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When carpet is stained or faded, most homeowners think the only option is to replace it. A lesser-known solution – dyeing your carpet – can be a great alternative. Refurbishing your old carpet with a dye job is generally much less expensive than replacement.

Carpet dyeing is not the right solution for every homeowner. It doesn’t work on some types of carpet, including stain-resistant varieties, and it doesn’t make sense if your carpet is in poor condition and falling apart. But there are several scenarios that make dyeing a great alternative to replacement. Find out if they apply to you.

A Carpet Just Dyed

Reason No. 1: Professional Cleaning Won’t Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

If your carpet has persistent stains but is otherwise in good condition, dyeing is something to think about. A good dye job can cover up stains that cleaning won’t remove. You can opt to have just the stains themselves dyed, whether they’re stubborn red wine or ground-in dirt, or you can dye all the carpet. However, spot dyeing is generally the more popular choice.

Reason No. 2: Your Carpet is Faded in Small Areas

Maybe your carpet is relatively new and in good condition but certain spots have faded from sun exposure. A square in front of the French doors or underneath a window might be lighter than the rest of the rug. Dyeing is a great way to bring faded areas back to life. Eventually, the area will fade again. But dyeing a small spot every few years is much cheaper than buying new carpeting every few years.

Reason No. 3: You Don’t Like the Color

You move into your new home and you love everything about it – except for the peach carpeting. In that case, dyeing can be used to change the color. You’ll have to go as dark or darker, but the job can completely change the look of your home.

Reason No. 4: Your Selling

When you’re selling a home, there’s a fine line between making the necessary improvements so the home shows well and dropping far too much money into a home you’re about to unload. Particularly for spot treatments, dyeing is an affordable way to improve the look of your home and make it more appealing to buyers.

Reason No. 5: You’re a Landlord

Landlords also have to watch their expenses. If the carpeting in one of your units is in reasonable shape but needs a little TLC, dyeing might be the solution. The carpet will look refreshed for a fraction of the price of replacement.

Author: Ashley Smith

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