handicap accessible door

Some locksmiths can install handicap doors, however not all locksmiths can install handicap doors. Installing a handicap door requires some electrical work. Generally the locksmiths that also offer alarms and surveillance systems are capable of installing handicap doors. Installing handicap doors requires a basic knowledge of working with electronics.

A locksmith that is capable of installing a handicap door will have some background in electrical systems. They often also offer security systems and panic rooms. A locksmith on average will be a little less expensive than a company that specializes in installing handicap doors. Price will vary from locksmith to locksmith but on average they will be less expensive.

There are companies that specialize in selling and installing handicap doors and locks.

There would be both advantages and disadvantages of going through a company that specializes in installing handicap doors and locks. The quality of the product might be a little bit higher than a locksmith because it is the only product they sell.

On the downside, these companies aren’t as common as locksmiths so they may be further away. This could lead to a less responsive service when the product breaks down especially if your neighborhood locksmith offers the service. But if there is a company that specializes in installing handicap doors and locks nearby, it would be smart to use their services.


Universal Design Specialists package prices start at $1,312.50 and this includes all pieces needed to operate the door. The installation cost varies from locksmith to locksmith.

Author: Ashley Smith

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