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Choosing to help save the planet while reducing your energy costs is an excellent idea. There are so many solar installation companies popping up as the demand grows for this exceptional service. Many are offering some great starter incentives for those hoping to buy or lease their PV or photovoltaic solar panels. With $0 down and other similar offers, one can easily wonder; free or cheap solar panels for my home-are they a scam?

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Research the Competition

There are plenty of amazing offers out there and many are legit. It is vital to do some research to determine if your solar panels are high quality that will stand up for years to come and suit your energy needs. Find out how long the company you are considering has been in business. Read customer testimonials and feedback. Enjoy some free quotes and meet with the installation team ahead of time. Walk your property with the crew and ensure that all of your energy needs will be met by the new system. Take hot tubs, outdoor buildings, sheds and everything into consideration or specifically outline your dwelling needs and communicate if you plan on leaving a portion of your home and yard tied into to your current electricity company.

Free or Cheap Solar Panels for My Home – Are They a Scam?

Many companies offer $0 down for leasing or purchasing solar panels. You may be eligible for a variety of tax credits and incentives if you are planning on purchasing your solar equipment. However, if you are leasing from a solar provider company; they will enjoy the rebates and not you.

Just like any kind of amortization, understanding the terms of your secured or unsecured loan or payment schedule is vital to determining if you are in fact getting a good deal. At the end of the day, we make payments for vehicles without thinking twice; ultimately adding to our carbon footprints. Taking on a payment plan that is cheaper than your current monthly utility bill and reducing your carbon footprint simultaneously is a no-brainer for many people as proven by the multitude of residential and commercial customers across the globe who have already made the transition.

Ideal For Long Term Property Ownership

There is a debate regarding whether installing large PV solar panels on ones’ roof adds to their property value or hinders it aesthetically. Many people feel that putting their home on the market with solar panels already up and running is a positive selling point for future buyers. After all, we all want to pay less on our bills and feel good about our energy consumption. If you are living in your forever home or planning on not selling any time soon or will be leaving your estate to family, solar panels are definitely a wise decision.

Realize Your Saving Potential

The low maintenance associated with solar panels makes them easy for homeowners to appreciate. Some people take up to 25 years on their loan to pay for their equipment; while others pay everything off in less than a decade. The fact that companies are willing to give quotes on lease agreements and purchases enables you to have the flexibility to decide what works best for your home. Feel excellent knowing that your decision to rely on solar energy and get away from expensive energy companies directly impacts the environment in a positive way. Each year, individuals and corporations are making the switch. If you don’t have a south facing roof, don’t worry; quotes for ground mount equipment are also available.

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