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lightweight truck campers

5 Lightweight Truck Campers With Bathrooms. Photo by Lance

5 Lightweight Truck Campers With Bathrooms

A truck camper might just check all the necessary camping boxes. These types of campers allow owners to travel around in one contained unit without the bother of towing. They can also be removed and left at basecamp for exploratory day trips in the truck. In addition, these types of campers come in many configurations and sizes including lightweight versions.

What is a lightweight truck camper?

A lightweight truck camper is a camper that is usually under 2,000 lb. (dry weight) and can be carried by a half-ton pickup truck. Several popular versions of these types of trucks include the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, and the Chevrolet Silverado. These trailers also come in various sizes to fit shorter or longer truck beds.

There are even lighter truck toppers and popups available that come in around 1,000 to 1,500 lb., but many of these ultralight designs don’t come with what many outdoor lovers want — a bathroom complete with a shower.

While some lightweight truck campers have toilets, having a full bathroom can be a real luxury. Photo by Cirrus

While some versions (such as the Cirrus 620) may come standard with a cassette toilet, the necessary shower or a handy sink are not always included. Having a full bathroom (either dry or wet) inside one of these tiny homes on trucks can make the entire camper feel more like a real home.

If you feel the need for a hot shower at the end of a dusty day, check out these five lightweight truck campers with bathrooms. Each one of these campers are available new from the manufacturers.

1. Lance 650

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Lance 650. Coming in at only 1,700 lb., this truck camper is specifically designed for half-ton pickups with 5-foot and 6-foot beds.

Photo by Lance

Its efficient living space includes a dinette that converts into a twin bed and the queen bed is easily accessed by the foot area. The 650 also has a nice kitchen with a microwave, and best of all, a roomy wet bath that can actually be heated by the 18,000 BTU forced air furnace.

2. Adventurer 80RB

Adventurer Campers has been building truck campers since 1969 and have kept up with times. They design both lightweight and more robust truck campers.

Their 80RB truck camper is built as a self-contained unit for light-duty short bed and long bed trucks. Along with the 60×80 bed, roomy galley, and convertible dinette, this camper also has a stylish wet bath with a toilet and shower.

Photo by Adventurer Campers

There is no sink in the bathroom, but the kitchen sink is a large, round European style sink. The 80RB’s bathroom is located at the rear of the camper.

3. Northstar Liberty

Since 1955, Northstar Campers has been building both pop-up and hardwall campers for all sized pickup trucks. The Liberty is the shortest and lightest version of their designs weighing in at only 1,775 lb.

Photo by Northstar Campers

The large bed includes storage on both sides and the kitchen includes a Dometic two-burner stove, sink, and storage. The dinette sports a Lagun table that moves and swivels in any direction. The bathroom has a cassette toilet and a shower. There is also an outdoor shower for summer bathing and gear cleanup.

4. Lance 825

If you can’t get enough of the Lance designs, check out the Lance 825—the big brother of the 650.

The 825 is one of most popular designs by Lance. It features a kitchen with molded countertops and Europly cabinets and a queen bed with privacy curtains. The relatively roomy wet bath includes a small clothing rack, sunroof, and again, heated vents for an extra warm shower.

5. Travel Lite Super Lite

Travel Lite truck campers are lightweight truck campers hovering around 1,600 lb., yet are still made from solid wood construction for added strength.

Photo by Travel Lite

The Super Lite line of truck campers come in many different floor plans, but the two plans that contain showers are the 610R SL and the 611XR. Other features of the Super Lite include roomy galley kitchens, full storage closets, and both full and queen beds.

Keep in mind when shopping around for a truck camper, to make sure your truck and chosen camper are compatible when it comes to load capacity and truck bed and cab size. Not every half-ton pickup truck will have the capacity to carry each of these truck campers.

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