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uces protection plan reviews

Do you need to improve your credit score and get access to affordable financial services?

Find out in this UCES Protection Plan review how you can take advantage of its services and see if it’s legit or not.

United Credit Education Services also offers a wide range of features that will help keep your credit in check, such as monitoring all three major credit bureaus through SmartCredit, unlimited dispute letters that are created by credit experts, and way more.

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So how does the dispute process work? Can you really monitor your credit score for free? Is UCES a complete SCAM?

These are some of the same questions that that I asked myself so, I really hope this review will help you.

Let’s get started.

UCES Protection Plan Overview

UCES Protection Plan (United Credit Education Services) is a company that offers its clients over 12 financial products including credit protection services. The business has been operating for many years, meaning it has gained enough experience and expertise to provide excellent quality solutions in the market today.


$188 to get started which includes a $99 setup fee. Then have the opportunity to have your services paid for every month


Great Educational Products, Rocket Lawyer Services, & 12 Other Financial Services Offered


UCES Protection Plan (uces/uwe) is worth it for the price if you need something even beyond credit repair. You will be able to get attorney written documents and assistance with financial services. What blocks many people from starting is the MLM structure of the company.

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What Is UCES Protection Plan?

The UCES Protection Plan offers services to help people plan for their financial future, as well as to help to improve their credit scores using credit repair.

From creating wills to estate planning, from car accident lawsuits to disability insurance, from divorce agreements to child custody cases, if you have any type of issue or question about the law and what it means for you personally then United Credit Education Services can help find what’s best for your specific situation.

UCES really tries to focus on providing you the best services when it comes to restoring your credit through partnering with services like Smart Credit, creating dispute letters, and identity monitoring.

Who Are The Founders Of United Credit Education Services?

UCES Protection Plan was created by Financial Education Services which is now named United Wealth Education. They recently updated their business name after partnering with big companies such as Rocket Lawyer and revamping their entire platform.

FES has been around for many years and many don’t know that they are associated to United Credit Education Services.

Who Is UCES Protection Plan For?

United Credit Education Services is best for those who are looking to rebuild their credit, as well as those individuals who need help with credit repair and legal documents.

They are one of the many companies trying to help people with completely different financial situations.

  • People who need to fix their credit score
  • Anyone looking to monitor their credit report
  • For someone who wants professional legal services
  • In need of a will & trust documentation
  • Life insurance policy
  • Debt management
  • & so much more

So like I stated, if you need legal help like a will, if you need financial advice such as harassment from collection agencies and credit repair then United Credit Education Services might be the best solution for you

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How Much Does UCES Protection Plan Cost?

United Credit Education Services is a monthly fee that costs $89 per month with an activation fee of $99.

The longer you stay in the protection plan the lower your fee becomes which ranges from $89-$49 per month.

Once you reach 3 months of service, your Rocket Lawyer plan activates and your fee drops to $69 per month. That will apply for months 4-12 and thereafter you will only pay $49 which is a complete steal for Rocket Lawyer and SmartCredit.

There are no long-term contracts so you can feel safe leaving anytime you want.

They do offer an opportunity to get your services paid for through their referral program. If you get 5 others enrolled into the UCES Protection Plan benefits, your fee is waived every month as long as you have 5 others enrolled.

This may seem strange to most people, but at the end of the day. It’s a side hustle for most people. You are not forced to refer anyone and you can join without inviting others to sign up. 

What Does UCES Protection Plan Offer?

UCES Protection has over 12 products you can use to improve your credit score, create legal documents and protect your identity.

Let’s go over each service that they provide.

  • Rocket Lawyer
  • Credit Monitoring With SmartCredit
  • Budgeting
  • Credit Restoration
  • Credit Builder
  • Credit Attorney
  • Debt Payoff
  • Identity Monitoring
  • Life Insurance
  • Financial LockBox
  • Saving Goals
  • Will & Trust
  • YFL Family Mint
  • 1. Rocket Lawyer

    United Credit Education Services has now included Rocket Lawyer to your protection plan after you have made 3 monthly payments.

    After you make 3 monthly payments, one of the benefits included in the program is access to this online lawyer service with all the legal documents and guides that can be downloaded and filled out for FREE with your plan.

    Rocket Lawyer is a reputable company that has been around for years and if you need a lawyer their lawyers (some of the top rated in America) can represent you.

