brick mailbox cost

$495 to $1,725

Custom brick mailboxes cost around $480 to $1,675 with an average price of $925 when professionally built to match the style of your home. A DIY brick mailbox can be built for less than $150 in materials and tools.

Typical Range

$730 – $1,025

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How Much Does a Brick Mailbox Cost?

Low Estimate

$135 – $725

Average Cost Estimate

$730 – $1,025

High Estimate

$1,050 – $1,675

Size Small or Medium Medium Medium or Large
Side Planters None or 1 1 or 2 2
Mailbox Cost $15 – $30 $30 – $75 $75+
Accessories/Lighting $0 – $75 $60 – $200 $200 – $400
Wiring No No Yes or No
Installed By DIY or Pro Pro Pro
Permit & Inspection N/A N/A $50 – $125

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Overview of Brick or Masonry Mailboxes

A brick mailbox adds distinctive good looks to any home. There are many popular designs from understated elegance to large and lavish styles. Not only will add considerably to your homes curb appeal, brick mailboxes are a great replacement over standard wooden post or other type of mailbox. Read more about standard mailbox and post replacement costs.

To do the job properly, a concrete footer should be poured to support the structure’s weight and prevent heaving from frost or shifting from settling soil. There are other DIY links and tips below. It’s a popular project for do-it-yourself enthusiasts because most of the cost is labor when the mailbox is professionally built.

This cost estimate page focuses on genuine brick mailboxes. Faux brick mailboxes made from plastic or cast concrete cost 50% to 80% less.

Construction options and other cost factors are listed that will help you estimate the brick mailbox price for the design you have in mind. We’ve gathered brick mailbox prices from a range of sources for you to compare.

If you’re a mason that builds them or a homeowner that has had one installed, please consider sharing your brick mailbox price for the benefit of other readers.

Product Cost and Installation Supplies

Mailbox Cost Factors

How much does it cost to build a brick mailbox? These factors affect price.

  • Mailbox Size & Design – Popular designs start with a narrow brick pedestal that supports an uncovered mailbox and range to domed pillars that house the mailbox and boast brick planters on either side. The more elaborate the mailbox, the higher the cost.
  • Custom Designs – Most companies have a set list of designs. You choose the style, the brick and accessories from a menu. If you prefer a custom design, something very unique, cost will increase by 15% to 50%.
  • The Mailbox – There’s a wide range of prices for the actual mailbox.
  • Extras – Individual stone tiles or a stone plaque with the house numbers engraved on them, a granite cap or beautiful light are elegant accessories to consider.
  • Electrical – Some homeowners add wiring to their brick mailbox for lighting. Solar LED lighting is the trend though, since installation costs are lower and operating costs are zero.
  • Distance to Location – If the mason and crew have to travel a significant distance, cost will be higher. According to one brick mailbox specialist, “We travel to any location within [2 states]. Additional travel charges may apply.” This is necessary when there are no brick mailboxes specialists in the area.
  • Who Does the Work – As noted, there are large potential savings in a DIY project.

Itemized Costs for DIY and Pro Installation

Now that you have an idea of factors affecting cost, here are actual brick mailbox and accessory costs. Pro costs include preparation, footing, materials and labor. If the mailbox is built offsite, you might have additional delivery charges.

DIY Supplies:

  • $1.15 – $1.50 each | 8 x 8 x 16 Concrete blocks to form the internal structure
  • $1.85 – $3.25 per square foot | Bricks, price per Riverside Brick (most online prices given are for installed brick)
  • $12 – $18 per 70lb to 95lb bag | Portland cement, with one or two bags needed for the footer
  • $4.25 – $6.50 per 60lb to 80lb bag | Mortar mix, with one or two bags needed for most brick mailboxes
  • $10 – $16 | Brick trowel
  • $6 – $10 | Brick jointer to tool and compress mortar between bricks
  • $12 – $20 each | 6’ strip of metal anchor strap, which is cut into shorter lengths to reinforce the foundation of the mailbox

Professionally built Mailboxes:

  • $480 – $575 | Short pedestal designs or simple dome design.
  • $600 – $800 | Full-size brick mailbox with domed or flat top and no extras.
  • $625 – $975 | Full-sized brick with gable roof
  • $650 – $1,025 | Full-sized structure with one planter
  • $765 – $1,150 | Full-sized structure with two planters


  • $400 – $650 | Installing wiring to a mailbox location. Cost includes circuit, PVC pipe to house the wire, wiring and labor.
  • $40 – $200+ | Mailboxes, from plain steel to decorative copper boxes
  • $18 – $35 Each | Stone tiles engraved with individual numbers
  • $50 – $100 each | Stone plaque engraved with entire house number
  • $18 – $44 | Decorative keystone, plain or engraved, for top of dome
  • $50 – $150 | Planters, depending on height
  • $15 – $60 | Lighting

Permits, Inspection, and Installation Costs

If there is no electrical to the mailbox, you won’t need a permit.

  • $50 – $125 | Electrical permit and inspection, if the mailbox will be wired.

There are two similar issues to consider

First, are brick mailboxes allowed on your street?

They are banned on many roads with higher traffic speeds because they present a serious risk to vehicles that might hit them. Check with your local postmaster or building codes department to learn whether they are allowed.

Secondly, if you do the work yourself or want to be sure the installer does it properly, review the USPS guidelines for mailbox location, height and other restrictions.

Installation Cost and Time

Some brick mailbox estimates are itemized, dividing material costs and labor costs. If labor cost is listed separately, here’s what you can expect:

  • $60 – $95 per hour | A single mason or a mason plus one helper

Completed Installation Time


  • .5 Days | Wiring, if desired. Wiring should be run to the mailbox location ahead of time.

Some brick mailbox companies build the unit offsite and deliver it. Expect 2-4 weeks between ordering and delivery.

Other masons work onsite. Here are time-frames for how long the builder/installer will be at your home for each approach:

When built offsite and delivered:

  • .5 Days | Dig and pour the footing (footers) using rapid-set concrete; Install the brick mailbox.

Onsite build:

  • 1-3 Hours | Dig and pour footing, allowing 24 hours to cure. If rapid-set concrete is used, just a few hours are required before installing the mailbox.
  • Up to 1 Day | Mailbox with no planters
  • 1-2 Days | Mailbox with 1 or 2 planters

DIY or Hire a Pro

Most of the cost of the project is labor, so it’s natural to consider DIY. The challenge is making it look like a pro built it. Since a mailbox is the first thing seen by neighbors and visitors to your home, you certainly don’t want “amateur” results.

If you enjoy new challenges and have had past success with work that demands precision, there’s no reason you shouldn’t tackle your brick mailbox project. Take advantage of video and written tutorials , follow them closely, and pro results can be achieved.

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