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USAA Auto Loan Review, USAA does not disclose the rates and fees associated with its installment loans. Before you can receive a rate quote, you will need first to apply. This involves providing personal information.



  • Are you upfront about the costs?
  • Your bank may charge a $15-$25 wire transfer fee
  • To use the app, you must be a current customer

Expert review

American Web Loan is an excellent option for those who are unable to get a personal loan. Even for online lenders, it’s quick. You can have money transferred to your bank account the same day as you apply.

It doesn’t reveal loan costs until you have applied, so comparing them to other providers is difficult. Tribal lenders may also be available so that they might charge you more than the legal limit in your state.

To ensure that you get the best deal, compare multiple loan options.

American Web Loan Rates, Fees, and Terms

You can borrow 0 to $2,500 over 6, 9, or 12 months to repay the loan. To save interest, you can pay off your loan early and avoid paying the penalty.

The calculator will show you how much this loan could cost based on different loan amounts, terms, and rates.

Is American Web Loan legal?

American Web Loan is a tribe lender. It doesn’t need to follow federal or state laws concerning short-term loans. It is a member of both the Online Lenders Alliance and the Native American Financial Services Association. These organizations set and maintain standards for short-term lenders.

Even with these credentials, you have less protection because it is generally not regulated. This means that there is no limit on how much it can charge in fees and interest, resulting in APRs of three to four figures.

SSL encryption is used to protect all information entered online. McAfee security is used on its website to protect against malware, malicious hyperlinks, and other threats. has verified the site’s security.

Be wary of fake websites claiming to be American Web Loans

Websites that pretend to be legitimate can take your identity and money, as well as your money. is only for applications. You can submit them through the app or by calling.

If you believe you have been scammed, you can file a complaint against the company at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You can also reach your local regulatory authorities.

American Web Loan complaints and reviews

Since the COVID-19 crisis, many borrowers have had issues with American Web Loans. Customers have complained about high calls, some even claiming that they never borrowed money from American Web Loan. Be sure you have the funds to pay your loan back every two weeks.

Are you eligible?

To qualify for an American Web Loan installment loan, you must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Bank account. An active checking account must be in your name.
  • Verifiable income. It is necessary to prove that you have sufficient income to pay your monthly repayments.
  • Age of majority. To be eligible for a loan, you must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must reside in an eligible state. If you are not a resident of Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia or New York, Vermont, Vermont, or Washington, you won’t be eligible for the loan.

American Web Loan may require you to meet additional requirements to be eligible.

Are there American Web Loan installment loans?

American Web Loan, a tribal lender, can provide installment loans in all 50 states.

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • New York
  • Vermont
  • Washington


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau no longer requires lenders to assess your ability to repay a loan. This could lead to falling into a cycle of debt. You should carefully review your finances and determine if the loan amount is within your budget.

You should always do your research before you apply for a short-term loan.

High-interest rates and high fees can lead to a vicious cycle of debt, including auto title loans, installment loans, and payday loans. Borrowers might end up taking out another loan to pay off the first one.

Before you apply for a short-term loan, consider other options:
  • Resources are available locally. Many local charities, non-profits, and government agencies offer financial assistance and help with rent, food, and utilities for those in greatest need.
  • Payment extensions. If you are behind in payments, talk to your bill providers about extending your payment date or arranging a longer payment plan.

How do I apply?

It allows new borrowers to apply online, and it also offers its app for returning borrowers. These steps will help you get started on your application.

  1. Visit the American Web Loan website.
  2. Choose how much money you wish to borrow.
  3. Enter your full name and email address, along with the last four digits of your Social Security number. Click on Apply Now.
  4. Complete the form with all of your personal data. Click Next.
  5. Please fill out this form to provide details about your income and how often you are paid.
  6. Enter your bank account information, and choose if you would like to receive funds as a direct debit.
  7. Click on the amount that you wish to borrow, and then read the terms. Click Apply Now to confirm your agreement.

Contact a representative to receive an offer and additional instructions for completing the application. Follow these steps to submit, sign, and complete your application if you are satisfied with the offer.

After you are approved, you can choose to receive your funds by wire transfer, direct deposit, or paper check. If your loan is approved before 2:35 PM CT on weekdays, wire transfers may be available the same day.

What information is required to submit a request?

The following information might be required:

  • Driver’s license to complete the application, you will need your driver’s license number.
  • Income proof. You will need to provide proof of income, such as pay stubs and other documentation.
  • Information about your bank account. To have funds transferred from your checking account to your bank account, you will need to give your routing number and bank account details.

What are my repayment options?

Repay your loan online or via the mobile app. This is available through Google Play or the App Store. You are responsible for your repayments on the day you receive payment. However, you may make additional payments to reduce interest.

Contact customer service immediately if you have any questions via the live chat feature on the website, email, or phone. On Saturdays, customer service is available from 7 a.m. CT to 8 p.m. CT.

American Web Loan is a tribal lender so expect high-interest rates when borrowing. You can still compare lenders located in the US, but your loan might still be expensive.

Questions frequently asked

What is the difference between semi-monthly and biweekly payments?

Biweekly is defined as every two weeks for American Web Loan applications. Semimonthly is twice per month.

What if I don’t have a bank account and want to get an American web loan installment loan?

To be eligible for the loan, you will need a bank account.

What is a tribal loan?

Tribal loans are financing that is provided by a lender that the US government does not regulate. They are not subject to the same regulations as non-tribal lenders. American Web Loan, for example, is regulated and supervised by the Otoe-Missouria Consumer Finance Services Regulatory Commission.


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