Loans For Utility Bills

Loans For Utility Bills

loans for utility bills

Extreme high and low temperatures usually result in high utility bills that you may not be able to afford. If your electric or gas utilities are in danger of being shut-off you should be aware that there are ways to prevent disconnection and possibly qualify for reduced payments. Consider these tips to help budget and prevent your utilities from being shut-off.

Call Your Utility Company

It’s always best to contact your utility company at least a few days before the impending shut-off date. Most companies will allow you a month or two to catch up on your bill, but waiting for the last moment can be an unnecessary gamble and waiting for the last minute can still result in a shut-off if the order for service termination is in place. Be sure to be polite and respectful when conversing with a service provider – remember that it’s not their fault you didn’t pay your bill.

Apply For Assistance

You’d be surprised that many people qualify for low-income assistance. You could too. The federal Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps families and low-income customers pay their utility bills and offers assistance with energy crises and energy-related minor home repairs.

loans for utility bills

Sign Up For Equal Payment Plans

If getting bills in the summer or winter months are stressing your budget. You can contact your utility company and arrange for equal payments based on the average consumption of your household.

Know Your State’s Shut-Off Laws

Most states have created laws that protect families with children, people with medical conditions, the elderly or disabled. You can find out if it’s illegal for a company to shut-off your utilities under certain circumstances. Most common reasons for illegal shut-off are during extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Here’s a great list explaining the utility shut-off laws for every state.

Energy Incentive Programs

You can save a lot of money on your bill by conserving energy. Your utility company may offer energy conservation assistance at no extra cost. You can also check out a summary of available energy incentives in your state. Getting qualified for one of these programs will enable you to get your future bills reduced and could get payments arranged for your old bills.

Consider Loans For Utility Bills

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