Apple Stocks

Apple Stocks

Apple is an American hardware and software developer and technology company that develops and sells computers , smartphones, and consumer electronics, as well as operating systems and application software . Apple also operates an Internet sales portal for music, films and software. The headquarters of Apple, the Apple Park , located in California’s Cupertino . Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak , Steve Jobs and Ron Wayne as a garage company and was one of the first manufacturers of personal computers .

The company contributed significantly to their development as a mass product. With the introduction of the graphical user interface and the mouse in the 1980s, Apple took the computers Lisa and Macintosh , a pioneering one. With the appearance of the iPod (2001), the iPhone (2007) and the iPad(2010), Apple gradually expanded its business to other product areas. 

It thus laid the foundation for the market boom for smartphones and tablet computers that have continued to this day. In recent years, the iPhone, with a sales share of more than 50% of the group’s total sales, has become Apple’s most important product. [2] The iTunes Store for music and film downloads, which opened in 2003, became the first commercially successful download portal and played a decisive role in shaping this market. [3] Today, the iTunes Store and the App Store, which opened in 2008, are two of the world’s largest distribution channels for digital goods .

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