Registration Loans

Registration Loans

registration loans

Everyone needs a little financial help from time to time. Avoid borrowing from friends or family and use the equity in your vehicle. Your vehicle’s equity is the difference between the amount owed on your vehicle and the amount your vehicle is worth. If your vehicle is worth more than what you owe, you can get an AZ vehicle registration loan. You get to keep driving your car and you can pay off your lien on your car title at any time without hidden fees or penalties.

Once you know how to get a title loan with a lien, applying for a loan is fast and simple at CASH 1. Get started by filling out an application at any one of our Arizona store locations, over the phone, or online. Once you’ve filled out your application you’ll need to have a quick inspection of the vehicle, sign your loan documents and drive off with cash in your pocket.

Registration Loan Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Proof of Income
  • Your Vehicle
  • Government Issued I.D.
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Open Bank Account
  • Not be on Active Duty in the Military

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