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You may have seen the name Hot Springs pop up more than a few times on your quest for a new hot tub, though you might also be wondering if this brand is right for your needs.

Hot Springs Spas is a hot tub manufacturer that works on the latter. Together with Designworks, a BMW Group Company, Hot Springs provides some of the most comfortable and cutting-edge spa models around. 

Come with us as we explore the ins and outs of the Hot Springs hot tub brand so that you can narrow down your buying choices!

Our top picks for hot spring spas

Our Top Pick

Hot Spring Highlife Collection

  • Best for luxury buyers
  • Nine models to choose from
  • Wireless spa remote control
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Hot Spring Limelight Collection

  • Best for value
  • Five models to choose from
  • XL combination jets
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Hot Spring Hot Spot Collection

  • Best for budget buyers
  • Six models to choose from
  • Eye-catching finishes and LED Lighting
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Hot Spring Spas Pricing

The Hot Spring pricing structure is pretty easy to break down, as the lines include entry-level, value, and luxury tubs. 

If you’re looking at an entry-level Hot Spring tub, expect to spend around $7,000.

For those looking for a mid-range Hot Spring value tub, expect to spend anywhere from $9,000-$11,000.

Of course, if you want to get all of the latest and greatest features from the Hot Spring hot tub collection, prepare to spend around $13,000 and up.

Of course, the prices will vary based on the dealer you purchase it from and what location that dealer is in. 

If you’re considering purchasing one of these spas, or just window shopping for the best prices in your area, click the button below! You’ll be able to get the lowest local quotes based on your preferences to find the perfect hot tub for your needs!

Hot Springs Salt Water System

One thing that is worth pointing out is Hot Springs sets itself apart from the general spa industry due to the availability of saltwater systems for almost every Hot Spring model. There are many benefits to using saltwater water care over typical chlorine and other standard chemicals.

For starters, saltwater is far easier to keep clean, as it works to kill bacteria. Secondly, salt water is much better for your skin. You will FEEL the difference with this type of hot water care.

It is very important to note that not all Hot Spring hot tub models come with this particular saltwater spa system, though they each provide users with supreme energy efficiency.

Hot Springs Hot Tub Lines

There are three hot tub lines under the Hot Springs umbrella, which sit independently from one another, including the Hot Spring Highlife Collection, the Hot Spring Limelight Collection, and the Hot Spring Hot Spot Collection.

As you move up in price, the additional features are exponential. Let’s explore a few of these Hot Spring hot tub lines in detail. 

#1 Hot Spring Highlife Collection

The Hot Spring Highlife Collection is made for those who want the most luxurious hot tub around.

Just take one glance at these hot tubs and you’ll note the exceptional design. Of course, it is what is on the inside that truly matters, right?

Good thing the Freshwater Salt System is what is found on the inside, providing users with easier maintenance and a naturally comfortable saltwater experience.

There are nine models to choose from in all, ranging from the three-seat Jetsetter, perfect for intimate nights, to the seven-seat Grandee, great for those who want to get the party started!

You’ll find a Hot Spring Moto Massage DX Jet System in each Highlife tub, which utilizes patented moving jets and powerful water streams, which sweep up and down the back for a unique hydrotherapy experience. All of the water in the tubs is filtered at the same time thanks to the Tri-X filters, keeping the water crystal clear always. 

You can take advantage of the wireless spa remote control to operate your spa function from up to thirty feet away too! The intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to prep your hot tub before soaking into pure bliss!

The Hot Spring Limelight Collection sits just a step down from the Hot Spring Highlife Collection, though don’t let that make you think these tubs are inferior.

In fact, with clean lines, sleek corner accents, and colorful mood lighting, these modern machines are best-in-class.

Seriously, the features on these Hot Spring hot tubs are mind-blowing for the price!

There are five hot tub models to choose from in the Hot Spring Limelight Collection, ranging from the four-seat Beam hot tub to the seven-seat Prism hot tub.

You can count on getting your legendary Hot Spring massage thanks to the powerful massage jets, which range from targeted precision jets to XL combination jets. The combination jets provide a more robust massage, though can be adjusted to target certain spots as well.

These tubs make use of the Hotspring Freshwater Saltwater system as well, keeping your tub cleaner, longer. Wrap that all up with an intricate foot well pattern, multiple color lighting points, and a uniquely sculpted shell interior, and you have hot tubs that will leave the jaws of your guests on the floor.

Sometimes it is value that matters most. For those looking to spend a bit less and still have access to high-quality features, we recommend looking at the Hot Spring Hot Spot Collection.

There are six hot tubs to choose from within the Hot Spring Hot Spot Collection, which range from the two-seat TX model to the seven-seat Rhythm model.

Each hot tub comes with eye-catching finishes, sleek metallic corners, dramatic LED lighting, and several other distinctive design features. 

The shells are ergonomically designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and the SmartJet system allows users to direct jets to different points on the body for a more personalized massage experience. 

The Hot Spring Hot Spot Collection uses a FROG Ease in-line sanitizing system. There are pre-filtered cartridges that work with minerals and Hot Spring SmartChlor technology to self-regulate and keep the water clean. This helps to create cleaner and clearer water that is free from chemical odors. 

Of course, energy efficiency is a winner too. Thanks to the Hot Spring FiberCor insulation, you never have to worry about forfeiting an arm and a leg for a monthly heating bill. The spa covers are custom designed to keep the heat locked in and cold air locked out. Plus, with the Hot Spring SmartJet System, you can direct power only to jets that you want to use, cutting down on overall usage costs as well! 

Those seeking out top-notch features for low prices should consider the Hotspring Hot Spot Collection.

Final Verdict – Should I Get A Hot Spring Spa?

We hope that our Hotspring spas reviews were helpful in narrowing down which hot tub is the best for you!

As you can see, there are plenty of Hot Spring spas hot tubs to choose from, each of which come with different features, water care systems, spa jets, and more.

Of course, one of the star features of Hotspring hot tub models is the salt water care system. 

Not only does this system work to provide some of the best hot tub water care around, but it also helps to provide a bit more energy efficiency within these hot tub models as well.

We’re not saying that Hot Spring carries the best hot tubs on the market, though they do a pretty darn good job and are right up there with the hot tub greats.

If you are still on the fence, see how how Caldera vs Hot Springs stacks up or take a gander at the best hot tub brands.

Ready to buy, or just window shopping for accurate prices? Make sure to get exclusive price quotes for hot tub models in your area! Simply click on the button below, provide us with your hot tub preferences, and receive quotes from top local dealers! 

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