patio enclosures cost

$2,800 – $19,000

The cost to build a patio or deck enclosure is $64 per square foot. Depending on materials used, cost varies from $28-$95 per square foot, or $2,800 to $19,000 for patios from 100 to 200 square feet. The cost range covers simple screened enclosures to insulated space with windows.

Average Cost of Patio Enclosure Installation

A typical wood framed screened porch enclosure costs about $45 per square foot while one with permanent walls and windows costs closer to $80 per square foot. As with any house project, cost can always go higher based on materials and features. Costs for specific porch enclosure types are listed below.

At this price point, you should expect the contractor to pull any needed permits required by local code, provide all materials and labor to build the patio enclosure, as well as finishing it to a desired look. Options like electrical outlets, ceiling fans, wiring for an outdoor TV and other luxuries will likely cost extra.

Average Do It Yourself cost

$20 – $65 / Square Foot

Average Contractor Installed Cost

$50 – $85 / Square Foot

Typical Cost Average

$64 / Square Foot

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Overview of Patio and Deck Enclosures

An enclosure is an outdoor project that optimizes your enjoyment of the patio. It can be customized to your climate and lifestyle. Where the weather is typically mild, a simple screened enclosure might be sufficient to provide shelter and protection from insects. In more extreme climates, a three-season enclosure or a four-season room with heating or cooling allows you to enjoy the patio for more of the year. If you already have a deck or porch, learn about the cost to screen in a porch here.

This cost estimate covers cost factors and gives specific cost ranges for various types of patio and deck enclosures. Sample project costs for contractor-built enclosures are included. Reader-submitted prices are included. Please consider returning to Business Finance News when you’ve built a porch enclosure to share the project cost for the benefit of other readers.

Note: This page covers stick-built porch enclosures rather than kits, either cheap steel frames with screening or high-end sunroom kits that exceed $100 per square foot.

Product and Installation Supplies Cost Details

Patio Enclosure Cost Factors

How much does a porch enclosure cost?

According to HomeGuide, a custom patio enclosure averages about $70/square foot, a little higher than our average of $64. Home Advisor offers an estimate of $22 to $75 per square foot to frame and complete an enclosure.

These factors and the project samples below allow you to narrow your cost estimate within these wide ranges.

  • Enclosure Type – A simple framed enclosure with screens is the most affordable type to build. Wall sections, windows, doors, insulation and other amenities raise the cost accordingly.
  • Size of the Enclosure – Whatever materials you choose, the larger the enclosure, the more it will cost.
  • Quality of the Materials – You’ll have decisions to make about every phase of the project. For example, your roofing options include cheap 3-tab asphalt shingles ($), dimensional shingles ($$), metal roofing ($$-$$$) and aluminum shingles ($$$).
  • Adding Electrical – Running power into your enclosure will add cost and make your patio more usable throughout the year.
  • Amenities and Extras – Customizing your patio enclosure with privacy/sun screens, lighting, an electric or propane space heater and other accessories will affect the total cost.
  • Necessary Site Work – Preliminary work like removing trees or shrubs, pouring wall footings or prepping the roof and house for attaching the enclosure will raise cost whether you hire a contractor or not.
  • Time of Year – Contractors are busy during spring and summer, so porch enclosure cost estimates are higher than during other times.
  • Who Does the Work – Depending on the scope of the project, contractor fees start at $12-$15 per square foot for frame and screen enclosures to $30-$40/square foot for an insulated, four season enclosure.
  • Whether you Need a Permit – If you run electrical to the enclosure, you will definitely need a permit. If there’s no power in the enclosure, then the rules vary by municipality. A permit will add a small cost to the total.

Costs by Enclosure Type

Here are the most popular enclosure styles and their general cost ranges when hiring a contractor to build the enclosure. We’ve included stick-built options as well as other patio enclosure types for comparison.

