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What Does The Average RV Campsite Cost In 2022?

Are you under the impression that camping and RVing is going to be a super cheap lifestyle? Well… that isn’t necessarily the case. Getting your RV budget ready for 2022? What is the average RV campsite cost in 2022?

We’ve come up with a great guide that breaks down some of the different types of RV parks you can choose from, the average cost of an RV campsite, and what types of amenities you can expect once you get there. That way, you have an idea of what you’re getting into and how to plan ahead.

The Average RV Site Cost For Luxury Campgrounds

First, let’s take a look at the cream of the crop. Luxury RV parks are typically on par with resorts. They offer amenities that you would expect at an all-inclusive. We’re talking about pools, hot tubs, pickleball courts, campsites with patios, and fire pits. While each luxury RV campground will offer a different combination of fancy amenities, you should be able to tell as soon as you pull up to the campground whether it’s luxury or not.

There’s a huge range as far as the price of luxury RV campgrounds. One factor affecting the pricing will be the park’s location. If you’re crashing at a beachside site in California, it’ll likely cost more than one in a small town in the middle of nowhere. That doesn’t mean the amenities will be any less impressive!

Photo courtesy of Keys Palms website

The average luxury RV campground cost is between $60 and $100 per night.

There are of course outlier options as well. For example, in Key Largo, a popular, expensive tourist destination, you’ll find the Keys Palms RV Resort right on the Florida Bay. They offer a heated pool and spa, private marina, clubhouse, gym, and patios at each campsite. The cost for a campsite is $125 per night or $700 per week in the summer. During the winter, those prices go up to $150 and $900 respectively.

On the flip side of that, you can visit the Silver Creek RV Resort near Silver Lake Sand Dunes in West Michigan. They offer similar amenities including a pool, a hot tub, fire rings, a fishing pond, a fitness center, and a volleyball court. The average RV campground rates here are $37 per night. Despite the lower price, they still deliver luxury vibes!

The Average Cost For An RV Site At A Mid-Range Campground

Maybe you’re not a fan of “glamping” and you’re looking for something a little bit more rustic. Mid-range RV campsites still offer many of the basic amenities that the luxury campgrounds do like showers, restrooms, and hook-ups. They might have some special amenities like sports courts or pet areas, but it varies from park to park and isn’t necessarily the norm.

The average price for a mid-range RV campsite is $30-$50 per night.

Pricing for mid-range RV parks also depends partially on location and also on the types of amenities they offer. Take, for example, this mid-range option in Whittington, Illinois. Whittington Woods Campground offers a swimming pool, general store, playground, and shared fire pit all for an average of around $45 per night or $277 per week.

An option on the lower end of that range is Murfreesboro RV Park in Arkansas. This smaller, 10-site campground has rates at $30 per day or $170 per week. The family-owned RV park has a shower house, playground, fire pits, and full hook-ups, plus potlucks every other Thursday.

The Average Cost For A Budget Campground Or State Park

If you want to really go off the grid and get primal, you might be interested in staying at a state park campground or budget RV park. The number of amenities at these types of places vary as well, but typically you’ll be looking at maybe some restrooms and showers and electric hook-ups. Some of these sites might not have anything more than a level place to park your rig.

Photo courtesy of RV LIFE Campgrounds

The average price for budget RV campgrounds or state parks is $15-$40 per night.

Once again, the prices tend to reflect both the location and amount of facilities that the park offers. On the upper end of that range, you’ll see something like Little Beaver State Park in West Virginia. This small state park has quite a few perks including a bathhouse, dump station, Wi-Fi, a grill, and even water and electric hookups. The park itself has 20 miles of trails and a huge lake for fishing and other water activities. The average campsite fees are $35 a night.

A more rustic option would be something like New Mexico’s Leasburg Dam State Park. To camp here will only set you back about $14 per night, or $98 per week. That’s a great deal, especially considering they offer showers, restrooms, electric, and water in the campground. Nearby you’ll find trails to explore, plus fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and birding.

The Average Campsite Cost For RV Campground Franchises

I’m sure you’ve run into a KOA resort somewhere along your travels. There are a few RV campground franchises, like KOA, that offer a similar experience at their parks no matter where you are.

KOA is the largest system of privately owned RV parks in the United States and Canada. KOA campsites tend to be more luxurious, often including a resort-style pool, patios, and group facilities. The average price for a KOA resort campground is from $50-$70 per night. Have a look at the highly-rated Canton KOA – Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas. The average cost of an RV campsite is about $60 per night depending on the type of rig you have. Here you’ll find a vegetable garden, basketball court, horseshoe, seasonal activities, and even an escape room!

Another popular franchise of RV campgrounds is Jellystone. These parks have a Yogi Bear mascot and are designed with kids and families in mind. The average RV site cost at Jellystone parks is $60-$90 per night. The Branson Jellystone Park in Missouri has tons of kid’s activities like crafts, foam parties, character appearances, and gem mining. The average cost to spend a night here is in the $55-75 range, depending on the site and time of the year.

Choose the RV park that’s right for your budget and needs

Now that you know what different types of RV parks are out there and the average RV campsite cost for each kind, you’ll be able to make a plan for your next epic adventure. Whether you’re wanting to splurge on a resort-style campground or boondock at a state park, there’s a park out there for everyone’s style and budget!

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