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If you are shopping for small blow up hot tubs, then following our simple tips will help you find the best hot tub for you and save you money. Small blow up hot tubs range in price, quality, and the strength of their massage system; therefore, getting the best hot tub really does matter. This guide will walk you through what you should look for in a small blow up hot tub, as well as the Top 10 best small blow up hot tubs on the market.

There is a certain amount of confusing information in the inflatable hot tub market, and this article will help you cut your way through those gray areas. One of the most confusing areas is how many people the manufacturer says can fit in their hot tub. When they say it’s a 4-person hot tub, they’re talking about how many people can just about fit in, sitting close together with their knees up!  

So when you see a blow up hot tub labelled as a 4-person tub, don’t let that put you off and think it’s probably too big for your needs. In reality the hot tub will be big enough for 2 people in comfort, not 4.

What we have done is look at all the small blow up hot tubs which are under 6 feet in diameter or width. That’s the perfect size for 1-2 fully grown adults to relax in stretched-out comfort. Then, from those models, we have hand picked the only ten which we believe are worth your consideration and your money. Read on my friend!

Note: The links above take you to more information, current prices and customer reviews on Amazon. If you do purchase something we get a small commission, which has absolutely no effect on the eventual price that you pay.

Background Info

When blow up hot tubs first came on the market, they were more like oversized kids’ paddling pools than a hot tub. Things changed, however, when manufacturers developed ways to design hot tubs with walls strong enough and deep enough to hold hundreds of gallons of piping hot water, and to support anyone getting in and out of the hot tub, as well as leaning back against the walls.

As the technology evolved, blow up hot tub designers started building bigger and bigger hot tubs. This means that nowadays, the majority of blow up hot tubs you can buy are medium-sized to extra-large, with some capable of holding 6 or even 8 people.

Thankfully, though, the improvements in technology filtered quickly down into the small blow up hot tub range, so that today’s models are superior to anything before. They’re sturdier, better made, and have great massage systems. That is, as long as you choose a quality model!

What To Look For In A Small Blow Up Hot Tub

To make sure you choose the best small blow up hot that meets your needs, it’s a good idea to think about several features before you buy. Some of these are more obvious, such as the price, but there are others which might seem less apparent but are also important. Here, we look at the 9 features you might want to consider about any blow up hot tub you’re thinking about.


There’s a wide range of prices in small blow up hot tubs, as you can see over on These range from budget models costing a few hundred dollars, like the Lay Z Spa Miami and the GoPlus 4 Person, up to luxury hot tubs such as the MSpa Luxury Exotic.

If you’re looking for a great bargain, we suggest you go for any one of the 6 budget models on our table. Each one is a robust, fun hot tub with some quality accessories and a strong massage system. These are usually known as plug-and-play models, which means they are easy to set up and easy to maintain.

As soon as you add a hundred dollars or so, the hot tubs start to become more luxurious, with outstanding features, powerful massage systems, and superior accessories. At the top of the range, you get hot tubs which can rival traditional hot tubs with their quality and their massage system.

So a model such as the MSpa Elite Jet Reve has 118 air jets, like you find in every blow up hot tub; but it also has 4 adjustable hydro-massage jets, which are the ones you find in traditional spas.

Whichever hot tub you decide to get, rest assured that as long as you choose one of the 10 models we review here, you will be getting a quality hot tub.


All the small hot tubs that are currently available on the market measure 70 to 71 inches across, whatever their shape. This makes them big enough for a 6-foot person to relax in without feeling cramped (I’m 6′ 3″ and I can easily get into and lean back in comfort in a 70 inch hot tub, and enjoy a relaxing soak and a great massage).

The Lay Z Spa Miami is 71 inches across externally and 51 inches internally. It is 26 inches deep. This is big enough for 2 adults to lie back in comfort.

There are a few other measurements you also need to consider:

  • the depth of the hot tub
  • the inner dimensions
  • the space you’re going to need to site your hot tub

Depth of the hot tub

As you can see from the table above, the 10 small hot tubs we look at range in depth from 26″ to 28″. While those two extra inches, provided by models like the MSpa Camaro, might not seem much, they do allow you to have a deeper soak.

