fifth Wheels are great for families, they offer lots of room and ones that are our favorite create a sense of privacy. If you are going to get a Fifth Wheel these are the cream of the crop. 

What Are Our Favorite Fifth Wheels? 

My family and I love to go out in our RV and camp like nobodies buisness. But having kids can sometimes make the RV lifestyle hard, so my wife and I love looking at Fifth Wheels that are well designed but more importantly have two bedrooms. 

Two bedrooms inside a Fifth Wheel are important for many reasons. The biggest reason for my wife and I is privacy. They can have their privacy and we can have ours.  

So we made a list of the top ten two bedroom 2019 fifth wheels that we could find. All of these Fifth Wheels are great and perfect for big families or lots of friends. 

Here is our list of the best 2019 private two bedrooms Fifth Wheels. 

  • 2019 Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 365QB
  • 2019 Forest River Arctic Wolf 265DBH8.32172
  • 2019 Forest River Arctic Wolf 315TBH8.35070
  • 2019 Coachmen Chaparral Lite 29BH.29231
  • 2019 Jayco Eagle HTX 26BHX.33662
  • 2019 Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL.34177
  • Forest River Sandpiper 377FLIK Front Living Fifth Wheel
  •  2019 Keystone Cougar Half-Ton 29RDB.34926
  •  2019 Jayco North Point 377RLBH.36454

All of these Fifth Wheel campers fall into two floorplans or style categories. They all are either a front living style Fifth Wheel or a bunkhouse Fifth Wheel.  

We are going to go through and explain all of the perks and fun of each of these incredible Fifth Wheels. They will seriously blow your mind when you hear all about them. 

2019 Forest River RV Wildwood Heritage Glen LTZ 365QB

This is a super cool Fifth Wheel and it was built to blow your mind. It is equipped with everything a big family or big group of friends could need. 

In this beauty you have the master bedroom built inside the overhang. It has a king sized bed, carpeting, dresser, and optional laundry or wardrobe. 

Plus it has two mini nightstands on either side of the bed. coming from the master bedroom you pass through a little storage hallway and can either go down some steps to the living area or you can head into the master bath. 

“From the two entry doors to the two bathrooms, you will love all of the conveniences throughout. The bunkhouse is ideal for your kids.” 

Fun Town RV 

The master bath has a residential tub with a tub seat, a toilet, and a little mirror and sink. This bathroom is nice sized and perfect if you have little kids who need baths. 

Coming down into the living area you have an open kitchen/living room floor plan. with a nice tri-fold sofa, entertainment center, a jumbo dinette, and a full kitchen. 

On the opposite end of the Fifth Wheel you have the second bedroom. It has a twin bed with TV hookups underneath it on one side and then a bunk bed with a trundle bed underneath it on the other side. 

This awesome second bedroom comes with a wardrobe and the second bathroom attached. Inside the second bathroom there is a small tub, a small sink, and a toilet. 

This Fifth Wheel is amazing and works great for families. It has two entrances for convenience. One enters into the second bathroom and the other comes in at the living room area. 


This Fifth wheel is built a little differently than are previous Fifth Wheel. In this Keystone Cougar, the master bedroom is at the back of the Fifth Wheel. 

It comes with a queen sized bed, although you can upgrade to a king sized bed. Plus it has a wardrobe and a dresser/TV stand. 

Right of f of the master bedroom is the bathroom. It is equipped with two entrances, a shower, toilet, sink, and a linen wardrobe. 

“Large, open layouts!”

Camping World

Just pass the bathroom is the Kitchen/Dinning area. It is awesome and open with a dinette a nice corner sink, stove, microwave, and a 12 cubic feet refrigerator. 

Up the steps into the overhang is the very large living area/second bedroom. It has two tri-fold sleeper sofa’s, plus a third large theater seating couch.  

Another great part about this living/bedroom area is that it has an awesome pop-up TV in it. It is a super cool room and one that kids would love to stay in. 

2019 Forest River Arctic Wolf 265DBH8.32172

This Forest River Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel is pretty amazing. We like it so much because it comes with two bedrooms but it also feels incredibly open. 

The Master Bedroom is located in the overhang and it has a comfort power master queen bed lift system as well as two nightstands. 

Just outside the Master Bedroom is the bathroom and is also pretty roomy with a shower, toilet, and a sink. It is the perfect distance from the Master Bedroom. 

Down the steps from the Master Bedroom is the kitchen and living area. This space is incredibly open and roomy. It is a great space for the family to gather together. 

