cost of sliding glass doors

$550 – $1,250, Installed

The average cost to have sliding glass doors replaced or installed on your patio or deck is around $450 for a standard door and DIY installation. Expect to pay around $985 for the same slider, with a Pro doing the work.

Typical Range

$550 – $1,250 Installed

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How Much Does it Cost to Replace or Install Sliding Glass Doors?

Low Estimate

$350 – $550

Average Cost Estimate

$550 – $1,250

High Estimate

$1,150 – $3,720

Door Material Vinyl / Composite Vinyl / Composite / Fiberglass Composite / Fiberglass / Wood
Quality Rating 2-4 Stars 2-5 Stars 3-5 Stars
Optional Features Few Some / Many Many
Color / Finish White / Few Many Many
Glass Type Standard Standard / EnergyStar EnergyStar
Sliding Door Cost $300 – $450 $450 – $950 $650 – $2,750
Installed By DIY DIY or Pro DIY or Pro
Cost of Tools & Supplies $35 – $150 $0 – $150 $0 – $150
Permits, If Required $0 – $250 $0 – $250 $0 – $250

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Overview of Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors remain the most popular way to access a deck or patio because they allow natural light to flood the area and provide a great view of the landscape outdoors. Replacing a sliding glass door assembly with a new unit provides upgraded appearance and performance you’ll enjoy. An impressive range of material and cladding options plus accessories like grilles, adjustable blinds between glass panes and a spectrum of colors give you plenty of stylish choices for updating your home. Removing the old unit and installing a sliding glass patio door is a project a DIY homeowner with the necessary experience and tools can accomplish in a day or less.

This Costimate discusses sliding glass door replacement of a standard unit up to 70″ wide that has one fixed section and one sliding door. We’ll explain the variations in product costs, which are based on the type of door you choose, the materials, added features and options, as well as the cost differences associated with installation. At the end of this page, you’ll get to review what other homeowners paid to have a sliding glass door installed at their home, as well as what other leading websites provide for door installation estimates.

Project Cost Details

Sliding Glass Door Cost Factors

While we’re limiting this post to standard-size sliding glass doors, you still have many options that affect cost.

  • Material – Your options with specific pricing below are vinyl ($-$$), composite ($$-$$$), fiberglass ($$-$$$) and wood ($$$-$$$$) with and without exterior cladding.
  • Quality – Glass packages, hardware, how the joints are constructed and insulation quality are all available in basic, better and best grades for all materials.
  • Options – Sliding glass doors with grilles are 5% to 15% more expensive than comparable units without them. Those with adjustable blinds between glass panes cost up to 35% more in wood and up to 100% more in vinyl, partly because the option is available on premium models with the best overall quality.
  • Color/finish – Vinyl colors other than white increase the cost by up to 40% in the same patio door series. Finished wood and exterior vinyl or aluminum cladding on wood patio doors can increase cost by up to 50% over bare wood.
  • Energy Star Glass – Many high-end sliding patio doors include glass packages certified by Energy Star, just one of the reasons for the higher cost.
  • Who Installs the Door – DIY installation is cheapest, if the job is done properly. Handyman services charge affordable rates; The cost estimates from window and door contractors are the highest.

Cost of Installation Supplies

Installation of a sliding patio door assembly is easy to moderately difficult. Hardware used to fasten the door frame to the surrounding jamb, header and floor is included in most sliding glass door kits purchased from Home Depot, Lowes and other building supply stores.

  • $250-$800 | Vinyl sliding patio doors
  • $750-$1,650 | Composite wood sliding patio doors
  • $825-$1,800 | Fiberglass sliding patio doors
  • $900-$3,700 | Wood sliding patio doors
  • $85-$140 | Screen door, when it is an option. Fiberglass mesh screen doors are included with most sliding patio door assemblies in the better and best ranges.
  • $40-$60 | Homeowner-grade power drill
  • $10-$25 | Drill bits for wood, and possibly for concrete too if anchoring the door to a slab
  • $30-$40 | Disposal of the old door assembly
  • $15-$45 | Miscellaneous supplies including exterior silicone caulk, fasteners and a 3-foot level to ensure the door is vertically straight.

Permits, Inspection, and Related Costs

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $0 – $250 | In most cases, a permit does not have to be pulled for sliding patio door installation in most areas. Check with local building code enforcement to see if it is required in yours.

Related Costs and Installation Time

  • $175-$325 | Removal of old door and installation without complications.
  • $300-$500 | Installations that require repairs from old unit, extra prep work to the jamb or header or sinking fasteners into concrete.

Sliding Door Installation Time

  • 2-4 Hours | Straightforward removal/installation into an opening in good condition
  • 4-5 Hours | Removal and installation with complications such as the need to repair the opening, extensive shimming of the new door or sinking fasteners into concrete

Expect a few extra hours for work to reseal around the door and paint the edges if needed.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

I’ve replaced and installed many doors in the past. Replacing a sliding glass door is a fairly straightforward project for most skilled homeowners with the right tools. When vinyl or other types of siding are required to be repaired, it can be a bit trickier, but on most same size replacements, DIY installation is a good project.

  • Requires a truck or friend with a truck to get new door, as well as dispose of old.
  • Heavy lifting, so you’ll need a friend to help out.
  • Basic hand tools and a good level are really all you need to replace a sliding glass door.

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