What that means is that a model which is 28 inches deep can more comfortably accommodate 2 adults so that each of them has the water come up and over their shoulders as they lean back against the sides.

With a depth of 26 inches, 2 people can still get into the tub and relax back in comfort, but the water won’t be as deep – it will come up to their shoulders but not cover them. Of course, with only one person in the hot tub, fully stretched out, the water will be deep enough for a fully-immersed soak and massage.

Inner dimensions

The walls in today’s hot tubs are strong enough to support adults as they get in and out of the tub, yet they’re still very comfortable when you lean back against the sides. They’re even strong enough to support you while you sit on the walls without them buckling or giving way.

As well as the special internal construction of the walls, part of this is because the walls of a blow up hot tub are generally about 10 inches thick. So when we talk about a small blow up hot tub being 71 inches in diameter, that’s the overall external size. The inner size – the bit you sit in – is on average about 20 inches less than that measurement.

So a 71 inch model like the SaluSpa Realtree measures 51 inches internally. To see what that feels like, we suggest you place a ring of cushions or pillows on the floor of your living room, with the space inside the ring measuring 51 inches. Then sit on the floor with your back against one of the cushions and stretch your legs out. You’ll see that 51 inches is easily big enough to stretch out without your feet touching the sides (unless you have incredibly long legs!).

Here then are the inner dimensions for each of the 10 small blow up hot tubs we look at in this article:

Model External dimensions Internal dimensions
MSpa Elite Jet Reve 71 inches diameter

28 inches deep
55 inches diameter

28 inches deep
MSpa Luxury Exotic 71 inches diameter

28 inches deep
55 inches diameter

28 inches deep
MSpa Camaro 71 inches diameter

28 inches deep
55 inches diameter

28 inches deep
Bestway Hawaii Airjet 71 inches square

28 inches deep
51 inches square

28 inches deep
MSpa Super Camaro 71 inches diameter

28 inches deep
55 inches diameter

28 inches deep
Coleman SaluSpa 71 inches diameter

26 inches deep
52 inches diameter

26 inches deep
GoPlus 4 Person 71 inches diameter

26 inches deep
51 inches diameter

26 inches deep
Lay Z Spa Miami 71 inches diameter

26 inches deep
50 inches diameter

26 inches deep
SaluSpa Realtree 71 inches diameter

26 inches deep
50 inches diameter

26 inches deep
GoPlus Portable Spa 71 inches diameter

26 inches deep
51 inches diameter

26 inches deep

How much space you’re going to need

Whether you decide to put your hot tub outside or indoors, or even in its own special garden building, you need to allow some space around the hot tub for access. This is so you can get to it easily if it needs attention or to keep it clean. You’ll also need space around the hot tub so you can put the lid on, once you’ve finished in the tub.

It is possible to place your hot tub up against a wall on one side or even two sides – as long as it’s not rubbing up against any surface, as this could cause the wall to weaken and crack or even puncture over time. Keep in mind that this will limit your access to all parts of the hot tub, and means you will sometimes have to reach around and across to carry out basic maintenance and upkeep chores.

As a general guideline, we suggest you leave a couple of feet on all sides of your hot tub. So a small hot tub that measures just under 6 feet across will ideally sit on a space of about 10 feet by 10 feet.

The massage system

The massage system in the best small blow up hot tubs is extremely powerful.

The massage systems in blow up hot tubs these days are good and powerful, thanks to constant developments in technology. In fact if you read many reviews over on sites such as Amazon, you’ll see that new hot tub owners are often surprised and delighted at just how good the massage system is in their new purchase.

The strength of the massage system relies on two features: the number of air jets the hot tub has, and the power of the water flowing through the air jets.

In all inflatable hot tubs, the air jet system is a series of holes around the bottom of the walls of the hot tub. When you turn on the massage system, air blows through these holes, creating streams of bubbles, and you get an all-over massage. The power of those streams depends on the water pressure that pumps out through the holes.

One point to keep in mind, is that having more air jets doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a better massage system. It also needs to be backed up with a strong water flow.

