mold remediation cost

$875 – $3,750

The average cost to remove black mold is $2,150 for a 450 square foot area when a professional is hired. Also called mold remediation, the cost range for most homeowners is $875-$3,700 based on the factors discussed below. These costs do not include rebuilding areas taken away on large infestations.

Typical Range

$1,750 – $2,675 (450 sqft)

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How Much does it Cost to Have Black Mold Removed?


$875 – $1,700

Average Cost Estimate

$1,750 – $2,675


$2,700 – $3,700

Size of Area Less than 300 sq ft 300-600 sq ft More than 600 sq ft
Accessibility Easy to Moderate Easy to Difficult Moderate to Difficult
Material Removed Yes or No Yes or No Yes
Ductwork Involved No Yes or No Yes or No
Sampling? No Yes or No Yes or No
Cleaning Agents Standard Standard or Green Standard or Green

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Overview of Black Mold Removal

Mold removal is essential when the infestation is widespread or has penetrated building materials. That is the topic covered in this cost estimate – the remediation of a significant amount of black mold in an attic, basement or crawlspace, wall cavities or the home’s HVAC ductwork.

Major mold growth can present great health concerns and should be treated quickly. It’s typically caused by an obvious event such as a roof or foundation leak, plumbing or sewer leak or flooded home. The long-term lack of proper ventilation combined with high humidity in an attic or basement will also promote mold growth. Believe me, nothing can slow a kitchen or bathroom remodel than finding mold behind the drywall as you tear things out.

Of course, such causes must be repaired before mold removal takes place. Those repair costs are not covered in this mold remediation estimate.

Cost factors are included below to give you an idea of where on the mold removal cost spectrum your price will fall. We surveyed other cost estimating sites and include those prices too. Finally, professional and reader-submitted mold removal prices complete the information.

Mold Removal Cost Details

Remediation Price Factors

How much does toxic black mold removal cost? These factors determine price.

  • Extent of the Infestation – Obviously, the larger the area affected, the higher the cost estimates will be.
  • Location/Accessibility – Working in a full basement is easier than working in a crawlspace, attic, chimney or other confined space. Cost rises with difficulty.
  • Is the Ductwork Involved – When ductwork has been flooded and gets moldy, it must be taken apart for proper mold remediation. This can be very costly.
  • How Much Material is Removed/Disposed of – When drywall, insulation, roof or wall sheathing, flooring and other materials must be removed, cost for the labor and disposal is much higher than when a hard surface like concrete is cleaned.
  • Whether Inspection & Sampling [Testing] is Done – Environmental Protection Agency literature says, “Is sampling for mold needed? In most cases, if visible mold growth is present, sampling is unnecessary.” If the infestation is obvious, skip the inspection, testing and its cost, which is $300-$1,000.
  • Type of Cleaning Agents – Bleach is cheap, but isn’t effective on porous materials. Anti-microbial cleaners start at about $20 per gallon. Environmentally safe but effective agents cost as much as $50 per gallon.
  • Who Does the Work – If you DIY, mold removal cost includes just the cleaning agents and supplies needed for the work. However, consider the risks discussed in the DIY or Not section below.

Will Insurance Cover Mold Removal?

If the mold is caused by a covered event, such as a storm or flood, then mold remediation will be paid for by your insurer. If the cause isn’t covered, such as long-term ventilation problems, then your insurance company probably won’t pay for it.

Insurance policies vary in what is covered. We recommend talking with several mold remediation professionals before asking your insurance agent if removal is covered. A professional might find a cause that isn’t obvious, which might lead your insurer to consider it a covered event.

Permits, Inspection, and Unit Installation Costs


  • $0 |Mold removal does not require a permit.

Mold Remediation Labor Cost

Most mold removal is estimated by the job. It is labor-intensive work often performed by low-skill workers.

The cost of most mold removal works out to $25-$35 per hour.

Mold Removal Time

Time varies widely.

  • 10-30 square feet per person per hour | Mold removal based on where the mold is located and whether building materials must be removed and put in a dumpster as the work progresses.

DIY or Hire a Pro

The mold remediation discussed here is more than scrubbing mold off bathroom tiles or a painted ceiling or removing minor, occasional mold growth on a basement wall not caused by a leak.

Even removing and replacing moldy drywall is a common do-it-yourself project when the cause of the mold comes from inside, such as humidity in a bathroom that lacks an exhaust vent.

Years ago, we bought an older home with no bathroom exhaust vents. It soon became apparent that the seller had painted over ceiling mold as a quick fix before selling, as the mold soon showed through. The mold had penetrated the drywall, so we removed the drywall, added exhaust fans and installed green board drywall, which is drywall treated with anti-microbial and water-resistant agents. It took moderate DIY skills.

However, when the mold is found deep in building materials such as the home’s framing, beneath flooring or in wall cavities, professional mold remediation is preferred. First, a pro will best be able to locate the cause of the mold and suggest the appropriate fix. Pros are also equipped with the right tools and cleaning agents and know the proper techniques for getting rid of mold, not just masking its presence or removing surface mold, only for it to return.

Finally, mold removal exposes those doing the work to airborne mold. Pros are willing to take the risk and know how to protect themselves from the dangers.

Still unsure? The EPA Guide Mold, Moisture and Your Home is a useful resource. It includes a section called Who should do the cleanup? The guide offers suggestions for when DIY mold removal is a safe bet and when hiring a pro is advisable.

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