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The Hot Tub Blue Book — Is there such a thing?

To put it simply, there is not. While you might determining the value of your car based on the model, brand, mileage, features, and more, there isn’t a method of trade-in value that is as concrete in the hot tub industry.

Most of this has to do with the fact that the hot tub industry is a pretty small industry compared to the automobile industry. With that said, there are ways that you can determine the trade-in value of certain spas, which we will discuss.

How To Value A Used Hot Tub

While certain characteristics of a used hot tub are very important to consider, including model, brand, condition, and age, these are not the most important factors for consumers to consider.

Think about it this way, a Bullfrog Spa model may have been worth up to $16,000 when it was brand new. A Sundance spa of the same age might have been worth $10,000 when it was new. Strangely enough, both the Bullfrog hot tub and Sundance hot tub would likely sit on the market for a price of $2,000-$3,000.

Buying From a Dealer vs. Owner

Similar to buying a used car from a dealer, buying a used spa from a dealer will typically come at a higher purchase price than buying from an owner. There are many benefits to buying hot tubs from dealers, however. The main benefit of buying a hot tub from a dealer is that they have tested the hot tub for wear and tear. A hot tub from a dealer will be in good working order. Plus, most every spa dealer will include a warranty with the purchase of a hot tub, which will help cover any issues after the hot tub is delivered to the home.

Essentially, the main reason people tend to purchase hot tubs from dealers is the assurance they get.

When you purchase a hot tub from an owner, you have to consider the value based on the model, construction, wear and tear, shell casing, features, wear and tear, age, and condition. Plus, buyers don’t get any assurance if the hot tub works unless they perform a full condition inspection.

There are plenty of places on the used market that you can look for used hot tubs beyond traditional hot tub dealerships, though the most common places to buy a used hot tub is Craiglist.

Make sure that you thoroughly inspect the condition of the hot tub in question to make sure that you don’t come home with a lemon. Out of the few market scenarios, this is one of the few that does not deliver any sort of warranty.

While you will not find any sort of hot tub blue book out there, there are plenty of ways that you can determine the value of a hot tub. Buyers will often start by looking through hot tub brands pages to get an idea of the various spa features on the market and the price new hot tub models are going for.

They will then use this information when determining the value of used hot tubs. As a golden rule, you will likely spend around 50% or less of the original new hot tub asking price. Make sure to inquire about whether or not the seller provides shipping and installation too.

Hot tub ownership is a gift that can provide you endless relaxation and entertainment. Use in-depth research as your personal blue book and we guarantee you’ll find the right spa for your needs.

See our used hot tub prices guide page for further information. 

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