Generally, the more money you pay for your blow up hot tub, the better the massage system is: this is because the water pump is more powerful. On top of that, with our #1 model, the MSpa Elite Jet Reve, you get 4 adjustable hydro-massage jets as well as 118 air jets, all powered by a super-strong water flow of 420 gallons per hour.

We have put together a table below to show the number of air jets for each of our 10 models and the power of the massage system you get with each model. We then give the massage system an overall rating for each model, based on how powerful the massage is, overall, and also how good the massage actually feels when you’re in the hot tub.

No. of bubble jets Water flow

(gallons per hour)
Our Massage Rating
MSpa Elite Jet Reve 118 + 4 hydro jets 420 10/10
MSpa Luxury Exotic 118 400 9.5/10
MSpa Camaro 110 380 9/10
Bestway Hawaii AirJet 120 320 7.5/10
MSpa Super Camaro 138 400 9/10
Coleman SaluSpa 120 320 7.5/10
GoPlus 4 Person 130 320 7/10
Lay Z Spa Miami 120 350 8/10
SaluSpa RealTree 88 320 7/10
GoPlus Portable Spa 130 320 7/10


When you buy your small hot tub, you want it to last as long as possible and be a good investment. Using your hot tub on a regular basis means it has to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday use. You’ll also want it to last more than a year, so it needs to be strong enough to cope with being inflated and deflated, folded up, and packed away, time and time again. At the same time, you don’t want your hot tub to be so tough that it’s uncomfortable to sit in or lean back against the walls!

All of the small blow up hot tubs we feature here have the durability and strength to cope with all of these demands and then some. This is due to two key features:

  • the inner construction of the hot tub walls
  • the materials the hot tub is made from

Inner construction

The internal construction of a blow up hot tub makes the walls strong and durable, but allows them to remain very comfortable as well.

Inside the walls of every blow up hot tub these days, there is a reinforced internal construction which gives the hot tub the strength to securely hold hundreds of gallons of water. The walls can cope with several adults climbing in and out of the tub, even allowing them to sit on the walls without them giving way or even buckling. At the same time, the walls remain comfortable to lean back against and relax.

The key to all this is what is known as an I-Beam construction. This is based on the way girders and beams are used in the construction industry, and has been adapted and developed by all the quality inflatable hot tub manufacturers.

This I-Beam construction works both vertically and horizontally, using an internal PVC structure. In this way, the walls are strong enough to meet the demands of everyday use, but they also stay flexible enough so that the hot tub is comfortable. This flexibility also means your hot tub won’t lose its shape, no matter how many times you inflate it, deflate it, and pack it away.

The hot tub materials

As well as their internal construction, quality blow up hot tubs all have strong external covering and skins. This ranges from triple layers of material in hot tubs made by Lay Z Spa, which is known as TriTech.  This is a 3-layer covering, with a layer of polyester mesh in between two layers of laminated PVC.  GoPlus blow up hot tubs have a similar covering, made up of three layers, except one of the layers is industrial-strength foil. This helps in the strength of the covering and it also helps retain the heat of the water.

When you move up to the top-end blow up hot tubs, such as those made by the MSpa Company, the coverings and skins of their hot tubs are even thicker and stronger. You’ll see that with the more expensive small blow up hot tubs we recommend here, such as the MSpa Elite Jet Reve and the MSpa Super Camaro. With these, you get a high quality, super-durable skin made up of 6 layers of laminated PVC.

Water capacity

By their very nature, small blow up hot tubs don’t hold as much water as the large models you can buy which hold 4 or more adults. This gives them several advantages:

  • they are quicker and cheaper to heat up
  • they are cheaper to keep hot
  • they make it easier to keep the water clean
  • they are easier to drain when you need to empty your hot tub
  • they weigh less, meaning you can more easily site them on a deck or flooring

You can find the minimum and maximum fill-lines inside your blow up hot tub

It is important to remember that when we talk about water capacity, we are talking about the hot tub filled up to 80% of its maximum capacity. This is to allow for the water level to rise when you get in the tub. It also leaves space for the water to bubble away when you switch on the massage system without it spilling over onto the floor.

