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Don’t let your remodeling budget go over-board by hidden surprises – understand what the average installed costs for Concrete Pads is in your zip code by using our handy calculator. If you’re looking for the Cost of Concrete Pads materials and what installation cost might be, you’ve come to the right place.

As an experienced licensed home improvement contractor, I know first hand what it should cost for various levels — from Basic, Better, and of course the best. The Concrete Pads estimator will provide you with up to date pricing for your area. Simply enter your zip code and the square footage, next click update and you will see a breakdown on what it should cost to have Concrete Pads installed at your home

Example: a 10 x 10 area = 100 square feet.

Concrete Pads Costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better Best
Concrete Pads – Material Prices  $202.50 – $247.50  $285.00 – $337.50  $375.00 – $448.50
Concrete Pads – Installation Cost  $675.00 – $802.50  $967.50 – $1440.00  $1620.00 – $1942.50
Concrete Pads – Total  $877.50 – $1050.00  $1252.50 – $1777.50  $1995.00 – $2391.00
Concrete Pads – Total Average Cost per square foot  $6.42  $10.10  $14.62

Additional Cost Factors

  1. Your standard concrete pad is normally a minimum of 4 inches in thickness with a reinforced wire mesh or rebar. Which cost on average .30 – $.80 per square for materials and installation depending on either choice.
  2. Colored concrete will cost you an extra .75 – $1.25 per square added to a basic concrete mix.
  3. Sub-base preparation – this runs on average .60 – $1.25 per square foot and involves site-work prep: Grading, compacting the top-grade, 2×4’s, 2×6’s, 2×8’s, etc. with wood forms and installing wire-mesh.
  4. Vapor Barrier under the slab – Add an additional $.60 Per square foot.
  5. Concrete Mix – Concrete costs an average of $100 per cubic yard according to NRMCA

DIY Concrete Pad

If this concrete pad isn’t too big, then I would certainly just DIY this myself for anything less than 8′ ft by 10′ pad.

Note: Before you do any digging, call “dig safe” by dialing 811 or visting and have your local utility company located and buried water, electrical, and gas lines.

  1. Prep the area by removing any top-layer above the soil and add a layer of crushed stone.
  2. Depending on your desired thickness, screw together square box with either 2″x4″s, 2″x6″s, or 2″x8″s.
  3. Grab some stakes and hammer them in with a 18″-24″ spacing.
  4. Use a straight-edge 2″x4″ or 2″x6″ and screed across the frame to help level the concrete.
  5. Next, if you have a palm sander, use it along the pad-frame to help vibrate any air-pockets in the uncured concrete for a solid cure.
  6. Use a broom to give it a rough finish.
  7. For an added touch, use an edge-trowel to give it a clean edge all the way around.

Concrete Pads – Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist

  • Expect the Concrete Pads prices to fluctuate between various companies – each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head.
  • Try to get prices in late Fall, early winter – you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by waiting for a contractor’s down season.
  • Try to budget and additional 7-15% more on top of what our calculator gives out for Concrete Pads costs.
  • Visit every supply house that sell your particular brand of Concrete Pads and try to negotiate a better price with each supplier – I save on average 20%.
  • Installing Concrete Pads isn’t an easy task to perform and can leave you with a sore back. You might find it more cost effective to hire a Concrete Contractor or, mason company to perform the work for you. Concrete Contractors or, Mason companies will most always get better prices on Concrete Pads — saving your back and additional costs of Concrete Pads materials, so shop around, ask your neighbors if they can recommend someone.

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