    Features Included in your Rocket Lawyer Membership:

    • Every legal document that you need for yourself & business
    • Unlimited digital signatures with RocketSign
    • Have a lawyer review your documents
    • Dispute protection on all your documents
    • A 30 minute phone call with a lawyer on any new issues

    2. SmartCredit

    SmartCredit is service that will monitor your credit score on a monthly basis.

    The cost for this service alone would be $19.99-$29.99 per month however, United Credit Education Services gives you this service for FREE.

    This is a great tool to monitor your credit report and score over time and see what you need to do in order to achieve the best possible credit possible.

    You get complete control over your dashboard and will be able to view your credit score, See changes to your credit report, see what negative or incorrect items are reflecting on your reports

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    3. Budgeting

    Budgeting is an important aspect of life.  Without proper budgeting you’re going to find yourself in a cycle where it’s very difficult to get ahead financially.

    With this benefit you will be able to fill in the blanks and end up getting a budget that works for you.

    4. Credit Restoration (United Credit)

    Their credit restoration services offers many benefits such as, creating advanced dispute letters, removing incorrect items, and improving your credit.

    United Credit is definitely working hard when it comes removing items off your credit report by using laws such as the FCRA and CROA to your advantage.

    United Credit Education services has been in the business of credit restoration for over 10 years with an amazing customer support team.

     It’s important to understand that you will be sending out your own dispute letters via mail throughout the entire credit repair process. UCES will create the right disputes for you and you’ll need to download them and send them off to the 3 major credit bureaus.

    5. Credit Builder

    United Credit Education Services (UCES) offers an educational program which will help you build your credit history and improve your credit score.

    Your goal here is to make sure you avoid any late payments and start building a positive credit history.

    You will be able to monitor your progress and see the change in your score over time with this program.

    6. Credit Attorneys

    Credit attorneys are included in your UCES Protection Plan for you to consult with an attorney if needed. Their lawyers are experienced, professional, and can help you make decisions from that involve debt harassment from collectors.

    If collection agencies or debt collectors are:

    • Constantly calling you over the telephone
    • Threatening you with actions that the debt collector cannot presently take such as garnishments, loss of home, car, job or criminal proceedings
    • Lying to you and making you feel stress
    • Contacting your family and friends about yur debt
    • Calling you before 8:00am or after 9:00pm
    • Leaving messages on on your VM.

    You’ll will have the credit attorney service to help by using the law. (FRCA & CROA)

    7. Debt Payoff

    The Debt Payoff program is a complete guide to help you pay off all your debts. You will be able to start seeing your debt decrease with this program.

    This is a step by step process that will help you see your progress over time because each month you’ll be able to apply money into eliminating one or multiple debts.

    8. Identity Monitoring

    UCES Protection Plan includes PrivacyArmor which is owned by AllState and will help protect identity through a proactive monitoring service.

    PrivacyArmor features include:

    • $1 million identity theft insurance
    • Pre-existing condition resolution
    • Dark web monitoring
    • Enhanced identity monitoring
    • Social media monitoring

    Don’t forget that this is all included in your plan for no additional cost.

    9. Life Insurance

    You will get a life insurance policy through Symetra when you are enrolled into UCES, but you will need to be an active 1099 particatiping representative of United Credit Education Services.

    Symetra has been around for a very long time and is known for it’s stability and reliability.

    You will need to fill out the life insurance application in order to be approved, but they do not run a credit check and they require no down payment!

    10. Financial LockBox

    Financial Lockbox is an online solution that enables you to store financial data in a single, secure, password-protected location for easy access by you or loved ones that you select and authorize.

    The Financial Lockbox is an online solution that enables you to store financial data in a single, secure, password-protected location for easy access by you or loved ones.

    It allows you to login anytime from anywhere in the world, review your accounts and balances, update contact information for all of your financial accounts. All with a simple interface that is accessible by any browser or Internet enabled device. 

    11. Saving Goals

    UCES Protection Plan savings service will be a guide that will help you plan your goals and help you save money for the specific goal.

    Features included with your goal planning:

    • Quick and Easy to Calculate
    • Create Multiple Goals at Once
    • Utilize Your Savings Goal Report to Track Your Progress
    • Ability to Add Additional Money Throughout Your Savings Period

    start a saving plans today.

    12. Will & Trust

    Create your will & trust using attorney backed forms that is good in your state.

    UCES legal forms will be utilizing “fillable PDF” technology. Fillable PDFs allow you to fill in the document online, save it, and print it out hassle free. The protection plan legal forms are clear, concise, and simple to use for anyone.