These factors are especially important if you plan on having your hot tub indoors, where you need to be super-careful about not letting any water slop out on the floor.

In each of the blow up hot tubs we include here, there is a minimum and maximum fill-line on the inside of each model. We recommend that the first time you use your hot tub, you fill it up to the minimum fill-line. This is so you can get used to how much the water rises when you get in, and also how bubbly the water gets when you turn on the air jets.

Once you have used your hot tub a few times, you can then decide if you want to add more water. But only up to the maximum fill-line.

Weight of your hot tub

It might surprise you when you see how much your blow up hot tub weighs when it’s filled with water. A gallon of water weighs just over 8lbs, so one of the smallest models such as the GoPlus 4 person, which holds 210 gallons, weighs almost 1,800lbs when filled with water. That’s about the same weight as a U-Haul trailer. And that’s before anyone gets in it! When you add in a couple of adults, you’re looking at over 2,000 lbs in even the smallest of small blow up hot tubs.

What this means is that once you have filled your blow up hot tub, you won’t be able to move it around. Therefore, it’s important to put it into position before you start filling it with water. That’s also why we suggest you should site your hot tub with a couple of feet of space all around out. If you don’t, and you need to get to the hot tub for any reason, you won’t be able to drag or even nudge your hot tub, as it’ll be way too heavy.

How much your hot tub weighs is something you need to think about carefully if you want to put your hot tub on a deck. It is perfectly possible to have it on a deck, as you’ll find many owners saying over on Amazon. However, they support the deck with 6×6 pieces of timber, or even sometimes with car jacks. If you’re thinking of putting your hot tub on your deck, there’s a great article on the decksgo website on how to calculate deck load capacity.

If you want to have your hot tub indoors, you’ll also need to think about how much it’s going to weigh. It should be no problem if you want it on the ground floor; but if you’re thinking of having it on, say, the first floor, or if you live in an apartment, you must seek expert advice and find out if the floor can take the weight.

As a starting point, check out our table which shows you the water capacity for each of our Top 10 small blow up hot tubs as well as the weight of each hot tub when it’s filled with water up to the maximum fill-line.

Model Water capacity

(80% full)

(hot tub + weight of the water)
MSpa Elite Jet Reve 184 gallons 1,607 lbs
MSpa Luxury Exotic 184 gallons 1,623 lbs
MSpa Camaro 184 gallons 1,593 lbs
Bestway Hawaii Airjet 210 gallons 1,825 lbs
MSpa Super Camaro 184 gallons 1,587 lbs
Coleman SaluSpa 192 gallons 1,668 lbs
GoPlus 4 Person 210 gallons 1,793 lbs
Lay Z Spa Miami 192 gallons 1,654 lbs
SaluSpa Realtree 192 gallons 1,667 lbs
GoPlus Portable Spa 210 gallons 1,793 lbs

Set up and Heating time

From the moment you take your hot tub out of its box to when you have it inflated, with everything connected, and ready to be filled with water, should take you about 10-20 minutes. That’s what the manufacturers say. But notice that important word: Should.

When you know what you’re doing, and have set up your hot tub several times, you probably will be able to match those times. But in all honesty, the very first time you set up your new blow up hot tub, plan on it taking about an hour.

It’s always a good idea to read the owner’s manual before you even take your blow up hot tub out of its packing. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll most likely dive straight in and begin to set it up, only reading the manual when you’re unsure of where something fits or if you run into trouble!

Once your hot tub is set up, it’ll take another hour or two to fill it with water, depending the strength of the water supply from your faucet.

The maximum water temperature on any blow up hot tub is 104F

When the water is up to the minimum fill-line, you should put the lid and cover on top of the hot tub, set your desired temperature on the control panel, up to a maximum of 104F, and switch on the heating system.

The water in a blow up hot tub heats up at about 3-4F per hour. This means that it can take up to 24 hours or even longer to heat the water in your hot tub, depending on the start temperature of the water and the surrounding air temperature on the day.

