Butyl vs Asphalt Sound Deadening

Butyl vs Asphalt Sound Deadening we can dive right into the butyl vs. asphalt sound deadening comparison. Can you guess which of the most famous automotive sound deadening materials are butyl and asphalt-based? Let’s find out! Intro to Automotive Sound Deadening Materials Before I get into the matter at hand, I thought that I should give a … Read more

Washing Machine Vibration Pads

Washing Machine Vibration Pads Especially in apartments, it’s important to mitigate the amount of noise made by such loud appliances, and this is done with washing machine vibration pads. Luckily, anti-vibration pads and mats exist to dampen that vibration and stop it from transferring to your neighbors. In this article, we’re going to discuss how … Read more

quiet jigsaw

Although jigsaws are most often used to cut circles and other non-straight lines, they can also be the only cutting tool small enough to fit into tight spaces and still perform as required. And with improvements in cordless technology providing smaller, more powerful saws, they are even easier to use in places that a circular…

kilmat vs dynamat

Vehicle soundproofing. I am not sure if it is becoming an art form, a national pastime, a personal obsession, a search for quiet, or a combination of some, or all, of these. Whatever moves you, please read on for information about 4 of the best products on the market. Kilmat, Noico, Dynamat, Hushmat. What you…

ceiling vibrator

Living in an apartment under a bunch of barbarians can be equal parts frustrating and infuriating. It’s too bad we can’t return the ceiling-shaking attacks they uncaringly point at us! Could we ever make an impact on a surface that’s designed to be strong and sturdy? Well, if you want to give your noisy neighbors…

quiet mufflers

Keeping your vehicle quiet isn’t merely a matter of personal preference, but a legal requirement in many places. Just like blasting loud music in your car isn’t allowed in most U.S. states and, indeed, countries, having a loud exhaust is a good way to get pulled over. Luckily, a muffler should reduce the volume of…

Quiet Performance Muffler

Quiet Performance Muffler The main function of a quiet performance muffler is to minimize the emissions of decibels released by your automobile 10. The performance muffler is assembled with the exhaust network of vehicle 11. One of the main issues for the manufacturer of quiet performance muffler devices is limiting the emission of decibels in an exhaust system 4 … Read more

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