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If you’re dealing with limited space or a unique setup in your backyard, yet you still want to create a spa retreat, you might consider going with one of the many triangle hot tubs on the market.

Triangle hot tubs, often referred to as corner hot tubs, provide the same hydrotherapy experience as traditional hot tubs, though they are an excellent option for those without tons of additional room to spare.

Come dive in with us as we explore the best triangle hot tubs on the market so you can get to relaxing as soon as possible.

The American Whirlpool 261 is a low-cost hot tub that is built for 2-3 people.

It comes with some of the top features offered by the American Spas company, including BlueMAAX insulation, top-mounted digital controls a 6Hp jet pump, Aqua-Kleen filtration, and a Solid Bottom Pan for strength and durability.

Beyond all of the great features that come standard with this American Whirlpool tub, consumers have tons of options for customizing it with additional features.

For those who want to introduce a bit of technology into their hot water therapy experience, American Whirlpool has a Bluetooth MP3 Stereo System and Wi-Fi Connectivity. 

Not only can you control your hot tub from anywhere in the home, but you can also relax or party to your favorite tunes.

If you are worried about keeping your spa as clean as possible, the American Whirlpool 261 comes with a CleanZone ozone system, which helps to maintain healthy water while reducing the amount of chemicals needed for clarity.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, this 2-person triangle spa is an excellent choice.

If you’re in the market for some of the best massage hydrotherapy jets, we recommend going with the Caldera Spas 2-person Aventine.

The Aventine is a two-person portable hot tub with two bucket seats that is perfect for small spaces.

However, where this hot tub truly shines is with the jets.

The Aventine makes use of Euro Directional Jets that help deliver a precise massage to the right stress points.

It also comes with AdaptFlo Jets, which provide users with more flow control. You can adjust the directionality of these jets and regulate the amount of force the water gives.

All Caldera Spas come with unique EcoTech cabinet panels. These panels are extremely durable and offer a gorgeous, contemporary look that can blend seamlessly into just about any backyard space.

Even with the bucket seat design, the Aventine provides a full-body experience thanks to the included foot ridge, which provides an anchor point for your feet while delivering a powerful massage.

Hot Springs TX

The 2-person Hot Springs TX comes at a surprisingly low price and is great for those who want to enjoy the experience of a plug-and-play hot tub.

With its plug-and-play design, you can run this hot tub without having to perform any special wiring. Simply plug it into your nearest outlet and power it up to get it going.

The TX uses a carefully designed jet system that comes with directional hydromassage jets, rotary hydromassage jets, directional precision massage therapy jets, and a moto-massage jet.

While you’re soaking in your spa, you can enjoy the multi-color LED lighting and sleek metallic corners, which exude complete and total luxury.

With the Hot Springs TX, you get easy water care. The spa makes use of the FROG in-line sanitizing system and comes with pre-filled SmartChlor technology cartridges that self-regulate to keep your water as clear as possible.

You also get complete energy-efficiency, even when in cold weather. The FiberCor Thermal Insulation is four times as dense as standard foam. The insulation traps heat within the hot tub so that it remains hot and ready to use at all times. Plus, the insulation makes it so that the spa quickly heats up, even when the weather is cold.

Sundance Spas Tacoma

The Sundance Spas Tacoma has more than enough room for up to three people and comes with a low-profile design that allows people to get in and out very easily.

It is the perfect hot tub choice for people with limited mobility.

The plug-n-play design suits just about all power needs and fits beautifully in smaller corners, making it great for those without a ton of real estate to spare.

There are three bucket seats to choose from, each of which comes with unique jet systems. 

No matter which of the bucket seats you claim, you’ll enjoy a high-quality massage.

The inside of the Sundance Spas Tacoma lies ClearRay UV-C technology and filtration, which works to neutralize waterborne pathogens to create crystal-clear water at all times. Users also enjoy the standard multi-color spa light system, which uses LEDs to light up the inside of the tub, as well as the waterfalls.

To take control of the tub, you can use the intuitive integrated control panel, which allows you to adjust the temperature and the strength of the stainless steel jets. We love Sundance Spas and this beautiful little hot tub is a testament to everything the company has to offer.

Cal Spas Vista PZ-617T

Cal Spas is one of the biggest spa manufacturers on the market today.

The company’s hot tubs are sold by dealers all over the world.

While they have plenty of hot tubs to choose from, one that truly stands out is the Vista PZ-617T Cal Spas hot tub.

While most triangle spas come with bucket seats exclusively, this unique tub comes with one bucket seat and one lounge seat, giving you the option to soak deep or hang out.

This Cal Spas hot tub makes use of the Bio clean Filter system, which acts as a fighting agent to keep bacteria and microbes from reproducing.

When it comes to cost, the Vista PZ-617T is a total energy saver.

The hot tub expels less energy thanks to the full-foam insulation and thermo-shield side panels. 

Not only do you get energy-efficiency, but you also get optimal shell strength.

The Eliminator Pump provides some of the most reliable pressure-flow 0n the market today. It is built to last a lifetime.

Some of the other features on the Cal Spas Vista PZ 617T include the whisper-quiet titanium heater, the intuitive electronic control system, and the Hydro-Armor Spa Cover.

Final Thoughts – Should You Get a Triangle Spa For Your Home?

While you might not get the same water capacity with a triangle spa compared to more traditional hot tub models out there, you get all of the same benefits that one could desire from a high-quality spa experience at a lower price and reduced real estate.

So yes, we highly recommend triangle hot tub models for those who are looking to save money, save space, and potentially create a bit of roman in their lives. Happy soaking!

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