For this reason, many people fill their hot tub with hot water, straight from their faucet, in order to speed up the heating process. One thing you must never do, however, is fill your hot tub with boiling water from a kettle, as this can damage the hot tub skin.

The table below shows you how long it takes to heat up the water in a small blow up hot tub that holds around 200 gallons.  To find out the starting water temperature, turn on the filter system on your hot tub for about 60 seconds and the temperature of the water will show on your digital control panel. Please remember that the figures here are for guidance only.

Small Blow Up Hot Tub Water Heating Times

Air Temperature Water Temperature Target Temperature Heating Time
50°F 50°F 104°F 32 hours
59°F 59°F 104°F 26 hours
68°F 68°F 104°F 20 hours
77°F 77°F 104°F 14 hours
86°F 86°F 104°F 9 hours


Every one of the 10 small blow up hot tubs we feature here comes with a great range of quality accessories included in the price. In fact no matter which hot tub you decide to buy – whether it’s one of these 10 hot tubs or another model – make sure you are getting a great deal, with at least $100 of accessories included in the package.

As an absolute minimum, your hot tub should come with:

  • a digital control panel
  • an insulated cover
  • an insulated ground mat
  • a chemical float
  • a spare filter cartridge (or two)
  • repair patches

We have put together an easy guide so you can see the features and accessories you get with each of our Top 10 small blow up hot tubs.

Small Blow Up Hot Tubs – Features and Accessories

MSpa Elite Jet Reve MSpa Luxury Exotic MSpa Camaro Saluspa Hawaii MSpa Super Camaro Coleman SaluSpa GoPlus

4 Person
Lay-Z Spa

SaluSpa Realtree GoPlus Portable Spa
Digital control
Insulated cover

Padded flooring

Extra-thick skin
Variable massage
Internal seats
Chemical float
Spare filter
Repair patches
Instruction DVD
Best Deal on Amazon See it See it See it See it See it See it See it See it See it See it
MSpa Elite Jet Reve MSpa Luxury Exotic MSpa Camaro Saluspa Hawaii MSpa Super Camaro Coleman SaluSpa GoPlus

4 Person
Lay-Z Spa

SaluSpa Realtree GoPlus Portable Spa

Top Ten Best Small Blow Up Hot Tubs

Below you will find a listing, as well as information on the top ten small blow up hot tubs. These ratings are based on quality, price, and the features and accessories of the hot tubs. All links will take you to Amazon where you can find more information and owners’ reviews and feedback.

#10 GoPlus Portable Spa

The GoPlus Portable Spa is made from a triple layer of thick PVC and a central layer of aluminium foil, with the outer skin then covered in fabric.  This means it is a strong and durable hot tub that should last you for years. Add in its insulated ground mat and insulated lid, and you’ll see just how excellent it is at retaining the heat.

The hot tub hit the market in 2017 and immediately became a hot item on Amazon, due to it being a great Budget blow up hot tub with some very good features. It has 130 bubble jets which give a high-powered massage, a built-in hard water treatment system, chemical float, easy-to-use filter system, grab handles, and six safety locks on the lid.

>> Read More Here

With this hot tub being fairly new on the market, it has a handful of reviews so far, with some reviewers liking the fact it’s a well-made and heavy duty hot tub.

#9 SaluSpa Realtree

SaluSpa have partnered with Realtree to create a blow up hot tub that has become a definite winner with those who love the outdoors and the portable spa’s funky design.

With SaluSpa’s super-sturdy I-Beam internal construction, and triple-layer TriTech skins, you have a robust, go-anywhere blow up hot tub. Add on the Realtree camouflage MAX 5 fabric coating on the outside, and a cool blue-and-white mosaic interior, and you have a fantastic looking spa.

It’s also packed with great features and accessories, including an insulated floor, an inflatable cover with safety lock clips, timer-controlled heating system, easy-lift handles, integrated filtration system, chemical float, and 2 spare filter cartridges.

We only wish it had more air jets than the 88 it currently has. If that was the case, this great little hot tub would be much higher in our rankings!

>> See More Here

The SaluSpa Realtree is a newbie on the market, but it has already gained great reviews from owners who like it because it’s awesome and fun!

