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Glass block walk-in showers look clean and modern. They’re often used in the master bathroom to create a distinct look, but they can be used in any bathroom where you’re looking for something other than a cookie-cutter appearance. Contrary to what you might think, glass block showers are also surprisingly affordable.

Besides costs and aesthetics, the benefits include:

  • Easy cleaning – Dirt tends to accumulate on and around shower doors. With glass block showers, there are no doors to clean.
  • Privacy – Even though there’s no door, glass block showers can be very private. The glass blocks are opaque, not transparent like traditonal glass showers. They let light through while blocking the view.

  • Design options – Glass block showers offer so many design possibilities. The blocks are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and the showers can be configured in a number of ways. The overall shape can be square, rectangular, curved, rounded and more.

  • Customization – Glass block showers can be custom designed to fit the size of any bathroom, large or small, and custom features such as shower seats are relatively easy to build in.

  • Durability – Glass block showers are rugged and long lasting. They tend to last much longer than traditional glass showers or tile work.
Average Glass Block Installation Price Chart

Although glass block showers work for most bathrooms, you do need a space that is at least 5-by-3 feet, in most cases, to dedicate to the shower. The entry should be at least 3 feet away from the shower head to keep the water contained. If you don’t have that much space, a glass door might be unavoidable.

How Much Do Walk-In Glass Block Showers Cost?

Most walk-in glass block showers cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000 installed. That includes just the glass block wall or walls, not the shower pan, shower valve, or any tile work inside the shower. Those task are usually handled by a separate plumber and tiler, although you can hire a bathroom designer or contractor to coordinate all of the work, hiring a plumber and tiler as subcontractors.

The price varies based on the type of blocks you choose, the size of the shower and the shape of the shower. Colored blocks tend to be more expensive than clear blocks, and curved or rounded shapes are more expensive than square designs.

To save money, some people choose to tackle a glass block shower as a DIY project. This is not impossible if you’re handy, and it’s much easier if you purchase a ready-made glass block shower kit. These come with all the parts and components you need, as well as detailed instructions. However, you’ll still need to hire a plumber if the shower valve or drain needs to moved

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