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how to make money on chat recruit

Are you always on your phone to text or call? Do you spend hours being online on your social media accounts? What if you start earning while chatting with people while you’re active?

“Don’t talk to strangers” was your parents’ reminder to you when you were younger. Now it has become old-fashioned.

Today, we can practice the phrase “Don’t talk to strangers unless they pay you to chat with them online.” 

If you enjoy chatting for long hours, this article may help you to profit from your hobby. Continue reading to know more about how you can get paid to talk.

Why Are You Paid While Talking To People?

The concept is weird, and you may be wondering who would pay people to chat with strangers?

The answer: big companies do. Various credible companies are willing to pay people to chat. For example, the e-commerce giant, Amazon, needs employees to reply to customer’s inquiries.

You will earn to chat and respond to questions. Isn’t that a great way to make money?

A lot of things available online that can make you money while chatting.

These paid chatting services are under these three categories:

  • Professional services
  • Adult chatting services 
  • Psychic readings services

We did not see that last one coming!

Imagine being paid as a psychic who does readings through chat.

I am not even aware that people avail of these services. But in this article, I will be taking down information you will need to make money while chatting online, may it be a professional, casual, or even psychic chat service.


The companies mentioned here in the article will pay you for professionally chatting, but there may also be companies that will pay you to flirt while talking.

There is no judgment towards those who have tried or will try doing the latter, but it is essential to prioritize your safety. This article will provide you the resources, and it is up to your decision if you will try it.

General Websites  

Below are websites that pay you for your professional chat services:

Please note that the following websites’ rates may be subject to change from when writing this article.

1. Rent a Friend

Rent a Friend allows you to set your average hourly fee from $15 to $50.

The website is what the name exactly states. Someone online will rent you to be their friend for a specific time, and the rates depend on what you have set. 

Rent a Friend allows a face-to-face meet up between you and the person online, but they also allow you to be a virtual friend. 

A good thing about this website is that Rent a Friend does not take any commission from you. Whatever amount you earned from the site, you keep it all.

2. Premium.Chat

Just like the previous website, Premium.Chat also allows you to set your rates per minute.

Premium.Chat is a platform for coaches, consultants, influencers, and experts to monetize from their respective fields. It is a platform that pays people, who may be professionals, to answer questions from the audience.

The sign-up process is easy and accomplished within three minutes. It will not cost you anything. No monthly fees!

3. Fiverr

Fiverr allows you to set your rate with a minimum of $5.

It’s a platform for freelancers to earn money from their skills to offer to clients from the site.

So if your skills include chatting and talking to people, you can set up a gig posting in Fiverr and wait for clients to avail of your service.

4. Amazon Chat Support Representative

Salary may vary from person to person.

Amazon is a major e-commerce company that employs people as their chat support. They need to hire chat support representatives to answer inquiries from the customers.

As a chat support representative, your job is mostly chatting with customers. You need to attend to their needs and questions regarding their shopping experience.

Amazon usually hires more chat support representatives before and during the holidays when shopping retails are the most in-demand.

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5. LiveWorld

LiveWorld pays between $7.50 and $20 per hour. 

If you want to get paid while chatting online, LiveWorld is a marketing company that will pay you to do just that.

Duties of a customer service agent for LiveWorld include social media moderation and customer service, monitoring, and engaging with them.

One of the pros of this company is that they offer significant benefits.

They offer paid leaves, health insurance, and retirement savings plans.

6. Accolade Support

This call center agency pays between $10/hour and $12/hour.

Accolade Support is a call center and marketing services firm hired by other companies requiring call center services. They offer home-based or remote jobs, meaning you can work anywhere.

Your job focuses on taking care of tasks under customer service or technical assistance.

7. JustAnswer

Pays $5 up to $30 whenever a question is answered correctly by the experts.

JustAnswer is an online platform for exchanging questions and answers wherein visitors can ask questions from experts.

These professionals vary from medicine and health, law, engineering, business, and other fields to answer customer’s professional queries.

This job is great if you are skilled in research. You need to answer the questions of visitors: research thoroughly and correctly worded.

8. The Chat Shop

This services agency pays you $10/hour for chatting.

When applying, you are required to undergo a training process. Also, you must have at least 80 words per minute of typing speed.

