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A well pump is a crucial component of your well system – the mechanism that extracts water from the ground. There are several types of well pumps, all at varying price points. The type you’ll need depends of the the size of the well, its depth and the amount of water available. This guide will explain the types of pumps that are available, as well as how much you can expect to spend.

About Well Pumps

Some well pumps are mounted above the well; others are submersed in the water. The type you need depends on whether your well is shallow or deep, so your first task in shopping for a well pump is to figure out the depth.

  • Shallow well jet pumps sit above ground and have a single inlet pipe. They’re suited for wells no deeper than 25 feet.
  • Deep well jet pumps also sit above ground, but they have two pipes – one that pull water out of the ground and another that pushes it toward your home. These are suited for wells ranging from 25 to 110 feet deep.
  • Deep well submersible pumps, as the name suggests, are submerged. They have a single pipe running from the inside of the well to the home. They’re suited for wells 25 to 400 feet deep.

When you’re shopping for a well pump, you should pay attention to the gallon-per-minute (gpm) rating. An average-sized three- to four-bedroom home requires a pump with 8 to 12 gpm. If you’re unsure about the proper rating, be sure to consult a professional before making a purchase.

Horsepower is another consideration. If you’re replacing an old well pump, make sure to buy one with the same horsepower (as long as the old pump was sufficient). Keep in mind that a pump that is too powerful wastes energy, while one that is too small won’t provide enough water pressure.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it’s time to give the repair company a call. Common repairs include replacing cracked hoses, faulty valves or broken gauges, as well as unclogging suction devices. However, in some cases, the pump has failed and requires complete replacement.

Well Pump Cost

The price of a well pump depends on the size and quality of the pump. Installation costs vary based on the depth of the well and local labor rates. Replacement parts like wiring, water pipes and valves – if needed – also affect the total price.

  • A jet pump might cost $300-$500, not including installation.
  • A 2 horsepower submersible pump with a control box might cost $1,000-$1,200, not including installation.
  • Labor typically adds about $300-$500. Budget on the low end of that for a jet pump and the high end or more for a submersible.
  • New wiring costs about $100-$200.
  • New piping can cost $200 or more.

Choosing a Well Pump

A contractor is going to need some basic information from you to assess what kind of well pump you need. Be prepared with the following information:

  • The size of the well and the material of which it’s made
  • The depth of your well, the depth of the waterline and the distance from the top of the well to the waterline (The depth of the well should be listed in the well driller’s report. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to use a string and bobber to measure.)
  • The size and type of pipe the water flows through
  • The distance from the well to the house
  • The horsepower and gallons-per-minute rating of the old well pump (you should be able to find these on the identification plate with a pump that’s mounted above the well; for submersible pumps, check your paperwork)

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