  • Wood Framing, Roofing and Screen | $28 – $40 per square foot. This is the simplest option. No footings are required. This enclosure type is ideal for any climate, though use will be limited in cold weather.
  • Framed, Screened Enclosure with Removable Window Panels | $44 – $70 per square foot. This option allows you to enjoy the patio a little earlier in spring and a little later into the fall – or year-round in milder climates. The window panels are typically acrylic ($-$$) or polycarbonate ($$-$$$).
  • Framed Three/Four Season Rooms with Windows, Insulation and Power | $65 – $95 per square foot. This option feels more like adding living space to your home. The cost can be higher than listed when flooring and other amenities are included. Cost given here does not include heating and AC equipment. If you want the enclosure heated and cooled, a mini split / ductless system is the ideal choice.
  • Steel Enclosure Kits with Screens | $22 – $27 per square foot plus installation. These are usually DIY kits and are widely available from home improvement stores and online. Their longevity is typically 5-12 years in most climates. Gazebo Penguin is a popular brand.
  • Solarium Kits w/ Steel Framing and Polycarbonate or Acrylic Panels | $33 – $50 per square foot plus installation. Sojag Outdoor and Gazebo Penguins are top solarium kit brands. Most are DIY friendly. They’ll hold up for 8-15 years.
  • Three/Four Season Sunroom Kits | $90 – $125 per square foot plus installation. These kits typically have a foam-insulated roof. DIY installation is possible for those with moderate to advanced skills. Craft-Bilt and Sunrooms Kit are leading manufacturers. Expect 30-40 years of use from these rooms.


  • Roll Shades | $15 – $600 based on quality and size.
  • Privacy Screens | $40 – $250 based on size.
  • Ceiling Fan | $55 – $400+
  • Lighting per Fixture | $20 – $200+
  • Electric or Propane Space Heaters | $15 – $450
  • Propane Fireplace | $700 – $1,500+
  • Fireplace and Chimney | $1,250 – $4,000
  • Screen Material | $.15 – $1.10 per square foot. Your options from cheapest to most expensive include fiberglass, vinyl mesh, aluminum and stainless steel.

Sample Projects

Here is a comparison of popular patio enclosures types and their costs for DIY and when hiring a contractor. Refer to the cost factors above to consider where your price might fall in the cost spectrum.

Wood Framing, Roofing and Screen | $28 – $40 per square foot.

  • 10’ x 12’/120 square feet | $2,800 – $4,800
  • 12’ x 15’/180 square feet | $5,040 – $7,200
  • 15’ x 20’/300 square feet |$8,400 – $12,000

Framed, Screened Enclosure with Removable Window Panels | $44 – $70 per square foot.

  • 10’ x 12’/120 square feet | $5,280 – $8,400
  • 12’ x 15’/180 square feet | $7,920 – $12,600
  • 15’ x 20’/300 square feet | $13,200 – $21,000

Framed Three/Four Season Rooms with Windows, Insulation and Power | $65 – $95 per square foot.

  • 10’ x 12’/120 square feet | $7,800 – $11,400
  • 12’ x 15’/180 square feet | $11,700 – $17,100
  • 15’ x 20’/300 square feet | $19,500 – $28,500

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

  • $0-$200 | When electrical is part of the patio enclosure, a permit is required. Check with your local building department for whether a permit is needed when electrical is not added. It varies across the country.

Related Costs and Installation Time

Contractors know what they want to make per hour. Then they estimate the time it will take to complete a patio enclosure when figuring the labor estimate of the job.

  • $40 – $100 per hour | Installation labor cost to build a patio enclosure. As noted above, this works out to $12 to $40 per square foot depending on the type of enclosure you choose.

Here are typical time frames for building common patio enclosures covering a 10’x15′ patio – 150 square feet.

  • 2-3 Days | Frame and Screen Enclosures
  • 3-4 Days | Frame, Screen and Acrylic Panel Enclosures
  • 5-7 Days | Three-season / Four-season Rooms

DIY or Hire a Pro?

Your skill set, experience and/or willingness to acquire new skills are factors in deciding if DIY patio enclosure construction makes sense for you.

The biggest challenges in most patio enclosure installations are tying the roof of the enclosure into your home’s roof, securing the enclosure to your home and ensuring solid footing for framing/posts.

Of course, time is a factor too. So is the type of enclosure you’re planning. A fairly simple post frame (post-frame) screened enclosure or one with removable window panels is a good project for ambitious homeowners looking to save money.

Building a three/four season room, especially if it is wired, takes a few extra skills. We recommend getting estimates for this type project from several local contractors. Their quotes should itemize materials and supplies vs. labor costs.Itemized estimates give you an idea of what DIY can save you, and you can decide whether you consider it is worth the work.

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