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The MSPA Lite Alpine Outdoor Spa is a great little square hot tub that is just right for 2 adults to stretch out and relax in comfort. At 62 inches across, it’s the smallest square hot tub you can buy; and not only is it ideal for a couple – or even a small family at a push – but its size also makes it economical to run.

As we have come to expect from MSpa, the Lite Alpine is a high quality hot tub, with 6-layer laminated PVC and a bundle of state-of-the-art features. And because of its size, the 108 air jets are more than enough to give you a powerful all-over massage. 

When you consider how good this portable spa is for the price, it’s definitely worth checking out. You can do that by going over to Amazon, where they have the best prices online – or maybe to see what other owners are saying about this spa. You can click on this link over to Amazon to see the most up-to-date prices. 

MSPA Lite Alpine Square Outdoor Spa – What You Get In The Box

 MSPA Lite Alpine Square Outdoor Spa

 108 dynamic air jets massage system

 LITE control panel

 Inflatable silver-lined lid

 Protective ground mat

 Rhino-Tech 6-layer reinforced PVC construction

 Ceramic heating technology up to 104F

 Garden hose adaptor

 Spare filter cartridge

 Manometer (air pressure gauge)

 Owner’s DVD and manual

You’ll probably know that most inflatable hot tubs are circular; but don’t let that sway you away from the MSpa Lite Alpine. Its square shape is becoming increasingly popular with a lot of hot tub owners, as they find there’s something more comfortable about having a corner to settle back into. They also find that leaning back into a corner can give them more lumbar support than a round hot tub. This is a big help if you are like us and have back problems.

Also, because of its shape, a square hot tub offers more internal room than its round counterpart, giving you more space to stretch out and relax from corner to corner. This is especially useful if you want to use your hot tub for water exercise or hydrotherapy.

The table below shows you everything you need to know about the MSpa Lite Alpine, along with the chance to compare the hot tub to some other similar-size and similarly-priced models.

MSpa Lite Alpine Features & Comparisons

Background Info

The MSPA Lite Alpine Outdoor Spa is made by the MSpa Company. Over recent years, they have come to be a world leader in the inflatable hot tub market, due to the high quality and durability of their hot tubs. Most of these are in the luxury-end of the market. Recently, though, the company have started producing more affordable models without losing any of the quality. The MSpa Lite Alpine is one of their first budget models, and we’re pleased to see in producing an economical hot tub that the company hasn’t slipped in its standards!

One feature that really impresses us is that – unlike most portable spas – the pump and heater unit of the MSPA Lite Alpine is built into the wall of the spa. This makes if more streamlined and neater to the eye. It also means you don’t need as much space to site your hot tub.

The MSpa Lite Alpine has its heater unit inside the walls of the hot tub. Compare it to the SaluSpa Hawaii which has its unit outside the tub.

The spa comes in a smart charcoal-gray and silver design, and as well as the 6-layer PVC construction, it has an internal vertical panel build. This makes it super-sturdy, without losing any comfort. It also makes it a good choice for anyone who is a little unsteady on their feet, and needs the sides of the hot tub to support them as they get in and out.

Because of its tough frost-proof construction, this is also a great inflatable hot tub for anyone who wants to use their spa in winter. It can even be used year-round in sub-zero temperatures, as long as you follow some basic guidelines, which you can read in our article 4 Season Inflatable Hot Tubs.

How To Set Up Your MSPA Lite Alpine Square Outdoor Spa

The MSPA Lite Alpine is a plug-and-play model, which means it is very simple to set up. You certainly don’t need any special tools or specialist knowledge.

Firstly, choose the place where you want to site your spa, making sure it’s clear of sharp stones or twigs. The spa holds 171 gallons of water, which means it weighs almost 1,500 lbs when it’s filled up to the maximum fill line (that’s always 80% capacity, to allow for the water to rise when anyone using the hot tub gets in). You then have to add on the weight of the people who are going to use the spa; so you can be looking at a weight of 1,800 lbs or more. That’s the same weight as a U-Haul trailer.

What that means, is that if you want to put your spa on a decking area or even in a room in your house, you must make sure the deck or floor is strong enough to hold that kind of weight. If you’re not sure, we strongly recommend you get some professional advice first.

When you have chosen the site, lay out the ground mat in position, then lay out the hot tub on top.

Link the inflation hose to the inflator and the hot tub, and press the button on the control panel. It takes only minutes for the hot tub to inflate. Use the manometer to make sure you haven’t over-inflated the spa, as this can cause leakage by putting the seams of the spa under strain.

When you’re satisfied the spa is correctly inflated, fill it with water using an ordinary garden hose. 

When the hot tub is full, inflate the cover and put in on the hot tub. Then switch on the heater, selecting your desired temperature, up to a maximum of 104F. The water will heat up at a rate of 2-3F per hour. This means it will take around 18 hours to heat up. To speed up the heating time, you might want to add some hot water from your water supply at this point.

Enjoying Your MSPA Lite Alpine Square Outdoor Spa

Once the water is at your chosen temperature, take off the cover and slip into the hot water. The ultra-smart control panel is right on the side of the spa, so it’s just a matter of reaching out and turning on the massage system. What’s nice about MSpa inflatable spas is the whisper-quiet motor they have to run the air jets. This means that all you can hear as you relax back against the sides, enjoying your massage, is a gentle hum and the sound of the bubbling water.

The only thing that we feel is missing from this portable spa is a few headrests. We love using these on hot tubs, as they make the spa experience even better. These are available from sites like Amazon, but you don’t have to purchase these to enjoy the MSpa Lite Alpine – the spa is great as it comes.

Who Should Buy The MSPA Lite Alpine Square Outdoor Spa?

  • People looking for a 2-person square inflatable hot tub
  • People who want a high-end quality spa that doesn’t break the bank
  • People who want a powerful massage system
  • People who want an elegant-looking spa with a great feel to it
  • People who want a spa that is strong enough to support them as they get in and out
  • People who want their portable spa to run super quietly
  • People who want a hot tub they can use in all weathers

Don’t Buy It

  • If you want a round model
  • If you want a larger model for 4 or more adults

Where To Buy It?

We always recommend checking out for any inflatable hot tub, and the MSpa Lite Alpine is no different. That’s because they have great deals and free shipping right to your door. The hot tub weighs 54lbs in its box, and we really appreciate not having to pick it up at a store and then haul it home. To check out the current deal on Amazon, you can click on this link. Thanks for reading our article; we hope it helped!

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