how long do new roofs last

How long a roof should last depends on two factors, the material that are used and the climate of the area. There are a few options of styles of roofs that vary the average lifespan of a roof. Roofs can last anywhere from twenty to forty years if they are not damaged. There are four major factors to consider when estimating the life of your roof:

1 – Climate

Climates that have high winds tend to weather roofs faster than places with little to no winds. Places that have hail and heavy rain storms can wear heavily on a roof. The roof should be checked after any major storm for signs of damage. Bi-annually inspections are necessary for temperate climates. The extremes of both summer and winter can cause damage.

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2 – Material

Composite and torchdown roofs are the most popular styles of roofs. They generally have a lifespan of around twenty years. This can fluctuate depending on the climate. Wood shingled roofs generally last thirty to forty years.

3 – Installation

Having the roof professionally installed will help insure that the roof will last as long as possible. Some companies that install roofs offer warranties. These warranties are especially valuable in temperate climates and places that have extreme weather because the chances are higher that the roofs will be damaged prematurely.

4 – Material Cost

Asphalt shingles cost as little as $1.50 and upwards of $5.00 per shingle depending on the type and quality of the shingle. Wood shingles start at around $5.00 per shingle. The overall cost of an asphalt roof including installation starts around a thousand dollars. The overall cost of a wood shingle roof including installation starts around five thousand.

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