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“national credit cards airlines” Line Item: A possible identity theft

National Credit Cards Airlines Hard Inquiry

Many consumers notice that a hard inquiry is performed to them with the line item SYNCB “national credit cards airlines” (9). In some cases, this can be a case of identity theft (5) where your personal data can be utilized for a fraudulent application for credit (3) or that can be used to falsify medical history too (10). These acts can damage your credit status. There are several ways to report (4) this probable identity theft (2) and investigate it (1). Finally, the goal is to dispute this hard inquiry (7) (8) and restore your credit status before the fraudulent hard inquiry afterwards (6). 

Some of our readers wrote in the comments of different articles, that they have made a check on their credit and when they do it, they notice the existence of a hard inquiry coming from SYNCB “national credit cards airlines”.

national credit cards airlines

Avoid Identity Theft

Then they contact the website where they pulled the credit report and they are forwarded to call the credit reporting agency (credit bureaus as they are known). They inform the customer that the information provided comes from one of these reporting agencies. They call for example TransUnion, with a call center in India.

This hard inquiry, as usual, lowers the score of the subject. It is an inquiry that is unrelated to any credit card request performed by a person.

SYNCB, who appears in these line items as ” SYNCB national credit cards airlines ” is the code of Synchrony, who normally executes inquires on behalf of some credit card issuers with whom they have a business partnership.

Therefore, you will find the code SYNCB in the hard inquiry, in normal situations if you requested a loan to face obligations related to healthcare services, pet services, and some others

SYNCB code corresponds to Synchrony Bank. This is the bank that issues many popular retail store credit cards including Walmart, The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Lowe’s, the PayPal credit cards, TJ Maxx, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and others.

And it also is the issuer behind the Care Credit financing. This means that if you ever had financing from maybe your dentist for something with your teeth or you have had eye procedures or sometimes veterinarians use it for procedures that have to be done to your pet.

If you have had that kind of financing that hard inquiry also could be from Synchrony Bank.

So if you were trying to figure out “when have I ever dealt with Synchrony Bank? I’ve never heard of them.” — any of these credit cards or that Care Credit financing could be, you know, how Synchrony Bank is in your life. And in terms of how you have dealt with them, a lot of times the first time people see that name, they do not even realize that somebody else is either issuing their credit card or is issuing financing of some type.

Now the code “national credit cards airlines” is not related to a legitimate hard inquiry and in these cases we might be in front of fraudulent activity, precisely identified as a prospective case of identity theft.

The credit reporting agencies will tell you to go to the issuer of this hard inquiry and they have to provide you a deletion letter as an authorization to dispute the inquiry and proceed to the removal.

However, you have never dealt with “national credit card airlines”. You do not know what that code represents. You do not know in principle which legal entity is responsible for that inquiry. You cannot locate them, and it is not your task to do that.

What To Do In Case Of This National Credit Cards Airlines Inquiry

  1. Request the removal of the hard inquiry. They will print the report and furnish it.
  2. If, as is the case, you cannot find “national credit cards airlines” as this is probably a major case of identity theft. You are not required to continue the investigation of this subject for its address.
  3. Think if you have performed a request for a service that would need an inquiry, as this sometimes it will be done via Synchrony Bank.
  4. After this, register on the FTC website. This is the Federal Trade Commission where they have a specific area for identity theft.
  5. Send a letter with the FTC report to the three credit report agencies that are Experian, Equifax, and Transunion with the statement from the FTC. This step is in order to remove the line item with the hard inquiry in your credit.

How To Avoid This “National Credit Cards Airlines” Identity Theft In The Future?

The best action that you can take to avoid identity theft is to freeze your credit.

Practically all the most important identity thefts, I mean those that really can make you lose a credit or suffer financial losses are related to having unfrozen credit.

The credit freeze still allows the credit to move upwards or downwards according to your operations as usual: For example, you pay on time a secured card billing cycle, and this action is reported to the credit report agencies even when your credit is frozen.

What the score freezing stops, is the possibility that a third party performs a hard inquiry on your credit. Moreover, to have this aforementioned frozen credit disallows anyone to request credit with your name as a consequence of this identity theft.

When the subject who steals the identity requests a credit, the check will not be made and this is your protection.

There is no technical or financial reason to have your credit unfrozen unless you are requesting a credit. You normally utilize your credit card, the credit score will move accordingly and be adjusted. Do you need to change from a secured credit card to a rewards card or do you want an FHA loan? Then you unfreeze the credit so the inquiry or hard check can be done.

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