The kitchen has a residential fridge, a stove, microwave, and big sink. Plus there is a nice storage hutch over by the dinette. 

“Warm up in the living area on cold mornings with the 35000 BTU furnace! Cool down when the sun is glaring outside with the 15000 BTU a/c! There are 2 slides on this 8′ 0″ wide, 31′ 9″ long RV, and you won’t bump your head with its height of 12′ 5″!”

Terry Town superstore

On the living room side there is a nice big tri-fold sleeper sofa, a ceiling fan, and a rather big entertainment center. Having this right with the kitchen allows for everyone to spend time together. 

Just past the living area and up a few steps is a wardrobe and the second bedroom. The second bedroom has a set of bunk beds and is perfect for little kids to sleep. 

2019 Forest River Arctic Wolf 315TBH8.35070

So this Forest River Arctic Wolf is a lot like its partner that we described above, but it is a little bit larger and more accommodating.   

Once again the Master Bedroom is in the Over Hang, and this Arctic Wolf also comes with a comfort power master queen bed lift system. 

It also has nice nightstands and a wardrobe that add to its accommodations and makes staying there more like being at home. 

Just past the Master Bedroom is the bathroom that has a standing shower, toilet, and a sink. In this model there is an added perk of a linen closet inside the bathroom. 

Down the stairs form the bathroom is the kitchen and the living room combination. On the wall there is a nice entertainment center next to the dinette. 

There is a full kitchen with a residential fridge, and a nice and big tri-fold sleeper sofa. That has a great view of the entertainment center. 

“Your family will be sure to sleep well at night in this RV, which has enough sleeping space for up to 10 people! You won’t miss any sleep on the Queen bed!”

Terry Town RV superstore

Right off of the kitchen is the half-bath that has a toilet and a sink in it. This bathroom is in the perfect position because it is right next to the second bedroom. 

Inside the second bedroom is a set of bunk beds and a bunk bed with a Jack Knife Sofa underneath. Jack Knife Sofas transition into beds. 

2019 Coachmen Chaparral Lite 29BH.29231

We really like the floor-plan of the Coachmen Chaparral Lite Fifth Wheel because of its unique take on a two bedroom floor plan. 

In the hangover sits the Master Bedroom which is carpeted and has two wardrobes and a night stand for storage. It also has a comfortable queen sized bed. 

To get out of the Master Bedroom you walk through the bathroom which is equipped with a shower, toilet, and sink area. 

Just out side the bathroom is a hallway with a cute linen closet. Having the bathroom as a buffer between the Master Bedroom and other living areas is one of the unique qualities that we like. 

Just down a step from the bathroom hallway is a nice big open layout living area and kitchen. In the corner is an entertainment center/ closet with the tri-fold sofa situated just across from it. 

The kitchen is one of the pull outs and has a pantry, microwave, stove, and refrigerator. In the middle of the room is a nice sized island that has a double sink and plenty of counter space. 

Across from that is the spacious dinette that, along with the sofa, has some nice carpet. The entrance to the Fifth Wheel is also in this room. 

At the end of the Fifth Wheel is the second bedroom and because of its unique feature reminds me of a college dorm. In-between two 30 by 74 twin bunk beds stands a wardrobe. 

This room is perfect for kids, guests, and late night stories. 

2019 Jayco Eagle HTX 26BHX.33662

Every time a begin to write about one of these Fifth Wheels I think wow this is definitely my favorite one, and with the next one I write about the process is started over again. 

I enjoy this Jayco Eagle HTX Fifth Wheel so much because the second bedroom in this trailer has a double bed bunk bed in it, and that is pretty awesome. 

So starting at the back of the Fifth Wheel you have the double bed second bedroom right next to the bathroom. The bathroom has two entrances one form the outside and one from the living area.  

The bathroom also has a huge shower, for a fifth wheel, and a corner sink and toilet. Just outside the bathroom is the living area and kitchen. 

The kitchen has a nice dinette, 8 cubic feet fridge, stove, microwave, and sink. Plus is has a pantry right next to the fridge. 

“You’ll love traveling the countryside in this Jayco Eagle HTX, especially with its hitch weight of 1525 lbs. and a GVWR rating of 9995 lbs. It’s easy to tow and maneuver!” 

Terry Town SuperStore

On the living area side there is a big tri-fold sofa and an entertainment center that is attached to a wardrobe that adds extra storage. 

Up the stairs form the Living room is the Master Bedroom. This suit has a 60 by 80 queen sized bed with two side wardrobes and an area for a TV. 

2019 Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL.34177

We LOVE this Coachmen Chaparral’s layout because of its spaciousness and tons of entertaining space. Plus it has a unique layout which we like. 

