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Average Cost to Install a Pot Filler Faucet Above the Stove

To have a good-quality pot filler faucet installed starts at about $475, while those with upscale design and finish can top $1,500. Cheaper models starting under $100 retail are available, but their durability is suspect.

Installation cost is a major factor in the price of a pot filler faucet. When water pipes must be adjusted or extended to accommodate wall mounting rather than installation on a sink, labor costs can exceed $500.

Average Do It Yourself Cost Range

$125 – $600

Average Contractor Installed Cost

$475 – $1,100

Typical Cost Average


Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Overview of Pot Filler Faucet Installation

Having a faucets installed over your stove provides utility in the kitchen along with attractive design. Being able to extend the faucet over to the stovetop to fill a pot eliminates the need for a deep sink and the difficulty of lugging a heavy pot of water. Homeowners also use them to fill vases, water plants and fill a coffee pot or tea kettle.

Pot filler faucets are usually located near the stove top. Most of this type are wall-mounted faucets, with plumbing extending through a backsplash, but some are installed through a countertop.

A few are designed to replace a standard faucet, and they’re installed at the sink, significantly reducing installation cost. These pot filler faucets are an option only if the sink mounting location is within a couple feet of the range or cooktop.

How much do pot filler faucets cost from major retailers and kitchen & bath stores? What are top brands? How much is installation – and is DIY an option? These questions are answered in this indoor project Costimate, or cost estimate. Costs for related projects are included below to allow you to put together your kitchen remodeling budget.

As you shop for pot filler faucets, you’ll see them called a kettle faucet, pasta faucet or pasta arm.

Product and Installation Supplies Cost Details

Pot Filler Faucet Cost Factors

These cost factors determine your final price for an installed faucet.

  • Quality and Cost of the Faucet – This is one of two major price factors. Pot filler faucets range in cost from cheap, under $100 for the unit, to quite upscale, with top retail costs exceeding $1,200. The quality of the internal parts, plastic vs ceramic for example, is important. Length of the arm, or the number of sections, affect price too.
  • Faucet Finish – Finishes vary, from cheap options like plastic and light powder coating to moderately priced enamel and heavy powder coating to the most expensive finishes – brass, bronze, chrome, stainless steel and copper.
  • Installation Factors – This is the second large element in the job cost. Simple faucet replacement at a sink, countertop or wall is the most affordable. When a plumbing line, typically just a cold-water supply, must be run to the faucet location and plumbed through a tile wall or countertop, installation cost more than doubles. Of course, these costs are reduced or eliminated by DIY, but see the DIY or Hire a Pro section below for why we think professional installation makes sense.
  • Design Features – About a quarter of pot filler faucets have just one handle. A second handle – one on the faucet base and the other on the spout – is recommended for convenience, but at a slightly higher cost. Less than 10% of kettle faucets have touch sensors for on/off function, and cost increases moderately with this feature.
  • Faucet Replacement – When an old faucet is removed and disposed of, the job takes a few minutes longer. Cost estimates are slightly higher.
  • Where you Live – Cost of living impacts the cost to hire a plumber or handyman by as much as 35%. Coastal regions of the NE and NW US are highest, along with Alaska and Hawaii. Labor prices in rural areas of the Midwest and South are lowest.

Retail Pot Filler Faucet Cost – Materials and Supplies

Here are cost ranges and what you get for the money.

  • Under $200 | Simple faucets with plastic or light powder-coated finish and plastic internal parts. Repair isn’t usually possible or advisable; consider them disposable when they begin leaking in 5-10 years. About 35% of models fall in this price range.
  • $200 – $500 | Many best-sellers are found in this price range at Home Depot, Lowes, similar big-box and building supply stores and online retailers. They account for about 50% of sales. Finishes include brushed/polished nickel, polished chrome and low-cost stainless steel.
  • $500-$1,500 | This wide cost spectrum takes in the high-end 15% of pot filler faucets with solid bronze design or quality copper and stainless steel finishes.

Top Brands

Most faucet manufacturers make pot fillers. The biggest names like Moen and Delta make the widest spectrum.

  • Delta: Low to high cost
  • Moen: Low to high cost
  • Pfister: Low to moderate cost
  • American Standard: Moderate to high cost
  • Kohler: Moderate to high cost
  • Hansgrohe: Moderate to high cost
  • Grohe: High cost
  • Rohl: High cost
  • Axor: High cost
  • DXV: High cost

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $0-$150 | No permit is required for faucet replacement. You’ll need a plumbing permit if new pipe is run to the faucet location. Permits range in price from $50 to $150 for this project.

Related Costs and Installation Time

Plumbers’ rates range from $60 to close to $200 per hour, or a slightly lower $45 to $150 according to Home Guide, based on location, the plumber’s experience or certification and whether a “helper” is included in the cost.

Depending on the installation factors, some or all of these steps will be required.

  • 2-4 Hours | Plumbing a water line to the faucet location.
  • Up to 30 minutes | Removing an old faucet.
  • 30-60 minutes | Installing a new faucet onto prepared plumbing.

Costs of Related Projects

While pot filler faucet installation is a common stand-alone indoor project, many homeowners include it as part of a larger kitchen remodel that includes some of these options.

Standard Kitchen Faucets – Planning a matching pot filler faucet and standard kitchen faucet? The standard model will range in cost from $80 to $550 for the most popular models based on DIY vs pro installation.

Tile Backsplash Cost – If you’re tearing into a backsplash for installation, this is a good time to replace it. A tile backsplash ranges from $18.35 to more than $36 per square foot.

Built-in Dishwasher – If you DIY the cheapest option, cost can be less than $400. A high-end Miele or similar model exceeds $2,000. Learn more in this popular kitchen cost guide.

Tankless Water Heater – Get instant hot water at the kitchen sink and or throughout the house for $1,400 to $3,000 based on model and installation factors.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

How much will DIY save you? For simple faucet replacement, Homewyse pegs the labor at $183 to $222 plus minor costs for supplies. Home Guide is in the same ballpark at $120 to $250.

But are the savings worth it? If you properly install your own pot filler faucet, then yes, you’ve saved – or earned – the money. But if it leaks and causes water damage in the wall or to cabinets, then obviously, you will spend more than what is saved to repair the damage.

Replacement of a faucet is straightforward. And you can easily check for leaks. DIY makes sense.

But when plumbing connections are made in walls or behind cabinets, and they’ll be covered, then leaks are more likely and more costly. We recommend hiring a plumber to plumb in your new pot filler faucet water supply – and choose a licensed installer that is insured for water damage should anything go wrong.

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