furnace gas valve replacement cost

$350 – $595, Installed

Replacement of your furnace gas valve cost between $350 to $595 installed by an HVAC company near you. DIY gas valve replacement cost around $65 buying the part online and replacing it yourself.

Typical Range

$350 – $595

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How Much does a Furnace Gas Valve Cost?

Low Estimate

$195 – $440

Average Cost Estimate

$350 – $595

High Estimate

$510 – $870

Gas Line Size 1/2″ 1/2″ or 3/4″ 3/4″
Stages of Heat Single-Stage Single-Stage or 2-Stage 2-Stage or Variable
Converted for Propane No Yes or No Yes or No
Type Universal Universal or OEM Universal or OEM
Ignition Pilot Pilot or Hot Surface Ignitor (HSI) HSI
Furnace Accessibility Easy Easy to Moderate Moderate to Difficult
Wiring Included No Yes or No Yes or No
Supplies $0 – $30 $35 – $50 $60+
Installed By DIY Or Pro Pro Pro

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Overview of Furnace Gas Valve Replacement

Furnace gas valves occasionally stop opening and closing properly with age. Sometimes cleaning or repairing them can restore their operation, but when that doesn’t work, replacement is the only option. Gas valves aren’t repaired often because the labor cost would push the price past the cost of a new part.

This page gives factors for the wide cost range found above. Gas valve costs submitted by homeowners and prices from around the internet are included. There’s also a recommendation about whether this is a DIY project.

Other Common Furnace Repairs

Gas Valve and Supplies Cost Details

Gas Valve Cost Factors

The highest furnace gas control valve price is four times the cheapest. These factors will help you narrow down the likely estimates you’ll receive.

  • Gas Line Size: Gas lines feeding furnaces usually come in two sizes. Gas valves designed to fit ¾” lines cost more than those that fit ½”. They typically also allow a higher gas CFH (cubic feet per hour) flow.
  • Staged Heating: Two-stage and modulating capacity gas valves are more complex, so cost more than single-stage units. If you don’t know what type furnace you have, the information can be found in the owner’s manual or by searching the furnace model number online. The number is found on a plate on the outside of the furnace cabinet or by taking off the removable cover.
  • Propane Conversion: Some gas valves are assembled with a nozzle sized for liquid propane (LP). Others must have a natural gas (NG) nozzle replaced with an LP valve at installation, which raises the labor cost by $25-$50.
  • Brand or Universal: The gas valve on most furnaces can be replaced with a less-expensive part from Honeywell, White Rodgers or other universal part. A few furnaces require brand parts. Lennox is one brand with higher-than-average replacement parts costs for this reason.
  • Ignition type: Valves fired by an intermittent pilot cost less than those fired by a hot-surface ignitor, or HIS.
  • Wiring: Gas valves that include new wires for connection to the control board or ignition module cost slightly more.

Cost of Installation Supplies

Replacing a gas control valve is a straightforward repair once properly diagnosed. Few supplies are needed.

  • $55 – $325 | Gas furnace gas valve cost is based on the factors listed above – gas line size, stages of heat and brand vs. universal part.
  • $12 – $30 | Gas valve wiring harnesses.

Permits, Inspection, and Gas Valve Installation Costs

  • $0 | No permit is needed for furnace gas valve replacement

Furnace Gas Valve Installation Labor Cost and Factors

You’ll save labor costs doing the work yourself. Most heating and air conditioning companies charge a minimum service call fee that covers the first hour of labor.

  • $65 – $135 | Service call fee and hourly rate

Some companies use flat-rate pricing for repairs. Others will want to know where the furnace is located and how easy it is to access before quoting you a price. These factors might apply:

  • Furnace Access: Furnaces in attics and crawlspaces are harder to work on, so repair costs are higher. Some furnaces have gas valves that require more labor than average to replace, which also leads to higher prices.
  • Where you Live: Labor rates for furnace repair reflect the cost of living in the region. It’s typically highest in the Northeast and Northwest. Next are other major metropolitan areas. Rural areas often have lower labor rates.

Installation Time

Replacing a valve is usually a straightforward job. It becomes more time consuming as furnace access gets more difficult.

  • Up to 1 hour | Most gas valve replacements.
  • 1 to 2.5 hours | Valve replacements in attics, crawlspaces and similar.

DIY or Hire a Pro

We’ll probably never recommend DIY gas furnace repair of any kind due to the danger of explosion. However, handy homeowners with experience safely disconnecting and reconnecting gas lines should be able to accomplish this repair without incident. If you have an experienced friend to lend a second set of eyes to to the project, that’s all the better.

If you don’t have experience with gas connections and appliance repairs, there is no good reason to try it yourself.

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