In the overhang is the Master Bedroom that is nice and spacious, carpeted, and it comes with a queen bed and dresser. 

Right next to the master bedroom is the bathroom that is accessed by a hallway. It has a toilet and sink with a bonus 30 by 50 shower. 

Just down a few steps and to the right is the second bedroom. It has plenty of overhang storage and comes with double bed bunk beds.

Past the two bedrooms is the kitchen and entertainment area. Talk about spacious for an RV and this room hits it on the nail. 

With a free standing table right next to a theater seating couch and across from a big entertainment center this room is functional.

With an extra couch on the back wall this room becomes the ultimate hang out space for families and friends.  

It has a nice island with tons of counter space and two chairs for extra dinning seats. Plus there is a pantry, fridge, stove, and microwave. 

There is extra counter space and a double sink against the shared wall of the second bedroom which makes cooking and cleaning easier. 

Forest River Sandpiper 377FLIK Front Living Fifth Wheel

This Fifth Wheel is large and is great for families and for hosting friends. It has a fun front living layout that helps add functionality to the Fifth Wheel. 

The Master Bedroom is at the back of the Fifth Wheel and comes with a queen bed, although you can upgrade to a king bed if you desire. It has overhead storage plus a wardrobe and a closet that can have a stack-able washer and dryer set in it. 

Across form the bed is a dresser that has a TV mounted above. And there is a private entrance into the Master Bedroom from the outside. 

Right next to the Master Bedroom is the bathroom that has a nice sized walk-in shower that has a seat. It also has a toilet, sink, and closet in it. 

Just passed the bathroom is the kitchen and dinning room. There is a larger free standing table and chairs, an island with a double sink in it, and a large pantry. 

There is also a microwave, stove, and a residential sized refrigerator. There is an extra hutch and a ceiling fan in this room as well. 

“The kitchen island and hutch provide an excellent spot for setting out snacks and drinks. Your guests will feel right at home in the Sandpiper’s gorgeous, residential setting.”

Fun town rv superstore 

Up the stairs in the overhang is the second bedroom/entertainment room. It has theater seats and to hida-bed sofas. 

At the end of the room there is an entertainment center and a small fireplace that help the room become cozy and fun. It is a great way to have a second bedroom and a separate Living Room. 

 2019 Keystone Cougar Half-Ton 29RDB.34926

This is a nice Fifth Wheel with a big Master Bedroom and some great optional change outs that can help fit your needs better.

The Master Bedroom is the in the overhang and has a queen sized bed with three wardrobes one big and two mini. There is also some great overhead storage. 

Just past the Master Bedroom is the bathroom that has a full sized shower and seat, plus a toilet and vanity. The bathroom is off of a little hallway. 

Down a few steps is the main living area and kitchen. The kitchen has all of the standard appliances plus an extra storage cabinet and pantry. 

The entertainment center is pretty cool because it can come with a fireplace and it has built in hidden storage which is super awesome. 

Both the dinette and the sleeper sofa have options of being upgraded to a free standing table and chairs and optional theater seating. 

At the end of the Fifth Wheel trailer and up a few steps is a small wardrobe and the second bedroom. The bunk beds inside the second bedroom are double beds. 

 2019 Jayco North Point 377RLBH.36454

This last Fifth Wheel Trailer probably is the coolest one of them all. It has some awesome amenities and if my wife and I did use toy trailers we would have to get this trailer. 

The master bedroom is amazing with a walk-in closet that has room for a stacking washer and dryer. It has a queen sized bed and a set of drawers that can have a TV on top. 

Just past the Master bedroom is the bathroom that has a linen closet, vanity, toilet, and big shower. It is a great bathroom for a Fifth Wheel. 

Just down the steps and to the right is the second bedroom that has a flip-up bunk with a Hida-bed underneath, a removable table, a desk with a TV above it, and a closet. It is an awesome second bedroom. 

The living area and kitchen have a nice residential fridge and a stove with the microwave above. Plus there is an island with double sinks and a really nice pantry. 

There is a free standing table and chairs with a theater sofa next to them. Across the room is the entertainment center that has a fireplace and a TV. 

There is a ceiling fan above and on the back wall there is a Hida-bed sofa that comes with an ottoman. Above this couch is some great over-head storage. 

“The smart design of the 2019 Jayco North Point 377RLBH is evident everywhere, especially in the super loft built above! It’s roomy and comfortable, and a great place for kids to clamber up and cozy in for the night!”

Terry town rv super store

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