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The AMERICAN EXPRESS INTERNAL TRANSACTION line item in your AMEX statement is a temporary entry while the details of the merchant are being settled and acknowledged. It has the same effects as the common charge DR ADJ REDIST CADV PRIN that also appears in American Express cards only.

Sometimes when full merchant details could not be captured at the time of the transaction, a default entry of “AMERICAN EXPRESS INTERNAL TRANSACTION” will be displayed.

Once the transaction is confirmed and processed by the system you will see the correct merchant name appear on your timeline and statement.

This settlement process takes from two to four days, but some readers reported in the comments that it took a week before the real merchant name appeared and the transaction is fully settled.

If you are nevertheless concerned about the transaction and the merchant, you can always contact American Express using the telephone number that appears on the back of the credit card. This is a known issue for them, so they would be familiar with the request.

Do not hesitate in contacting them because as a consumer you have the right to receive a piece of complete information from each line item: this includes transaction type, date, merchant, and of course, the amount thereof.


DR ADJ REDIST CADV PRIN is the other temporary entry that appears frequently with a temporary charge, as is K1xl AMEX for credits.

Apparently, it appears only in Platinum cards, according to what users are reporting. But the processing and settlement are the same for all of their products.

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