If you are applying for the full-time position, you must render 35 to 40 hours per week.

Similar to Accolade Support, The Chat Shop is an agency that provides chat support agents to other companies or websites that needs the service. As chat agents, you will handle customer services, sales, and technical support.

Flirting Websites

We went through the websites and apps that pay you to chat with people online professionally; let’s change things up a bit. 

Most of the websites here in the list earn you money by talking to men online. But always note that even though these sites are slightly obscene, you are still in control of the communication.

You can decide however you want to talk, whether through chat, phone calls, and on-camera or the level of suggestiveness in the conversation. If you’re good at photography, you might also what to try your hand at selling feet pics.

Below is a list of websites that pay you to chat with strangers suggestively:

1. Chat Recruit

It pays you $2 per minute of chatting.

Chat Recruit is a platform that pays women for talking to men. So if you like talking to people and want to earn from it, this site is recommended.

You can also work on the side without devoting full-time hours to this website because you can set your hours.

Aside from chatting services, they also offer webcam services.

2. Phrendly

Chat, phone calls, and video calls vary on the rates. 

Phrendly is a website and mobile app that pays you to flirt with clients online wherever they are in the world. They prohibit explicit content in the platform, but you can still chat with clients with mature context.

Payments come through when your clients “share a drink” with you. Every “drink” costs $10 that users can use for eight minutes.

You earn $0.35 for every chat as long as you reply within 24 hours.

One thing to note from Phrendly is that they get a 30% commission from your earnings.

3. MyGirlFund

You can choose your rates per message.

MyGirlFund is an adult social network that pays you to talk to guys online. It can vary through live broadcasts, calls, texts, or all of the mentioned.

This website connects you with guys and allows you to share photos and videos with them as long as you agree and are comfortable with it.

4. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks pay you on a minute basis for chat and calls.

Straight off its name, FlirtBucks pays you to flirt while chatting online. Your rate varies on how long you have been an active member of the site.

They pay you $0.05 per minute for chat for new users, while $0.30 per minute for video calls made. So if you maintain being a long-time user of FlirtBucks, you will earn more.

After your first three months on the platform, you will receive a raise in the rates and another promotion after six active months.

By then, your rate has increased to $0.15 per minute for a chat and $0.50 per minute for a video call.

5. Adult Chat Jobs

This platform pays $300 per week with a flexible schedule. 

Adult Chat Jobs is a UK-based service agency that pays you to chat or call clients on the platform for a competitive rate.

This site does not require you to use real information about your background. Therefore, you can freely create your own identity online.

How To Be Safe On Chatting Jobs 

Many available opportunities can pay you to talk with people, professionally or casually, but it is essential to prioritize your safety.

The online world is an open space for everyone, and there are dangers out there as well.

Here are some safety tips for you who plan on earning money through chat jobs, both on general and flirting websites:

  • Do not reveal crucial personal information.
  • Do not disclose your address or nearby places that can quickly identify your location.
  • Create a nickname to use when using these platforms to avoid giving your real name.
  • Join a company only if it lets you select the service you agree to provide.

Some platforms let you decide on the communication method, but some venues do not. Before signing up, be clear and aware of the services and responsibilities you need to provide for the site and the clients.

  • Do not do tasks or favors that you are uncomfortable doing.

You have control over what you want and do not want to do. Always remember you have the choice to set a limit on things.

  • Always read the Terms and Conditions, understand and clarify anything about your employment.

Most chat jobs are home-based or remote, meaning you may be working with your equipment. Important details like IP address, or SSN, and tools like mic or webcam are requirements for some companies.

If you are uncomfortable with them having access to these, read over the terms and conditions to confirm what information and equipment not to share.

Summing Up Get Paid To Chat

Many available sites offer to make money from chatting, but not all are safe and well-founded. Hence, I made a list of websites and companies attested to be safe and pay you.

Remember that these online opportunities mean that you may be transacting from all parts of the world. Some will be kind customers, and some may be displeased. 

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Do not let these people affect you. Remain level-headed and stick to your company’s proper procedure of conduct.

Note: Stay calm, and make your safety and well-being your top priority.

That’s it! These are what you need to know to get started in being paid while chatting.

Enjoy chatting and earning!

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