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Kashmir Gold granite has a warm look and a soft and subtle grain pattern. It is a popular choice for all sorts of interior applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring and backsplashes.

Kashmir Gold is typically an ivory-gold color with subtle and varying shades of red, gray, tan and brown. However, the color of the stone varies from one slab to another, with the tone varying from light to medium. Some slabs look slightly yellowish; others appear more ivory or tan.

Quarried in India, Kashmir Gold is also known as Pallava Gold and Cashmir Gold.

Cost of Kashmir Gold Granite

Kashmir Gold is mid-priced, compared to other granites. Granites are grouped into five price classifications – A, B, C, D and E – with A being the least expensive and E the most expensive. Kashmir Gold is a C. That means it costs more than the common varieties but less than the exotics.

(Keep in mind that price classifications do not simply reflect the quality of a particular granite. They also reflect the rarity.)

If you’re hiring a professional to install Kashmir Gold countertops, budget about $50 to $75 per square foot for the project. That includes fabrication and installation of your counters, but not delivery. Fancy edges, backsplashes and cutouts for the sink, faucets and stove will cost extra.

If you’re tackling the project yourself, the cost will be much lower. A prefabricated countertop slab with basic eased edges might run $250 to $400 online, while an island slab might cost $300 to $450 online. However, keep in mind that direct sellers often require minimum orders of anywhere from two to 10 pieces to take advantage of these prices.

Kashmir Gold Granite Reviews

Kashmir Gold is ideal for people who prefer a less “busy” pattern. The wavy grain is much softer and subtler than many other granites. Kashmir Gold is also neutral enough to compliment almost any color of cabinets, although many people rave about the contrast with dark wood cabinets such as cherry.

Like all granite, Kashmir Gold is durable and long lasting. Properly maintained, it should last for generations.

The most common complaint about Kashmir Gold is the high absorption rating. Kashmir Gold is relatively porous compared to other granites, so it needs to be sealed at least every six months to prevent staining. Even after the counters are sealed, spills should be cleaned up immediately.

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