#8 Lay-Z Spa Miami

With a powerful massage system of 120 air jets, sturdy internal construction, strong triple-layer skin, and padded floor, it’s easy to see why the Lay Z Spa Miami is one of Lay-Z Spa’s most popular and best-selling blow up hot tubs.

This great little blow up hot tub is super fast and simple to set up, and is well-suited for anyone who wants a plug-and-play model that needs little maintenance. With an insulated, inflatable lid, rayon coated cover, as well as an insulated ground mat, the water stays good and hot, so you can get in and enjoy a soak and a massage within minutes of arriving home after a tough day at work.

>> Read More About It Here

I have read hundreds of reviews from all over the web, and so many say this is a terrific small hot tub that’s a great buy for the price.

#7 GoPlus 4 Person

The GoPlus 4 Person made a real splash (sorry, we just couldn’t resist!) when it came onto the inflatable hot tub market in 2017. It’s a fantastic small blow up hot tub, with a super strong construction and a powerful massage system that makes it worth every penny of its asking price of around $300.

Straight away, this inflatable spa became a best-seller on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why, when you look at what you get for your money:

  • triple layer heavy-duty PVC construction
  • simple to use digital control panel
  • 130 air bubble jets
  • in-built hard water treatment system
  • insulated lockable lid with zipper
  • insulated ground mat
  • filter cartridge
  • repair kit

Our only complaint is that the instructions are not very well-written and so it takes a bit longer than it should to set it up.

> >Read More Here

As this is a newcomer to the market, there are only a handful of reviews for the GoPlus 4 Person; however a common theme is that owners like it because it’s easy to put up, it’s sturdy, and it works incredibly well at a great price.

#6 Coleman SaluSpa

Coleman were the very first inflatable hot tub manufacturer, and the Coleman SaluSpa is the small blow up hot tub version of the #1 best selling inflatable hot tub of all time, the Coleman Lay-Z Spa.

As you’d expect, it’s an excellent little hot tub, with Coleman quality and features all over it. From the powerful 120 air jets giving a great all-over massage, through the rapid heating system, and on to the sturdy construction and the inflatable lid, it’s a really great tub.

The Coleman SaluSpa is a non-nonsense plug-and-play model, so if you’re looking for a portable hot tub you can set up that doesn’t require too much looking after, then it’s worth checking out.

We also like the fact you get 6 spare filter cartridges with this hot tub, which will keep you going for quite a long time. A great deal.

> > See more about it here

There are a lot of 5 star reviews all over the web for this hot tub, with owners saying it’s a fantastic hot tub, and that it’s perfect for 2 adults.

#5 MSpa SuperCamaro

MSpa make elegant and luxury hot tubs that look fantastic and perform superbly. At 71 inches across and 28 inches deep, the MSpa Super Camaro lets you lie back with your neck and shoulders fully immersed, enjoying a great soak and a powerful massage, courtesy of the 138 adjustable-strength air jets.

This top quality little hot tub is constructed of 6 layers of thick PVC, which makes it strong enough to withstand all-year round use. It has a tough woven leather-style outer skin, internal padded seats, an inflatable lid for extra-insulation, a sleek digital control panel, insulated stylish cover with digital lock, and insulated ground mat.

The MSpa Super Camaro easily makes it into our top 5 small hot tubs, but is kept out of the top three slots by some even more awesome models.

> > Read More Here

This hot tub gets strong reviews on so many websites, with owners especially loving the powerful massage system, which is great for back problems, while others say the hot tub is totally awesome!

#4 SaluSpa Hawaii

Right off the bat, we’ve got to confess we have a real soft spot for the SaluSpa Hawaii. We love the fact it’s square, and therefore different from every other small blow up hot tub that’s out there.

We especially love the way you can lean back into the corner of a square tub, with your arms supported at 90 degrees and legs stretched out; it makes it a totally different experience from being in a round tub and feels more spacious than usual.

Apart from its shape, SaluSpa have given the Hawaii model some great features. It has 120 air jets, a cushioned floor, an energy-saving timer for the heating system, and an energy-efficient insulated and inflatable lid. It also has a leather-style outer skin which makes it look awesome, and gives it extra durability that should see it last you for years.