    What’s included?

    • Last will
    • Living trust
    • Health care power of attorney
    • Financial power of attorney

    13. YFL Family Mint

    The Family Mint financial education service that’s included in yor UCES Protection Plan is an award winning online money management and goal-setting tool that encourages kids to learn about financial responsibility in a fun way.

    It’s simple for children to use, connects them with real world significance, and most importantly, allows them to learn by doing. You get access to the most up to date financial education curriculum with this service.

    That basically makes up the entire UCES protection plan and you can how powerful the system is by how many things it can do.

    They also provide a full game plan for your credit repair process, from correcting mistakes to rebuilding and improving your credit.

    Just remember that United Credit Education Services isn’t like the rest of the credit repair companies out there.

    You must stay on top of your credit restoration service, checking your credit score and doing whatever is necessary to maintain a good score. They really make it easier with complete access to free online credit reports and unlimited access to your reports.

    Take advantage of all the services you get including the legal documents from Rocket Lawyer.

    Just alone, you’d be paying over $100 dollars for all the services a la carte, but with the UCES Protection Plan, you get it all for half the price.

    Does UCES Provide Other Services?

    On top of all the other services you get, they offer credit building products that are designed specifically to improve your score after you send out your dispute letters.

    They offer a rent reporting service called Credit My Rent that allows you to report your previous and current rent payments to increase your credit score.

    This service includes reporting up to 24 months worth of rent to the credit bureaus. It also provides you with a report that shows every payment, when it was made, and to whom it was paid.

    Read my complete review on Credit My Rent.

    You also get an option to build credit with a secured credit card. First Progress Platinum MasterCard also offers you the option of obtaining a secured credit card. This is activated by placing a security deposit instead of impacting your credit score.

    This program really has a lot to offer, from credit repair services to free legal documents. However, the most important thing they offer is their service that helps you create and save for your financial goals without all the stress.

    If you have every wanted to start your own credit repair business from home, check out this blog post.

    Whether you need help setting up an emergency fund or saving for something bigger like a down payment on a house, UCES Protection Plan can make it happen by helping you stay focused on what’s important while making sure you’re never short of money when the time comes.

    As mentioned before, credit building is the main priority when it comes to UCES Protection Plan, but this product makes dealing with your debt a much easier process.

    Just keep in mind that because of all the additional services offered in the protection plan, you must stay on top of reporting your score and disputes each month. You will have to send out your own disputes.

    Is UCES Protection Plan A Scam?

    No, UCES Protection Plan is not a scam and offers legitimate credit restoration services along with financial products.

    Many people have been able to successfully reduce and eliminate incorrect or negative debt using this service, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do the same.

    Remember that this company is not like other credit repair companies in that they will not do the work for you and you must follow their step by step process.

    They also have partnerships with SmartCredit, RocketLawyer, and PrivacyArmor which shows me that they have really helped people.

    Is United Credit Education Services A Pyramid Scheme?

    No, they are not a pyramid scheme as they do provide you with ethical services that work.

    You do not need to become a sales representative or refer others to get UCES Protection Plan services.

    This is a legitimate company that helps with credit restoration and education services

    You can save hundreds of dollars by utilizing this service instead of going at it alone, which means the savings potential is endless.

    If you spend a little time each day learning about the credit industry and working on your score, you’re going to see a lot more success with UCES Protection Plan than you will if you don’t put in any effort at all.

    It’s also important to remember that this company doesn’t have an “instant gratification” option. It can take a few months to see results, which is completely normal.

    You won’t be able to instantly remove negative information from your credit report, and you will need some patience as you work on improving your score and raising it by a few points.

    If this is to time consuming or you don’t think that their credit repair service is for you, there are other options available like Credit Sesame which gives users a free credit score.

    Credit Repair Service Alternatives

    If the UCES Protection Plan services doesn’t feel right for you, then you can always check out their competitors by searching online.

    We’ve compiled a list of some of the best options available for people looking to improve or restore their credit score by removing negative or incorrect information from their report.

    • The Credit People
    • The Credit Pros
    • Credit Saint
    • Lexington Law
    • Ovation Credit Repair
    • Sky Blue
    • Credit Versio

    Read my full review on The Credit People to see why it’s our #1 recommended credit repair company.


    That completes the UCES Protection Plan Review.

    Let me know in the comments below if you have worked with them or have any questions at all.

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