Shop Simplio Tradeline

Shop Simplio Tradeline

The Shop Simplio Tradeline was a scheme where Simplio granted a credit line to consumers to use in their store in exchange for the payment of a membership fee and purchase of their goods. Simplio sent the tradeline with the operation to at least one credit bureau and this incremented the credit score of the consumer by about ten points.

Shop Simplio, a catalog company, ceased this practice by about September 2022 as credit bureaus are not publishing their tradelines.

Customers entered with a membership fee and obtained a credit line at Simplio. Then the customer would purchase products dropshipped from China at a high price.

After about a month, the tradeline with the operation was posted in the report and incremented the creditworthiness of the consumer by about ten points.

Companies like Shop Simplio are simply used to boost credit scores and effectively mask the creditworthiness of consumers. They are also used by fraudsters with synthetic identities to increase the credit scores of these fake people.

They are categorized as a charge account just like a card from Kay Jewelers (issued by Comenity) or Amazon (issued by Synchrony). Except that there is no partner bank, and no real credit evaluation was done on anyone that applied at Shop Simplio. 

Does Shop Simplio Report To Credit Bureaus?

Shop Simplio reports to credit bureaus. Nevertheless, they are not taking more customers right now as they allege that their “spots are full”.

Credit bureaus would not be posting their tradeline information.

Sites Like Shop Simplio

Sites like Shop Simplio, catalog sites that offer tradeline postings are

  • Newcoast Direct 
  • Hutton Chase (closed September 2022)
  • Ox Publishing
  • My Jeweler´s Club.

Shop Simplio Phone Number

Their phone number is (877) 909-0626. Here you can ask if they will continue in the future with the Shop Simplio tradeline financial scheme.

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