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When you add up all the reviews across the website, this hot tub gets a 99% rating! Owners say it is a great, luxurious hot tub with amazing features and quality.

#3 MSpa Camaro

This mid-range blow up hot tub has the look and feel of a spa that should cost a thousand dollars or more. It comes in a jet black and silver design, which makes it look both modern yet classy, and it has 6 layers of laminated PVC, with a tough woven PVC leather cover material, and a cool touch-screen LCD control panel.

The interior of the tub is mystic black, which really adds to its sophisticated appeal, and there are 118 adjustable airjets that give a great all over massage. You also get internal padded seats, an inflatable lid, to keep the water nice and hot, along with an insulated ground mat, as well as an insulated leather-style carbon fiber lid that is both zippable and has a digital lock.

All in all, you can see why this great little hot tub cruised in to our #3 spot, simply because it is made to such a high quality and durability, and has some great features and accessories.

>> See More Here

There are a lot of 5 star reviews for this hot tub on many different sites, with owners loving the spaciousness and luxury, with others calling it a superb spa.

#2 MSpa Luxury Exotic

The MSpa Luxury Exotic is the best looking small blow up hot tub you can find on the market today. With its chic black and gold design, cool black interior, and the crocodile-skin leather pattern on the outer skin, it reeks of elegance and sophistication.

Add in the internal padded seats, the cool digital panel, the adjustable massage system of 118 air jets, the inflatable lid, insulated cover with gold zipper and digital lock, as well as the insulated foam ground mat, and you can see why we rate it so highly.

Pictures do not do this great little hot tub enough justice. It’s a beautifully crafted and luxuriously designed hot tub, that easily merits the #2 spot on our list.

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A high number of reviewers love this blow up hot tub, especially how well made and luxurious it is, while others appreciate how easy it is to set up. Many of the top reviewers say that in their opinion, it the best inflatable hot tub you can buy.

#1 MSpa Elite Jet Reve

You’ll have to go a long way to find a small blow up hot tub that can rival the MSpa Elite Jet Reve’s massage system. It’s a top-quality hot tub, like all the models made by the MSpa company, with a level of sophistication that you just don’t get in hot tubs made by other manufacturers.

The hot tub itself comes in an elegant champagne gold design. It’s constructed of 6 layers of thick PVC, making it suitable to be used all year-round, and covered with a Rhino-tech fabric that makes it super-tough but without losing any of its comfort.

Because it’s 28 inches deep, the Elite Jet Reve gives you space to lean back and immerse yourself in the waters up to your neck. Then you can turn on the 118 adjustable massage airjets for a great all over massage. These have MSpa’s whisper-quiet technology, so they don’t disturb your relaxation.

If that wasn’t enough, the hot tub also has 4 individually adjustable hydro-massage jets which you can aim at different parts of your hips, back and neck for an intensive, more vigorous massage. These are the same jets you get in traditional hot tubs and spas, but in this case you’re only paying about one-tenth of the price for this hot tub!

As well as these great features, the hot tub also has a foam ground mat for extra insulation, an inflatable lid, and a leatherette cover with zipper and digital lock. It also comes with a chic LCD touch screen control panel, ozone generator, spare filter cartridges, and a chemical float.

Hopefully, you can see why we rate it so highly, and why it is our #1 choice.

>> Read More Here

This small blow up hot tub gets 100% in so many reviews from all over the internet. Owners love the spaciousness and the depth, as well as the comfort of this hot tub. Others note how lovely and quiet the massage system is, while one standout feature for reviewers is the fact they love the hydrojets!

Conclusion to Best Small Blow Up Hot Tubs

In conclusion, we totally recommend the MSpa Elite Jet Reve (link to Amazon) as the most outstanding small blow up hot tub. It has quality, strength, durability, great comfort, and an awesome massage system. Because it has 6 layers of thick PVC, and is so well insulated, it also means you can use this hot tub outdoors all-year round. Whichever one you choose, we hope this article has helped you decide on the small blow up hot tub that is best for you. Thanks for reading!

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