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Average Costs, How Often and Choosing a Reputable Roof Cleaner

Dirt, algae, moss and lichen build up on your roof over time. Not only does this look unsightly, but the build-up can destroy the roof. Professional cleanings restore the appearance of your roof and prolong its life.

Cost of Roof Cleaning

The cost of professional roof cleaning depends on a number of factors, particularly the size of your roof, its condition and your geographic location.

Generally, roof cleaning costs anywhere from $15 to $30 per square, or 100 square feet. For a 2,000-square-foot roof, that works out to $300 to $600. However, keep in mind that difficult or large jobs can cost up $1,000 or more.

About Roof Cleaning

Algae growth poses the biggest threat to your roof because algae feeds on the shingles and eventually destroys them. Shaded parts of the roof are more susceptible to algae, as are roofs in humid climates. If your roof has black streaks, chances are you have algae growth.

A professional roof cleaning service can remove algae and other types of build up without damaging the shingles. Most companies use a chemical application and/or bleach with a low-pressure rinse, as recommended by shingle manufacturers. Never allow a company to use a pressure washer on your roof; it will damage the shingles.

Some people prematurely replace a roof when a professional cleaning would suffice. Just because your roof looks old or dirty doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. Always investigate having your roof cleaned before you opt to replace it. However, keep in mind that a cleaning is no substitute for a repair. If the roof has missing or warped shingles, for example, attend to that first.

Average Roof Cleaning Prices

DIY Roof Cleaning

While it may seem tempting to save a few bucks by cleaning the roof yourself, the job is best left to the professionals. Any type of roof work is dangerous, but the risks are even greater when the roof is wet and slippery. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you also run the risk of damaging the roof and creating a costly repair.

Choosing a Roof Cleaner

Choosing a roof cleaning company can be difficult. You want a reputable and experienced company, but you also don’t want to break the bank.

Get quotes from several companies to compare prices, then do some background research on each of the companies. Are they licensed and insured? Are they certified by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America?

Ask plenty of questions before you settle on a company. How long has the company been in business? Do they use non-toxic products? Do they walk on the roof or do they use a hydraulic lift to prevent damage? Do they guarantee the work? Don’t sign anything until you feel your questions have been answered completely.

Finally, ask for references and check the company’s track record with consumer protection organizations like the Better Business Bureau. One complaint on the company’s record is not necessarily a big deal, but steer clear of any company with a long history of complaints.

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