Does Dave Work With Unemployment

Does Dave Work With Unemployment Benefits?

Does Dave work with unemployment benefits? No, currently Dave cash advance app is not working anymore with unemployment, requiring a job or an investment as a verifiable source of income.

When we discussed the payday loans that accept unemployment benefits online we discarded cash advance apps offering loans through unemployment because they have, in general, higher APRs, and are not direct lenders.

It is important that you go to a direct lender, first because it is quicker: a direct lender can resolve the loan in one hour for unemployment benefits.

The second reason, is that you do not have to pay the middleman. These cash advance apps for unemployment are loan aggregators that assemble several lenders. The loan aggregator is the middleman.

How Long Does Dave App take To Deposit Money?

Dave App takes two working days to deposit money into the bank account of the borrower.

Some borrowers wrote in the comments explaining that it took three days for them but the average would be two business days.

This is one business day more than in a traditional payday loan, where the funds are transferred usually within the next business day.

Alternatives To Dave App

Considering that Dave does not accept well unemployment benefits as a source of income, just check here other loan apps like Dave. Those are cash advance apps that are similar to Dave and can be regarded as serious alternatives.

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