one piece or two piece toilet

One-Piece Toilet Overview

The name just about says it all: One-piece toilets are sold as a single piece, instead of two pieces. They are newer and less common than two-piece toilets, but they are growing in popularity.

One-Piece Toilet Cost

Most one-piece toilets cost $300 to $600, but fancy versions can run $1,000 or more. Taller, ultra-stylish and water-saving models are more expensive than standard one-piece toilets.

One-Piece Pros

  • Easier to clean – One-piece toilets are easier to clean because there is no gap between the bowl and the tank where dirt and bacteria can become trapped.
  • Sleeker design – One-piece toilets have a lower profile and more compact size that makes for a sleeker look.

One-Piece Cons

  • Price – They often cost twice as much as comparable two-piece models.
  • Difficult to move – One-piece toilets are heavy and awkward in shape. Carrying a one-piece toilet is usually a two-person job.
Two Piece Toilet

Two-Piece Toilets Overview

Four out of every five toilets sold are two-piece models, according to That doesn’t mean two-piece models are superior, but they have been around longer and are more familiar to most homeowners.

With two-piece models, the tank and bowl come as separate pieces. They’re assembled together during installation.

Two-Piece Toilets Cost

Most two-piece toilets cost $100 to $300. Models are available for less than $100, but don’t expect much in terms of quality. Fancier models can cost $500 or more.

Two-Piece Toilets Pros

  • Less expensive – Two-piece toilets offer the same basic functionality as one-piece versions for about half the price. They hold the same amount of water and flush the same way.
  • Easier to move – Because two-piece toilets can be disassembled, they’re easier to move. Also, if you’re painting the wall behind the toilet, you can remove only the top part.

Two-Piece Toilets Cons

  • Not as sanitary – Dirt, bacteria and waste can become trapped between the tank and bowl of a two-piece toilet. The area is difficult to clean because it is hard to reach.
  • Prone to leaks – Two-piece toilets have more parts and components, meaning more parts and components that can fail. Leaks can spring up in the area where the two parts are joined.

Author: Ashley Smith

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